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Null Poison Ch87

Direct Confrontation

Having returned back to Oxter from the Indera marshlands, I left the Orc general’s corpse in a place closeby, and then walked back to guild.

The receptionist called Suzanna-san was still probably looking for more adventurers so I wanted to let them know that the job’s been done as quickly as possible.

——-thinking that, when I opened the guild’s doors, I saw Greath standing in the middle of the building imposingly.

And behind him………were the guild chief and Suzanna-san who were kneeling down with their heads on the floor.

I didn’t really like the chief in the first place but still, this Greath really was a complete scumbag.

Seeing this scene, I instantly knew what the situation was.

“Oi OI! I can’t hear your voice at all!! Say it, the town is danger so please save us!! And that you’ll never talk back to me ever again—-right? Or should I go back like this? HUH!?”

“I-I’m sorry……I-I’ll n-never talk back to—–“

“The Orc herd is already dead………Too bad, Greath. If you want to go back home, be my guest. You’re not needed here anymore.”


I interjected between the two parties and provokingly spoke to Greath.

I don’t give a shit about the guild chief but I’m not gonna shut up and watch this kind of treatment of the receptionist.

“Haa? You again!……..Wait, what did you say?? The fuck is a Silver class like you talking about!! It’s because of you that this town is danger you know? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!?!?”

“Ralf, hand me that.”

I took the bag with the Orc left ears and showed it to Greath who was yelping like madman.

He was thinking of making me look like a fool but seeing the contents of the bag and realizing they were in fact Orc ears, his face slowly turned red.

“——You Bastard! What did you do!! Did you go to another town and ask for help from adventurers there?!?……..You really are trying to get in way all the time, aren’t you!!”

“Shut the fuck up already. Just go back——-you are not needed here. Can you not understand words either?”

“gunununu…………fuh, GAHAHA! Ah, now I’m really pissed——-You, really should be ready for the worst, okay?”

“I said go back, you useless Mr. platinum adventurer.”

Hitting me with his shoulder as he passed by, he walked out of the guild with heavy steps.

With this I have fully earned his anger, but oh well, not that it matters.

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I don’t think I’d lose to him, and I’m sick to the stomach with that guy anyway and this feeling won’t go away until I have a proper go at him sooner or later.

It’s best if he’s the one that comes at me directly, I’m honestly excited to see how he’ll try and hurt me.

“U-um, thank——“

“How many times must you do this! Thanks to you this guild will get destroyed!——just stop fighting with Greath already, I begged you didn’t I!?”

The moment the receptionist tried to thank me, the guild chief instead spoke angrily.

Unlike the pathetic look from before, he sure was acting all tough against me.

“I don’t remember agreeing to you though? …….and allow me to say one thing, if you can survive without sucking up to that Greath, then maybe it is better for this guild to be finished.”

“…….you, are you serious? I could really expulse you from the guild, you know?’


“Oh, so rather than kick out Greath, you want to get rid of the guy that got rid of the Orc Herd instead? If you are serious, then you are the same kind of scum as Greath himself you bastard.”

He was technically still on his knees, so I looked straight down on him as I spat out these words.

The Carlisle forest was so close and the overall feel of the town was not bad either.

But if the top of the guild was like this, I really might have to consider moving away.

“Oh and, I’d like to get my reward for the emergency quest in full right now. Any one of you guild employees free? I need someone to check some things and come with me.”

“Ah, I’ll come!—-guild chief, why don’t you go and take a breather in the back, please?”

A young, smart looking man jumped out from behind.

Quite the contrast when compared to the bitter and scummy guild chief himself.

“Then, follow me.”

“Yes, please lead the way.”

With the single guild employee following me, I left the guild.


A few minutes afterwards.

As if a switch had been flicked on, Ralf who had been quiet while in the guild suddenly started talking.

“Oi, Chris! Why did you pick a fight with Greath!…….is what I’d like to ask but damn you really laid it into him there! He really is the worst though huh?”

“Almost as scummy as my dad and Klaus. Even more so that he’s acting that tough while being a mere Platinum rank.”


“I too was thinking about how unforgivable that man is. And that guild chief’s no better! Why was he getting angry at Chris-san? I don’t get it!”

“He’s been under Greath’s thumb for far too long. Unlike the receptionist, he had his head on the floor with zero hesitation.”

“U-umm Excuse me! Please allow me to really apologise on behalf of the chief!”

While we were getting all fired up over the shitty acts of the chief and Greath, the guild employee that was following us interjected with a loud voice to apologize.

“What happened? And out of nowhere?”

“I understand that what the chief did was extremely rude………As the vice-chief of the guild, please allow me to once again apologize and give my thanks! Thank you very much for taking care of the Orc herd!!”

“Eh!? You were the vice chief of the guild!? So young, I thought you were just some clerk so I ended up complaining in front of you.”

“It’s okay, I won’t mind any level of complaints right now to be honest. While technically on his side, even I thought that the chief’s actions a while ago were not right.”

“So why not stop him?”


“……..yes, well, how do I put this, I think even the chief himself knows that he’s wrong. But he simply crumbles and does it anyway during such situations. That’s just the current state of this guild unfortunately.”

All to keep that Greath happy.

They are really backed into a corner, I could tell from the vice-chief’s expression.

“Is that how much power Greath has within the guild right now?”

“Yes. Outside you three, there is no adventurer in the entirety of Oxter that isn’t under him. If you earn his anger, he’ll order everyone to not take up any requests whatsoever. In fact, in the past they did go on a boycott for several days……. I think the guild chief has never forgotten what that was like and that fear is embedded inside him at this point.”

Well, that still doesn’t make me want to forgive him but as expected, it all comes back to Greath in the end huh.”

“indeed. He’s strong and his ability is real. He basically holds the reins on all adventurers here. That’s the kind of problematic adventurer he is.”

It’ll all fall apart if an adventurer with a higher rank than Greath came here from Norfast or something but, then again, why would an adventurer move here from one of the three great cities in the first place?

And that is what gave birth to this disastrous situation.

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