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Null Poison Ch8


Having left the forest, I simply walked along the highway to Realzaard, a city neighbouring the royal capital Meldrake.

Its not exactly far from Dezir, where I ran from, but with one month passed it’s far enough that I shouldn’t run into problems.

It was a flourishing town, being close to the capital, and was a good plae to hide considering the huge amount of people that went in and out of the city. Considering Klaus, a [sword god] would almost certainly be called to the capital, it was a good place to keep track of his position as well.

I have no concrete plans, by I plan to make this city my base as I figure out my future.

I joined the line at the end and waited for the inspection to be entered into the city.


Dezir technically also had a main gate but things are a bit more free there, and so this was really my first ever time going through one.


Realzard was about a fourth in size when compared to the capital Meldrake or so I had heard but…….looks big enough to me and judging by the number of people in this line waiting to entered inside shows just how prosperous this city is.

The fact that the capital was supposedly 4 times bigger than this was frankly too much for my brain to comprehend.

I felt a bit ashamed to be in the tatters and waited while making myself as small and inconspicuous as possible until my turn finally came.

I looked like completely a runaway as well and my heart started beating faster as I moved to having my belongings searched and my identity checked and verified.

While the guard looked at me suspiciously, I had nothing dangerous on me, not even a personal sword, and I was quickly allowed to get inside.

With it being a manual inspection and the guards being understaffed as it is everything happened quick but, if there were less people in line perhaps they would have spent more time and it could have gotten dangerous.

I feel like I’ve crossed one dangerous bridge but now that I’m inside, I guess its all fine.

And thus I boldly entered the city.




The first thing that came to my sight was a huge fountain. The roads were clean and there street lamps attached to the sides all around.

Every building looked new, and streets looked free of garbage as surprising as it was to me.

Now my hometown of Dezir was certainly not some rural village, this is on a whole different level.

While glancing around, enjoying the scenery, I headed towards the busy commercial district.


Having eaten nothing but the last remaining Orc jerky all day, acquiring food was priority as was to find an inn to stay at.


Not to mention, I need to fix my clothes, and while I used some makeshift weapons in the forest, I’ll need a proper weapon to fight with Klaus and in general.

But I need money for all of that…….and all I had on hand was 3 silver coins and a couple dozen copper coins.

I think it’ll cover clothes, food, and a nights rent but its far from making me feel secure.

I intend to earn money as adventurer but there’s no guarantee it’ll come instantly.

……..checking my small bag, I looked at the few items I stole during my escape.

Mom’s accessory and father’s pocket watch.

I felt uneasy about it but I had no choice but to sell these for money.

I wanted that to be my last resort, and well, this is the time to use that last resort I suppose.

Having made my resolve, I decided to look for a merchant store where I could sell items.


Having made a full round around the main street of the commercial district, I did find one place where I could sell these.

And there I was, in front of the door of one of the biggest item shops [Goldpawn]

It had an extravagant entrance, and lots of people were going in and out. Making a quick check I could see they dealt in all sorts of items and even second hand goods.

Second hand goods mean they’ll definitely purchase things as well and an establishment this big wont try to rip me off too much either. Hopefully.

Having found the perfect store, I hesitated for a second, then headed inside to start the negotiations.

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