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Null Poison Ch83

The Battle in Indera marshlands

The [Fire arrow] launched by Esta passed by me and it heat gently caressed my cheeks.

With full momentum, it went in a straight line and directly hit one of the Orcs in the gut.

The Orc that got hit stopped in its stride and fell to its knees in the marsh while feeling the pain……..but it wasn’t dead.

Soon after, a second and a third arrow hit the Orc but it still didn’t fall completely and while the hair on its body were burnt to a crisp, it stood up and began walking towards us again.

Even though it was a one-sided attack, our opponent was still not defeated—–they were on the same level, if not above us in terms of strength.

Seeing that ominous sight in front of her, Esta froze on the spot.

“Esta, keep firing your magic! Don’t worry about killing them, as long you break their line and make their movement uneven, that’s good enough!”

“Ah, Yes. Understood! [Fire Arrow]!”

The worst case would be for all 10 Orcs in a line getting out of the marsh at the same time and surrounding us.

If she can make them kneel for a while, and scatter them unevenly, we should be able to handle it as long as we maintain a numerical advantage.


“I’m going to let the front most Orc go on as is! Please deal with it!”

“That’s fine. Just keep firing magic in a way that not more than a couple leave the amrsh at the same time.”

“Chris! Let’s deal with instantly together! Just match your attacks with my movements.”

The normal Orc who was in the front began leaving the marsh.

Now, how quickly could me and Ralf take care of it, let’s see.

As it lunged towards Ralf, I matched the timing and approached it from behind sneakily.

If I can land a surprise hit, I should be able to kill a normal Orc instantly.

“Come on over here you dumb Orc! [Roar of the Guardian]!”

Ralf went ahead pulled the Orc’s attention towards himself, and further activated his skill, [Roar of the Guardian].

It was skill that pulled attention of every enemy near him, and its effects were tremendous.

When I was having a training bout against Esta and Ralf, it was able to completely pull my attention to just Ralf and made me ignore Esta unconsciously. That’s how incredible of a presence that skill released.

Even though I knew how the skill worked, and knew that there was another enemy right there, I still ended up focusing just on him back then.

Now an Orc that doesn’t know of the skill, had an enemy use it in front of it, it will completely forget I even exist behind him.

Ralf took on and parried the Orc’s wooden club swung down on him with his shield——

And I used that chance to run right in front of it and thrust my sword straight at its heart.

The Orc was wearing leather armour but thanks to me focusing all my strength at a single spot, it was unable to defend against it and my steel sword pierced right through its heart and the Orc fell to the ground head first.



I exhaled, having safely beaten the first one only to see the next orc leave the marsh and head towards us.

“Ralf, don’t let your concentration fall, the next one’s already here.”

“I know! Next……it’s 2 at the same time! What do we do Chris?”

“We take one each. Just go all out from the start and don’t waste time!”

“Got it!”

We split, and rushed towards the 2 Orcs each who had gotten out of the marshes and into the plains.

Ralf took on the normal one and I attacked the Orc Soldier.

The normal one had brownish fur and used a club as weapon, and on the other hand, the Orc Soldier had reddish fur and possessed a iron long sword in its hand.

It’s muscles were a lot more developed than a normal one as well and it was quite easy to tell that this was a grade higher than a normal Orc.

……..that said, it was still considered a silver rank, the same as a normal Orc, by the guild’s classification.

As long as I don’t panic, I should be able to kill it fast.

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It raised a warcry as it came slashing at me.

In return, I simply aimed for its thigh alone.

Just because it used a sword instead of a club, all it could do was make some large swings with no skill or technique behind it.

I avoided it easily, and stabbed straight at its upper thigh.

Having a part like that pierced, even walking around normally would be painful, and sure enough the Orc cried in pain and began recklessly swinging the sword around to get me like an amateur.

Now that its like this, I just have to avoid its random swings and stab its heart as usual.

I pretended to go for its thigh again, and then quickly moved towards its back instead—-and stabbed its heart from his backside.

Just like the Orc from before, it fell to the ground, dead.

……..Really, even an Orc Soldier is not much of an enemy for me anymore.

That Orc in the Peixa forest I fought felt stronger, and I myself have gotten a whole lot stronger since then.

With this thin, easy to use steel sword in hand, there was simply no chance I’d lose to the likes of these.



After confirming that no other Orcs had escaped the marsh, I checked to see how Ralf was doing…….and he seemed to be struggling a bit more than I expected.

Ralf was managing the space between him and the Orc to its best, and the Orc was simply unable to deal with him but, it possessed that thick layer of fur, then came a layer of body fat and beneath it was layer of strong muscles; all making a great natural armour.

Ralf’s Stamina and Endurance were similar to mine——no, maybe better than mine but his physical strength was still severely lacking.

And his weapon was still a basic iron sword, so he was unable to land a fatal hit and while he was completely outmanoeuvring the Orc, he wasn’t able to actually kill it.

Ralf was also beginning to panic knowing he needed to end this quickly, meanwhile the Orc had switching to only counter-attacking, I could tell from both of their movements.

Realizing that this was a bad situation, I was about to go and help him when……

“Ralf! Patience, and focus! Calm down, and aim at a single spot!”

While firing her magic to slow down the Orcs in the marsh, Esta called out to Ralf.

Her words calmed him down as he created a distance again, and began properly landing hits again.


——But, unlike before, now he was only aiming for the Orc’s wrist that was holding the Club.

Even if he can’t land a fatal hit with a single strike, a second, third hit at the same place is bound to accumulate damage and sure enough, the Orc’s wrist was slowly getting stained in red.

And, having finally lost strength in its hand, the moment the Club slipped from it, Ralf instantly closed in straight near its chest, and stabbed his iron sword into its eye.

Since that was the only part with no natural defensive protection, the damage reached all the way to its brain and the Orc fell straight to the ground, unmoving.

Aiming for the wrist, and then the eyes; he calmly went for the Orc’s weakspots. I was worried for a second there but he was able to recover thanks to Esta’s calls.

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