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Null Poison Side Story 2

Gossips: Mielle’s Report part 1

Fufufu. This is a bit different than how I originally imagined it, but with this I should be able to get Klaus’ appreciation.

I never would have thought I could get a recommendation from Klaus’ older brother himself.

Holding on tightly to the recommendation and the letter, I headed straight to Klaus after returning to the capital.

There is not a single person who has received the title of [Sword God] that didn’t go on to make a mark on history.

To receive it implied the mark of unimaginable talent.

Even within the Capital’s academy where only the best of the talents gather, and even in a year that is said to have one of the best batches in decades, the [Sword God] was in a league of its own.

Within a once in a hundred year quality batch of talents , a once in a hundred year talent had shown up.

Basically, depending on your standing with Klaus could very well decide how your own future life will look like.

Right now I have a favourable impression with him thanks to my own rare job that is the [Sage] but with this letter from his brother, that relationship should become much stronger.


While trying to suppress my smile, I made my way to Klaus’ room.

“Excuse me, Klaus. Good evening.”

“……..Mielle? What do you want, at this time?”

On my knocking, his reply came and entering inside the room—–there was Klaus and another suspicious looking man.

Having gotten the info from the info broker, now I know that this man was none other than the leader of [Under Eye], Milworc.

A man with a deep scar that ran across the right side of his face and a tattoo had been imprinted on top of it, as if trying to hide it.

His face was currently not fully visible thanks to the large hood he was wearing but you could still smell the scent of drugs of his body as well as feel the aura of a man that has most certainly killed dozens of people.

On top of that, seeing as he also had the strange badge that only [under eye] members would wear, I was certain that this man was Milworc.


“……I had something important to talk about. Can you ask that man to leave?”

On my words, Milworc began to leave but Klaus stopped him instead.

“No, he came here first so he gets priority. If its something you can’t talk about in this situation, then do you mind coming again at a later time?”

……….he really is insane.

Without even trying to hide his connections to people on the dark side, he even prioritizes someone like him over the [Sage].

If he wasn’t the [Sword God], I would have never even bothered to talk to him let alone interact with him.

“Fine. Then he can stay I guess. I’ll say what I need to say.”

“And make it quick please.”

I took out the letters, and handed it over to Klaus.

It’d be better for him to just read them rather than me trying to explain everything.

“And what are these letters for?”

“I received them from a certain person. Do you mind reading them?”


He cautiously opened the letter that was roughly folded and tied up with weed strings, and began reading.

I waited excitedly to see what kind of reaction he’ll give while being cautious of Milworc, but against my expectations Klaus seemed like he was getting angrier by the minute.

His grip on the letter grew stronger to the point I was worried he might rip it apart, and his usually expressionless or fake smiling face turned started popping veins on his forehead and his eyes turned bloodshot.

I suddenly had a really bad feeling about this but now it was too late to do anything.

After tearing the first letter apart and throwing it away, he moved on to the next letter—–the recommendation.

“Wait a sec—-“

I tried to stop him but it was already too late.

He took one look at it and then crumbled it in his hands and then walked straight in front of me.

“Mielle, did you meet Chris?”

“Y-yeah. He said he was your brother so I had a little chat that’s all. I don’t have anything more to do with him.”

“Then, why did you bring these letters to me?”

“I don’t know what the contents were at all……..was something strange written in them?”

“Don’t act dumb with me——-You filthy fucking bitch!!”


“Get the fuck out of my sight. And never show up in front of me ever again…….unless you wish to die that is.”

After throwing one sided abuse at me in a rage, he thrust me out of his room.

As the door slammed shut on my face, I definitely saw that Milworc sneering at me.

Having pushed away with force, I fell on my butt and I blanked out while in that pose.

………I don’t get what happened at all.

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Having become acquainted with his brother, my position should have been solidified——or at least that’s how it was supposed to be.

So why did Klaus get so angry, to the point of throwing me out of his room as well as telling me to never talk to him ever again?

Could it be that that man lied about being his brother………?

No, their faces looked quite similar and also knew of things no one else would know so I am not wrong there.

Then in that case, it had to be the contents of the letter.

Since he had tied it up and sealed the letter, I had no idea as to what was written but it must have something that spoke ill of me instead.

……….I really should have checked the contents of the letter before handing it over.

But Chris didn’t seem like he was lying and since it was his older brother I ended up fully trusting him.


I mean, he’s the older brother of that guy.

He must be laughing madly to himself for giving me all this hope and then pushing me to hell instead.

All I could do was imagine his face snickering evilly as he thought of what he had done to me.

I mean I did attack him originally but would someone really take this kind of revenge…….?

I mean at the end of the day, everything I did it was to help his younger brother after all.

So why did I have to be made into such a fool for that?

……….let’s go home for now and wait for tomorrow and then apologize once he has calmed down a bit.

There has to be a misunderstanding somewhere. If I can explain that I didn’t hurt his older brother and am on good terms with him, I’m sure Klaus will come to understand.

Telling that to myself, while rubbing my aching butt I returned to my dormitory.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Oh you delusional girl. You tell Klaus that you’re on good terms with Chris and he will kill you, just for laughs.


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