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Null Poison Ch89

Reward for the Emergency Quest

The next day.

While rubbing my still sleepy eyes, I forced myself to wake up.

Yesterday, on the way back I ended up getting attacked by monsters in the end after all so it was after midnight by the time I made it back to [Tree Top Tower] inn.

Thanks to that, I just took a shower and fell asleep instantly, but I was still lacking sleep and was hungry as well.

The only thing I ate yesterday in its entirety was Esta’s special made breakfast and Lizaf fruits.

And since the afternoon, I almost didn’t eat anything else at all other than Ongneer fruit that plucked on my way back from Carlisle forest.

Since the gap between calorie intake and my calorie consumption was too high, my stomach was making growling noises from the moment I woke up.

“Chris-san good morning! I’ve made breakfast already.”

“……..Thanks. I really am hungry as hell so that sounds great.”


Esta seemed to have woken up even before me and had made breakfast  for me, so I decided to start my day with eating her breakfast.

Toast, sausages, and eggs sunny side up.

And I added a Lizaf fruit to the set which made my usual breakfast but——it felt a lot more tastier than usual.

I guess hunger really is the greatest ingredient.

“Chris, how did things go yesterday? Did you get a good harvest?”

“Hm?…….like I said, yesterday’s trip was not for my usual plant gathering. I went to put the Orc general’s corpse there.”

“So why go all the way to the forest just to put a corpse there?”

“I told you yesterday, there was something I wanted to test………anyway, let me enjoy my breakfast please.”

“Cold as always! Won’t kill you to talk while you eat will it?”

Ignoring Ralf who was grumbling and mumbling complaints, I slowly relished my breakfast.

After that, we did our usual prep, and headed to the adventurer guild.

Today’s plans include, first collecting the reward for yesterday’s request, then take a silver rank request.

The emergency request changed our plans yesterday so we’ll go for it today.

And after we’re done with our request, I want to take these to the [Travelling Cat Store] and introduce them to Shantell, as well as see how much progress she’s made with Jinpi potions.

……..fufufu, I’m really excited to find out what kind of effect Jinpi will give me.

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In a good mood thanks to the delicious breakfast, I reached the adventurer guild alongside Ralf and Esta in high spirits.

First, I quickly checked the interior to make see whether Greath was here or not, then headed straight to enquiry desk in a straight line.

I wonder how much we’ll get for the reward.

I hope the guild chief didn’t try and lessen it or something.

“Welcome, this is the enquiry desk, how may I help you?”

“Yesterday, I took the emergency quest. The name’s Chris. And I wanted to collect my reward.”

“Mr. Chris right……..Please can you wait a minute?”



After my curt reply, she quickly disappeared into the backroom.

Soon after, the vice-chief showed up from there.

“Chris-san, nice to see you again.”

“What’s up? Why did the vice-chief himself show up?”

“I figured it would be easier for me personally to fully explain in regards to your reward, so I had told the receptionist in advance to call me.”

“I see. That’ll be nice.”

“Well then, as for your reward………this is how much we have decided.”

The amount put in front of me was, 2 platinum coins and 5 gold coins.

I couldn’t hide my surprise at the much bigger than expected reward.

Could it be, that the urgent nature of the quest also added to the final reward?

“you sure this much is fine?”

“of course. It’s for three people after all. In fact this isn’t exactly a huge reward……..but this is the best this  guild can offer at this moment.”


I felt that this was big enough already, yet the vice-chief looked almost apologetic about it.

“No, this is already more than what I expected  so it’s fine.”

“Really……? An Orc general subjugation alone would give around 3 gold coins. A normal Orc was 5 silver, orc soldier was 6 silver, And Orc knight is 1 gold coin——so just the overall reward alone for the kills should be 13 gold coins. Add the fact that you had to fight them all together as well as it being an urgent quest,……..apologies to say this as a guild member myself but, this is not a decent enough reward with all due respect.”

In a show of candidness, the vice-chief openly talked about the breakdown of the reward.

Certainly, when he explained it all in such a manner, I did realize that the reward was maybe not as big as a I thought, but at the same time they did add 12 extra gold coins as an extra so I don’t really have any complaints.

Even when split between us 3, it comes to about 8 gold per person.

Even if we give a bigger cut to Esta considering her contributions, we’ll still have more than enough left for us.

“That may be so, but I’m satisfied with this amount. Thank you for the polite explanation though.”

“………I can only give my thanks for saying that. I’m glad it was your party that took on this request.”

“Don’t say that in a place like this. You’ll get in trouble if someone hears it.”

It’s only some words but if they reached Greath, he’s bound to go on a rampage because of it.

“…….that’s true. Thanks for the warning. If something happens, we’ll be counting on you again if possible.”

“Sure. If its something we can handle, and you guys approach in good faith, we’ll gladly help as much as we can.”

“Thank you very much. Now then, I’ll take my leave now.”

Giving a deep bow, he disappeared back into the backroom.

And then—-at the same time he disappeared, Ralf who had been listening behind me started jumping in joy.

“Alright! This is amazing! 2 platinum and 5 gold coins!! Today’s a party!….no, a grand party!!”


“Calm down Ralf, we’ll talk about money after we’ve finished today’s request.”

“Agreed. We got sidetracked due to the emergency request, let’s take on our first silver rank request with the same enthusiasm as yesterday!”

“Oioioi! How are you two so calm! We just got platinum coins as reward…….? Am I the weird one?”

Leaving the confused Ralf behind, I quickly went to check on the available requests on the bulletin board.

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