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Null Poison Ch90

Silver Rank Quest

The three main candidates for the request were the same as yesterday.

I didn’t spend much time thinking and simply picked the first one I saw.

“Chris-san, which one are we taking?”

“Snow Panther one. I did say I’ll pick the first one that I see after all ……but, honestly this was going to be my last pick.”

“OOH! Snow Panther! This was my first choice!”

“So what will you do Chris-san? Maybe return it?”

“…….no, we did make a decision, so let’s stick with it and go ahead with this one. Since all three of us are gonna challenge it together, I highly doubt it’s going to be harder than taking on an Orc herd.”

Though I say that, I did feel a bit nervous about this monster.

Since it was not a humanoid type like Orcs, and excelled in speed and power as well as use of capable of using multiple elements——it was one the strongest monsters in the Silver rank class.

Even its reward for subjugation of just 1 monster was comparable to gold rank ones, at 2 gold coins.

Making it around 6 silver and 6 copper per person which was not a bad reward at all.

“What? Is it really that strong? This snow panther?”

“I’ll talk about the details on the way. Let me first go an a formally accept the request at the desk.”



After that was done, we headed towards the mountains in the north, the designated location for the request.

The northern mountains were the very same mountains from which the Orc herd came down from yesterday, so we headed towards the same direction, that of Indera marshlands once again.

“Oh man, that sure sounds a whole lot tougher than some Orc.”

“If you compare it to a normal Orc, the snow panther was obviously the stronger one. Since its not a humanoid type, I’m a bit worried of leaving Ralf alone to draw its attacks as well.”

“Oh c’mon, I can take it!…….is what I’d like to say but this time——-could I avoid being the tank for some time?”

“Why? So suddenly?”

“Since you came back late yesterday, me and Esta did our little self assessment meeting ourselves and talked about and pointed out each other’s weaknesses, so I’ve decided to stop being the tank for a while.”

Ralf suddenly said so.


As you could tell by his skills and stats, a [Holy Knight] was very well suited to play the role of tank and draw monsters attacks to himself, and that role was where he would shine the best.

Yesterday during the battle with Orc herd as well, he was the best when he was drawing enemies to himself and keeping them at bay rather than when attacking, so to put it simply, focusing on being a tank was the best choice for him.

…….But what Ralf was aiming for was to be the strongest adventurer, a power to surpass the [Sword God].

In that case, his decision wasn’t wrong.

“I see. Well, it’s fine I guess? Ralf’s biggest weakness is obviously his attacking ability. Not just in defence, you want to be the best in every way no?”

“Yeah. Only then could I call myself number one!”

“pfft, that’s very like you, Ralf.”

“Umm, actually I had an idea as well……..I wanted to put less focus on accuracy I think from now on.”

“less accuracy you say……..?

“Yes. Yesterday, during the battle with the Orcs the thing that bothered me the most was the same as Ralf—-a severe lack in the power of my magic. During practice, I was able to infuse more mana and fire stronger magic but it heavily decreased my accuracy. So I’m want to try using it in real battle and see if I can get better at it that way by creating stronger version of my spells from the very start……….what do you think Chris-san?”

……….now this is a tough one.

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Honestly, I felt that she was more than good enough yesterday and that was with Esta still only using elementary magic.

If she learnt how to use high tier magic, her attacking power would automatically increase with it so it was fine to maintain her focus on accuracy.

—–but, I’m no expert when it comes to magic either.

I still can’t even sense my own mana, so its better to trust her and let her do what her instinct says.

“I don’t mind. I’m an amateur when it comes to magic so I don’t really have strong opinion either way so just do what you feel is best for you. Trusting yourself above all is good. But, id you’re gonna make a choice be sure to see it through all the way. Don’t half-ass anything in life because that is the worst thing you can do.”

After that I continued listening to their various opinions and thoughts as we made our way through the Indera marshlands and finally reached our destination, the northern mountains.

These mountains were quite high above sea level and at the higher areas of the mountains even snow would accumulate, something that was quite a rare sight in this kingdom.


And, the natural habitat for our current target, the snow panther, was said to be in those very snow covered mountains at the top as well………

But there have been sightings of Snow Panthers who come down from the mountain just to attack humans apparently.

And this time around, our subjugation target was also one such Snow Panther.

With our plan set to exploring the base of the mountain to look for this Snow panther who had come down to hunt, we began our search for our target.

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