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Null Poison Ch94

Naming it

After hunting the Snow panther and taking the baby snow panther with us, we sneaked inside our Inn without getting found out.

“Uwaah, it’s really so cute.”

“I know right! Looks even cuter now that we can see it properly in a bright place.”

“……….to kill the parent and then take the child to raise is some proper psychopath stuff alright.”

“Why would you put it like that! This child’s parent was the one that started attacking people so it’s only natural that it gut hunted. Also Chris, you agreed to this in the end so stop complaining!”

“Exactly! Just look at it. It’s cute isn’t it?”

With the baby snow panther held in both her hands, Esta proclaimed as if presenting it to me.

I extended my hand to push it away but for whatever reason, the snow panther began licking said hand instead.


“It tickles so stop licking me………So anyway, how are we go handle the Inn rules? We can’t just raise it here like this.”

“Surely there are other Inns who accept pets, right?”

“That, or should we just rent our own house already? There’s the reward from the Orc herd subjugation, and also the money me and Esta have been saving up! ……..Well, that was technically meant for Chris as repayment for what you’ve done for us though!”

Well if we really plan to raise it in the town, it would be best to rent our own separate house in my opinion as well.

……..maybe I should start looking for a house big enough where I could grow my poisonous plants as well?


“That’s certainly a good option. To be honest I wanted to get a clan house but…….that’s for the future I guess. If this is how it’s going to be, I guess we’re gonna rent our own house now.”

“Chris, what happened? Why did you suddenly get so eager about this!”

“I mean I have been wanting to have my own garden to raise my own plants for quite some time now. Might as well use this occasion to finally get a some space for that, that’s all.”

“Sounds fine to me, no? It’ll save you from having to constantly go to the forest all the time as well.”

“Well, I’ll still be going to the forest regardless but yes, the amount of times I’d need to go would decrease by a lot. Depending on how things go, perhaps I’ll find a way to even increase the effects I get from these plants.”

“I see! You are technically a [Farmer] after all. Maybe the time to actually showcase your ability has finally come?”


I don’t know how much ‘ability’ I could show but, my suitable job is supposed to be a [Farmer] so I should be better at raising plants than fighting technically speaking.

At least, I should be able to grow these poisonous plants for one. This is something I’ve been planning for a very long time now.

“I have never actually done any kind of farming but still, I’m confident I’ll get the hang of it fast. I have been learning stuff since I was in Realzard and have been learnt some few tricks and tips already.”

“Then let’s do it! Let’s rent out a house already! In fact, let’s do that tomorrow itself!”

“Only if we find a good place, alright? For today, let’s lay low and stay inside.”

Unaware of our worries, the baby snow panther simply tilted its head and licked the air while make cute purrs hoping I’d give it my hand to lick again.

“……..Speaking of, what do baby snow panthers eat?”


“No idea. Probably something similar to dogs and cats right?”


“It hasn’t even grown any teeth yet, maybe just milk would do?”

“Then, we’ll have to go buy some milk later.——–And, what should we name it? We can’t be calling it Snow Panther all the time, so maybe we should give it an actual name?”

“I have already thought of a good one! How about Kerberos? It’s the name of a strong monster after all, and easy to say!”

“Why would you ever call it by a different monster’s name?? You really have no sense.”

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“I thought something like Yukiko would be cute but…….”

“Is it even a girl? If it grew up and it turned out to be a male, the name would make no sense.”

“Then you pick a better one Chris! Instead of simply objecting on other’s opinions, why not give your suggestion instead.”

The moment you name it, the more you’ll get attached to it.

In the first place, I don’t think we should be naming it. But now that we’ve brought it all the way here to the Inn, I guess its too late for that.

“Just stick with Snow? Simple, easy to use, understandable and would work regardless of its gender.”

“It’s almost too simple, no?”

“I think its fine! Snow, nice to meet you again.”

I doubt it even understands the concept of names yet but, as if answering Esta’s words, it gave small cry.

Seeing Snow like that, both Esta and Ralf’s eyes were completely enraptured.

“First, maybe we should wash it up in the bath. It’s quite dirty after all.”

“Then, I’ll handle that! In that time, Esta go buy some milk for it.”

“Got it. Wash it gently, okay Ralf?”


Esta went shopping and Ralf went into the bath with Snow in his hands.

With nothing more to do, I guess I’ll go eat some Lizaf fruits.

Making my decision, I spent my time eating Lizaf fruits on my own.

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