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Null Poison Ch100

Forest Doll

An hour had passed as we walked through the forest under the sound of the flute being played.

Right around when we were about to be at the halfway point between the entrance and my base—–

Reacting to the flute, to our left, I noticed one of the trees shook greatly.

“Hey, look at that tree. Isn’t moving oddly?”

“I can’t tell if you just say ‘that tree’, where is it!? Also, is it even within our eyesight range!?”


“I can’t tell either unfortunately. Perhaps we should go closer?”

With me as the guide, we made our way closer to the swaying tree.

Ralf, continued playing the flute throughout it…….and the closer we got, the more the tree shook.

“No doubts about it, that one’s a forest doll. Esta, you’re free to blast it with magic.”

“You sure it’s that shaking one? Alright, here it goes. [Fire Arrow]!”

After our previous talk, I was hoping to see a power focused Fire arrow but………It was another accuracy type one.

While weak, it’s accuracy was perfect as it flew through the air in a straight line and cleanly hit the Forest Doll.

……..But, why accuracy again? I was so curious that I ignored the monster and turned to Esta to ask but——–

Before me, Ralf shouted at Esta.


“Oi! Why did you go for a weaker one again!?”

“Just like I told Chris-san before, I only use them when it’s a critical situation. If I missed a powerful one and hit a normal tree, inside a forest, it’ll start a huge forest fire so this was obviously a place to use an accuracy one.——-right, Chris-san?”

Hearing her perfect reply, my heart jumped.

I was saved the embarrassment thanks to Ralf……..I almost made the same mistake.

“Yes, exactly as she said. The choice must depend on the situation and location always.——-Ralf, c’mon let’s go and take that Forest Doll down.”

“What the hell! After all that talk, I was sure we’d get to see a big blast!!”

“Enough of that, hurry up, you’re the main attacker Ralf, don’t forget.”

We rushed in close to the Forest doll who was still reeling from the fire arrow, and promptly launched our attack.

Even though the fire arrow was weak, it took its weakness element head on.

Since it’d be a pain, if we let it recover and allowed it us its earth magic, we should kill it as quickly as possible.

“Ralf, match my pace.”


Since it was still staggered, there was probably no need but I kept my shield in front as I rushed in with a hand on my steel sword, ready to strike.

Making sure there was no signs of it launching an attack still, I stabbed my sword into and Ralf who jumped up from behind me also brought down his sword in a full swing.

If Ralf’s attack was against me, I would have avoided it even if my legs were injured but this Forest Doll had been hit by Esta’s fire arrow, as well as had been stabbed by me. Since it was unable to move, this was the best attack Ralf could make in my opinion.

The swing with all his strength behind it had enough strength that it almost cleaved the Forest Doll in half, and having lost so much of its body, the Forest Doll stopped moving where it stood.

Before I could check whether it was truly dead, Esta launched a [Fire ball] right at it, and as it struck, the Forest Doll simply fell backwards on to the ground.

Compared to the Orc general or even the Snow panther, it was far more easier to complete.

I mean, the Orc general was at least Gold rank so it makes sense, but even the Snow panther might be much stronger than this thing.

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“Chris-san, good work! That went pretty smoothly huh!”

“Well, the flute allowed us to find it easily, so this might be quite a efficient job to take on for the future as well. It’s 2 gold for one kill after all.”

“There’s still so why not go look for a second one? There’s rewards for more kills no?”

“Yeah…….that’s not a bad idea but——-can I also gather some plants as we look for it? Since we already technically finished the request proper.”

When I made the proposal, Ralf looked at me with weird eyes.

…………shit did he find out that gathering plants was always my main objective behind picking this job?

“it’s fine no? We could also gather other herbs and stuff to sell, and we’d have something to do as we go around while Ralf plays the flute as well.”

“What do you even mean by herbs you could sell? I have zero confidence in telling actual herbs and normal plants apart you know.”

“Then I’ll teach you. The easiest to find and sell is Oar Grass, used predominantly in cure-alls. It’s creamish-yellowish coloured leaves are its main distinguishable feature, and usually grow behind big trees. It also smells a lot like menthol so it’s easy to confirm. Also, it’s roots——-“

“Oi Oi, just wait a second! I don’t have a problem with your plant gathering so just explain slowly!…….It’s like he turns into a different person when talking about this stuff!”


Oops, I guess I went a bit too fast there.

I had already done lots of research while in Realzard for whether I could make money off of sellable herbs that I could find while gathering poisonous plants.

Among those, the best choice in my opinion was this Oar grass, which was, like I said, used as the main ingredient in cure-alls that could supposedly be used in all sorts of situations.

In the end, due to not having enough space, as well as worrying that being stored with poisonous plants might cause some effect on it, I gave up on that idea but………because I was asked, all this stored info in my head just exploded out all at once.

“I agree, explaining as we gather it would be much better indeed. Anyway, let’s cut off the part from the Forest Doll for proof and quickly move to the best gathering spot.”

“…….This guy definitely chose Forest Doll just for this, didn’t he.”

Acting like I didn’t hear Ralf’s mutterings,  we quickly took out the needed part and moved to gathering plants.

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  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter. Also grats on hitting chapter 100.

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  2. Vyda Avatar

    The author keeps on hammering the point that the MC has incredible eyesight and can sense when an enemy with killing intent is nearby

    I wonder if some of the plants also have effects to increase “hidden” stats, that the church’s assessment is too weak or primitive to detect

    Also I wonder if he will ever pick up archery. I feel like with his amazing eyesight, it would be a waste not to


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