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Null Poison Side Story 6

The Man with the Scarred Face

Oxter, one of the towns close to one of the three great cities Norfast.

Lively sounds were leaking out of the mid-scale adventurer guild built in this city.

At Klaus-sama’s orders, I had come all the way to this place while following Carlo’s footsteps but…….


“His footsteps come to a stop in this town.”

I muttered quietly to myself, as I put my hand on my chin and began to rack my brains.


The order I had received from Klaus was to kill and erase Carlo in secret.

Yet, for whatever reason, even though it’s been 1 week since I came here, I can’t seem to find any traces of him.

It’s fine if he was already dead somehow but, if he was dead, I at least wanted to see the corpse to confirm that.

[Who gives a fuck about all that man. Let’s just go back to the capital already!]

“Silence! Be quiet!”

Unlike the lively adventurer’s guild, right now I was in a quiet alley.

Since I ended up shouting in that alley while ‘alone’, people on the road began to look strangely at me.

Tch. All because Paimon spoke up suddenly and made me react in reflex.

I put my hood back on, and moved away to escape the stares.

Afterwards, I spent another full week in Oxter, and did my best to gather as much info as I could but I still failed to gather any decent info.

He was big muscular man with only one arm. His temperament was bad as well, so I doubt people would forget about him if they met him even once, yet I just can’t seem to find any trace of him.


There was the Adventurer Guild’s chief who kind of seemed to know something about him but, he continued to act like he didn’t till the end and drove me away.


I could kidnap him and make him confess but, it’s a bit problematic when the guy’s a guild chief.

If the guild find out that I hurt a guild chief while I was here trying to look for Carlo, I’ll become the guild’s enemy, and so it was not worth the risk.

………….I guess it can’t be helped but I’ll have to go and report to Klaus that I didn’t find him even after 2 weeks of searching.

[Kekekeke. This is why I warned you in advance! If you had simply followed what I said, we wouldn’t have wasted so much time here!]

“Enough. If I hear you talk again without my permission, I will kill you.”

I made Paimon stop its attempts at instigating me, and finally gave on searching for Carlo and decided to return to the capital.

It was a bit embarrassing to admit that I had failed at finding anything after two weeks of search but, the fact was that he had disappeared without a trace so I will report that as fact.




It’s been a while since I was in the capital. I was born and raised here but parts of the city still felt unfamiliar to me, like the commercial street I was currently walking through as I headed towards national academy located near the Royal Castle.

As I began to get closer to the school, I began to see more and more armoured knights with the country flag embroidered on them, and the hostile eyes towards me who was dressed in all black and a hood also increased.


In fact, I even got stopped multiple times with coercive shouts but everytime, I simply needed to show them the badge given to me by Klaus-sama, and the knights would pull back while frustrated.

Seeing their reactions towards me who seemed to always mock me was kind of fun on its own, and at this point I intentionally wore these suspicious black clothes and hood hoping that the knights would stop me, just so I can enjoy their reactions.

After a while, I finally reached the academy, and headed straight towards the room where Klaus-sama was.

Giving a knock, and only after a response had come, I entered the room.

“…………Milworc huh. How did the thing with Carlo go?”

“Sorry, but I couldn’t find him! I searched for him for a long time but his tracks completely disappeared after Oxter!”

“Milworc. You did properly search for him right?”

“Hey, are you doubting me? That’s unforgivable even if it’s you Klaus-sama!”

For a moment, a dangerous mood was formed between us, but the bloodlust quickly dissipated.


I had ignored Paimon’s devilish words, and spent a whole 2 weeks properly searching for him. If I get doubted even after that, even I’d get rightfully pissed.

“If you really couldn’t find a trace of him, then he really must have died. Carlo’s not the type to hide, and if he’s not hiding, finding a guy that stands out so much shouldn’t be hard.”


“Does that mean, your brother, Chris, killed him then? Kekekke, if that’s the case, the situation’s quite different from what you imagined eh!? I thought you said he was just some trash farmer who could only run away no?”

“Kukuk………Ahahhaha! That bastard Chris, killing Carlo? No chance! I’ve said this many times before, but he’s a fucking failure, trash.——Milworc, I don’t want to hear a shit joke like that ever again………Or I really will cut you down?”

With a serious tone, his bloodlust was aimed towards me again.

As always, Klaus-sama really looses all composure when it comes to his brother.

His hand was on the sword on his waist, so I really should properly apologize or he really might try to kill me.

“………My bad, my bad. You know I was simply joking! But I mean, since you asked Carlo to kill Chris, and now Carlo’s dead, it’s kinda normal to come to that conclusion no?”

“Regardless. It is impossible. A mere farmer like him could never kill someone like Carlo.”

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Looks like he really doesn’t even want to acknowledge the possibility of that.

If I push it, he’ll only get more irritated so I should back off for now and see how things pan out for a bit.

………But, after hearing everything, in my head, this Chris was still the biggest suspicion.

I should get some of my subordinates to go out and gather some info on this Chris guy.

Of course, I’ll keep this all a secret from Klaus-sama else he’d kill me. I need to be careful with my actions.

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