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Null Poison Ch9


“—–Fuck, that was tough!.”

Leaving [Goldpawn], I cursed in frustration.

Everything was going fine up till making a request about selling items to the receptionist, but then they took me to a high ranking appraiser in another room.

I instantly had a bad feeling the moment I looked at him, but on top of that he had the audacity to snort in disgust at the mere sight of me,  shitty clothes and all.

I tried to ignore his annoying attitude and politely asked to buy my things……only to get hit with a “impossible”.

Without even looking at what I wanted to sell, they quickly took me towards a back door and was driven away.

I was obviously irritated but hearing the said appraiser scolding the receptionist who allowed me to go through inside, I lost even my will to be angry and I left [Goldpawn].

I thought they dealt in everything but I was way off the mark.

……..well, I suppose my appearance doesn’t exactly make me very reliable or assuring person to deal with. It’s me who’s off the mark.

I really should have have fixed my appearance as priority. With regret in my heart, my previously light energetic steps were now heavy as I made my way away from the main street.

And the place I was headed was the ‘back streets’, an advice I got from the appraiser.

When I was looking for a shop that might be willing to buy my things, I had noticed that if you go further south of the main street, which is located in the south of the town, you will find a dirty commercial area with tents lining the streets, almost hard to believe that this is the same Realzaard, which is beautifully paved over.

For my sanity’s sake I really wanted to finish it in a main street shop but now I don’t exactly have a choice anymore.


The number of people around also greatly decreased and I looked around restlessly hoping to quickly find a decent store.

……..yeah. Most of them are built inside tents and I cant tell anything from the outside.

At least put up a signboard or something damnit, there’s no distinction between the shops at all.

I couldn’t bring up the courage to peek inside one of the tents to check, and while I just stood paralyzed with my troubles, I felt someone full on my clothes.

Turning around I saw a kid, shorter than even me, and in clothes as poor as mine standing there.

“Hm? What’s wrong?…….you lost?”


The kid had a hood covering his face so I couldn’t quite tell his expression but with how tightly he seemed to be gripping on my sleeve, he must be troubled by something, or so I guessed.


The moment I decided to lower my waist to try directly talking to him—

“Hey! What are you—–! That hurts!”

The kid threw something he was gripping on straight at my face.

As I recognized what that was, my vision turned red.

With deft moves, the kid used the opening to grab my small bag and as a finisher kicked me in the chest with full force and began to run away.

Being in half bent down position, my balance was completely off and I fell to my back even though the kid’s kick wasn’t really that strong.

Well this is bad——

The bag had both my money and my last lifeline that was the accessory in it.

To have something I stole, stolen from me again is some damn luck.

I quickly used my water pouch to wash my face and rushed after the kid.

The kid tried to weave through places with crowds to lose me but I was able to keep up with him just about without losing track.

Thanks to my life in the Peixa forest, my vision, eye tracking and attention to detail has become a whole lot better than before.

Feeling my own growth once again, I chased after the kid with full speed.

The kid was certainly good on his feet and I could tell he had a lot of experience seeing how easily he weaved through crowds but, I simply had a raw physical advantage.

Pushing the people in my way aside with ease, I caught the kid right before he could slip off into an alleyway.


“Fuu~ Caught you. You’re quite a shitty kid, aiming to take advantage of one’s kindness.”

“……..Ee Yah! Let me go!!”

That voice, huh, guess it was a girl actually.

I guess she didn’t expect to get caught, she cried with panic in her voice.

“Oi Keep your voice down—-Or I will hit you.” (T/n:I like Chris)

At my threatening voice, the girl quickly shut her mouth with her hands and gave a nod.

And I finally got a good look at her face. She looks almost the same age as me or at least close to it actually.

From her height I was sure she was a kid but I suppose she’s not too short for a girl of her age.

She had a youthful look about her, and seeing the small tears forming at the edge of her eyes made me almost feel like I was the bad guy. Almost. In reality, it’s all her fault.

And so, I dragged her into the same alley she was about to escape into to hear what she has to say about this incident.

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