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Null Poison Ch86


After making sure that the Orc general was dead——

I turned my attention towards the battle between Ralf, Esta and the Orc Knights.

Since I was completely focused on the Orc general alone during our battle, I had no idea of how things were going over there so I was a bit worried to be honest……

But, of the 2, one of the knights had already fallen and the other was also already seriously wounded.

On the other hand, Ralf and Esta were basically unscathed.

Ralf continued to perfectly handle the knights attacks with his shield meanwhile, Esta stood slightly away from them and continued firing magic at the Orc knight.

To break this disadvantageous situation, the Orc knight would try to attack Esta first only to get stopped by the [Roar of the Guardian], making the battle constantly stuck in this perfect loop.

While a [holy knight] his attacking prowess was still lacking, but on the defensive side his talent was already showing to a degree for everyone to witness.

Wait, would it have been easier to let these to handle the general instead?

They were dealing with the knights so efficiently that I ended up thinking so.

“…..Haaa, haaa, looks like you were able to safelt beat the general as well Chris.”

“It was close but yeah I did. Looks like you two had it pretty easy on the other hand.”

“That’s not true at all. It did get a whole lot easier after one of the knights fell, but it was an extremely tight battle when both were fighting.”

“Damn right. I was getting confident of being able to take an Orc knight but instead, this battle only made me aware of my own weaknesses and deficiencies more than ever before.”

“Same for me. Since the start of sweeping the normal Orcs to fighting these 2 knights, I have simply found more and more things I need to work hard on and learn from.”


Including the Orc General, we defeated a total of 19 Orcs yet, these two gave themselves a pretty poor score in their self-assessment it seems.

Esta had dealt with almost all of the normal Orcs herself and thanks to Ralf’s [Roar of the Guardian] our defensive manoeuvres were perfect which helped keeping the overall battle stable, And considering these 2 had only just promoted to silver rank, it was a clear passing marks for today in my opinion but…….

Well, I supposed it’s better than getting carried away and cockily thinking that they were strong enough already.

If they can see their own weaknesses themselves, I can instead simply praise the good parts for now.

“It’s good that you can see your own deficiencies. It only means that there still lots of room to get stronger.”

“Yeah! That’s true!”

“We can still grow a lot more, is what you mean right. Certainly, overall I suppose we can take today’s experience as a positive in that regard!”

“……..That said, can I speak what I thought of while seeing you two fight?”

“Of course. Please be as frank as possible!”

“Well…..maybe only mildly frank in my case!”

They spoke so probably thinking I was going to harshly judge their performance.

I don’t plan on doing anything like that though.

“Then, I’ll start with Ralf.”


“Geh, why me first……..”

“When you were fighting the normal Orc 1v1. It’s not good to show the panic you had there but——other than that you were almost perfect. Your defence as well as use of [Roar of the Guardian], you were using parries and shield bash more than you practiced as well, and your movement while on defence was quite frankly so well done that no one could complain……It’s been only a month since your recovery yet to be able to perform like this shows how hard you have worked in this short time.”

“Oi!……..What kind of surprise attack is that? I-I’m not gonna be satisfied with just this level of strength!!”

“I am fully aware of that. I simply spoke what I truly felt.”

Ralf really wasn’t expecting to get praised as he showed a completely surprised expression, and then turned away while holding the inner corners of his eyes.

Well, I have never really praised him like this, and maybe no one has in his entire life until now. There was simply no situation where he could have experience that.

 No wonder he was shocked.

“Next, Esta. When you failed to kill one with a single hit, rapid firing more on the same target showed your lack of composure I think………That said, the way you optimized and adjusted after that was nothing short of amazing. Thanks to your minute adjustments, barely any Orcs made their way on to the fields after the first couple. And all that without ever running out of mana completely. Even though your job was to simply disrupt them and slow them down, you pretty much annihilated most of the Orcs single-handedly with both power and precision. The fact that you didn’t miss even a single shot is proof of your continuous hard work. I was happy to see that your little night time sneak outings did show results after all.”

“……..Chris-san, that’s way too much praise…….Also, so you knew about it after all huh.”

“Obviously. We sleep in the same room after all.”

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At least Esta didn’t start crying as well but, her face had turned so red that one might get worried for her health.

Well, maybe I did overdo it with the compliments but, Esta did perform way beyond what I was expecting or had asked of her after all.

“Well, that’s about it for my impressions. We’ll talk more in detail about strategy and other details when we return back to our Inn, so lets clean up the corpses and go report about the quest completion.”

“……..of course. Let’s clean up and go back home.”

“O-Ou! I-I’ll focus on collecting the bodies so burn them all together with [fire ball] after that.”

“Ah, leave the Orc General’s body as is. Also, before burning be sure to cut their ears as proof.”


The three of us began the cleanup instantly, and after the corpses had been dealt with, I picked up the body of the Orc General on my shoulder and we began on our way back to Oxter.

By the way, this corpse will be used as proof for the subjugation of an orc general.

……..Also, since we can do whatever we want with this body, I am thinking of putting this beside that goblin corpse that had Ongneer growing out of it.

Maybe, just maybe, it would propagate to this body as well.

If this works, I’ll be able to freely choose what next living thing to use as the next host of Ongneer.

It’s more likely that bugs or germs destroy the body before that happens but it’s well worth trying at least.

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