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Null Poison Ch95


After getting washed and drinking some milk, Snow went straight to sleep.

“Just watching it alone heals me………”

“When washing it, its fur was so fluffy as well. I want to bury my face in it but I need to resist so as to not wake it up.”

Both of them just sat there watching Snow sleep.

Well its not like I don’t understand their feelings but we need to go visit [Travelling Cat Store] soon or it’ll close for the day.

“You two, c’mon we need to go visit the Alchemist. It’s deep asleep so it should be fine in the meantime.”

“Are you sure………? What if it suddenly woke up and started crying?”

“It’s not gonna stay awake all day is it?”

“I guess that’s true! Besides, as long as we’re adventurers, we can’t stay with it all day anyway……..we can’t pamper it too much either huh!”

“…….I guess so. Understood. Let’s go then.”

Esta still looked worried as we left, and headed to the [Travelling Cat Inn] while Snow slept alone.

Today, I plan to introduce these two, as well collect my Jinpi potions.

After leaving the Left side Residential area, we reached the Commercial Streets.

The sun had already begun to set so we quickly made our way to [Travelling Cat Store].


“Is this the Alchemist’s place? Looks quite fancy.”

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s here though? Are you sure its open?”

“Well the door sign still says [Open] so I say yes.”

True, it seems empty inside but, I pushed the door to the store regardless.

The same old soothing bell sound rang inside the store, and Shantell quickly showed up reacting to said sound.

“Welcome! Ah Chris-san—–and are these your colleagues!?”

“That’s right, allow me to introduce them. This is Ralf, and this here is Esta. And this is the owner…….”

“The owner of [Travelling Cat Store] Shantell !! Ralf-san, Esta-san, happy to finally meet you both!!”

“Yeah, nice to meet you too!”

“I have heard many things from Chris-san, Once again, I’m Esta, a pleasure to meet you.”

All three of them gave bows  and greeted each other.

Alright. That’s introductions done.

“Eh! Chris-san, said many things about me?——What kind of things exactly??”

“Eh, ummm…….Th-that you’re anno—-Uh, no, that you’re an extremely knowledgeable person and so on.”

“Knowledgeable you say! Chris-san, you held such a high opinion of me!—-And, and anything else?”


Because Esta gave an unnecessary compliment, she quickly started chatting up more and more.

To be honest, I’ve barely talked much about Shantell…….so let me help Esta out here.

“And I also called you a pain in the butt. Someone who mistook me for a pervert on the first day we met—–“


“WA WA WA!? L-L-let’s not recall such old tales!! I will apologize as many time as need for that so please forget about it already!”

Shantell and jumped and tried to block my mouth with her hands.

I gave a strong chop to get her off me, and since going along with her nonsense only wastes time, I quickly changed the subject to the more important topic at hand.

“So, how did the potion crafting go? Still not done?”

“………fufufu what do you think? Take a guess Chris-san?”

With a truly punchable self-satisfied look, Shantell spoke as such.

Judging by this, she has probably succeeded in making them.


“Don’t care. Just tell me, yes or no?”

“you could go along at least once in a while……….Wait a second here.——-Behold!! It has been completed as you requested!”

I took one potion from Shantell, and carefully observed it.

With a colour almost close to black, it really looked like a suspicious potion.

……….is this even drinkable?

“Well, it certainly is a potion alright.”

“I was especially particular about the extraction rate and took it to the limit, so it turned out to be a truly deadly potion in my opinion! Please be careful with its use………?Um, this question did come to me before but, how exactly do you plan on using this potion?”

“It’s for me to drink.”

“……..Eh? No-no-no-no-absolutely no way!! Su-suicide?—-it’s too early for you to do such a thing!! There’s still many good things to live for and look forward to!”

“I’m not trying to kill myself. My skill is [Null Poison]. Poisons don’t work on me.”

“Nu-Null Poison……..?……..Haah, Oh. So that’s how it is! Please don’t make me worry like that!”

“Anyway, thanks for the potion. These two will come to you every now and then so be good to them as well okay?”

“Ah, no! Wait a second! You didn’t tell me why you need to drink a poisonous potion yet!!”

After saying what I wanted to Shantell who was panicking, since it was already late, we quickly left the store.

Shantell seemed like she had more to ask and say but, I have no idea how much time I’d lose if I kept talking with her.

“How do I put this, she’s kind of incredible in her own unique way huh.”

“Just as I said right? A pain in the butt.”

“Certainly, she is a bit……hard to deal with.”

Esta, while chuckling, agreed with my words.

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“Well still, she’s pretty good both as an alchemist and as a source of info so stay on good terms with her……….Did you try out her healing potions?”

“I did. It was really great! The pain subsided very quickly and I would definitely like to have more of those.”

“Yeah, those potions were awesome! It stung at first but then the pain went poof! We already used up the ones we got from you, so maybe we should have bought a couple more while we still there.”


“Well, you can do that later at any time. anyways, I’m a bit worried so let’s hurry back to the inn.”


When I said that, both of them looked at me while grinning.

For a second, I didn’t get why but then……..

“Wait, when I said worried, I don’t mean it that way! If it made some noise or caused ruckus while we were away, it’ll cause problems for the Inn!”

“Yeah yeah we get it! No need to get all flustered about it! So you worried for it after all!”

“You were acting all cold but I guess it did weigh on your mind after all!”

“Like I said………Ah whatever. Let’s go back already.”

I got teased due to a weird misunderstanding but——-I decided to ignore it.

I really didn’t mean it like that but, it’s annoying to try and explain it as well.

Having left the [Travelling Cat Store], we made our way straight back to the [Tree Top tower] with zero detours.

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