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Null Poison Ch84

Peerless Magic

“Chris-san! Not the time to look away! The next one’s coming!”

While I was admiring Ralf’s fighting, I was the one who got called out next.

Looking back to the front, another 2 Orcs were coming towards me.

Unlike the Orcs from before, these had severe burn marks around their stomach area.

These are the Orcs that were held in their tracks from Esta’s magic. They  were pretty damaged already and their movements were dull as well.

Ralf should have gotten the hang of it after this fight so he shouldn’t have problem with normal Orcs anymore.

Once again, we both pulled one Orc each towards each other, and I quickly moved close to it and pierced its heart.

Ralf, like before, continually attacked at the weak points and then went for the killing blow after it was too weak to do anything.

Both of us dealt with it perfectly and in a matter of moments, 2 more Orcs were dead.

And not just me and Ralf, even Esta was raising her tempo—–I could see a couple of Orcs laying in the marsh unmoving.

I realized once again but for a magician to possess [mana regen] is a ridiculously compatible combo.


Of course, the amount consumed was bigger than the amount that regenerated so if you go crazy with launching magic, you will run out of mana regardless but it seemed like even the amount of mana Esta recovered from her skill was at pretty fast rate so as long as she adjusts and regulates it properly, she can basically keep on firing it infinitely.

Watching Esta continuously launch [fire arrow] at the Orcs in the marsh, I made such an observation.

After that, mine and Ralf’s turn basically didn’t come and Esta’s [Fire arrow] mowing down the Orcs took over the show.

At this point, every Orc in the marsh had been hit by at least one fire arrow, and the entire herd looked dull in its movement.

Together with the fact that they were in a marsh in the first place, by the time they recovered from the damage of the fire arrows and took just three steps, they’d get hit with another fire arrow.

This repetition continued until Orcs who finally lost strength just fell in the marsh there and then.

……..But, only against the Orc General in the back row did Esta’s magic tactic didn’t work.

The 2 Orc Knights were moving while protecting the general with their shields so the magic never reached him.

The Orc Knights were completely nullifying the fire arrows so if this goes one, the 2 Orc knights and Orc general would exit the marsh completely undamaged.

I don’t whether its because of some sort hierarchy within the Orcs, but I’m glad that normal Orcs weren’t also hiding behind the knights.

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Since then, every Orc other than the 2 Knights and the General fell to Esta’s fire arrow without being able to leave the marsh.

Only 3 remained but it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is where the actual battle begins.

Esta didn’t give up and continued firing Fire arrows at them but after a while, the Orc knights finally stepped on to the fields.

From the gap between the shields, I felt like the Orc general was smirking at us.

Now that they had escaped the marsh, they could easily defeat someone like us——that’s what it must be thinking.

“Ralf, Esta, can you two attract the attention of the two Orc knights? In that time, I’ll kill the general”

“I mean could if I use the [Roar of the Guardian] but……..will you be fine alone Chris?”


“Yeah don’t worry. Just leave it to me.”

“I believe in you! After helping Ralf attract their attention, I’ll stop them from turning back to you with [Fire wall] and [Earth Wall]!”

“Then, I guess I’ll trust you with it as well! Chris, don’t lose okay?!”

“Yeah. Ralf, Esta, I’m counting on you.”

Saying that to them, I focused solely on the general and maxed my concentration.

Orc soldiers were barely an enemy so I wasn’t able to properly judge my strength but……..with an orc general as my opponent, I can finally get a good test of my skill.

I pulled out my steel sword, and while maintaining my stance, I created some distance from the two.

At that moment, Ralf used his [Roar of the Guardian], which signaled the start of the final battle with these Orcs.

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