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Null Poison Ch101

Alongside Snow…….

A week had passed since the day we went to Forest Doll subjugation, and plant gathering after that.

During this period, Greath didn’t pick a fight with us even once and things have been pretty peaceful.


And above all,………the Forest Doll request turned out to be a gold mine.

The first day, we only ever got that one kill, but the 6 days after that, we kept taking the same job and got at least 2 kills every day since.

Moreover, our little side job of selling Oar grass was also going well and had made almost 5 gold from just that alone.

Now I haven’t been able to gather as much poisonous plants as I wanted in that time but, at least I was able to gather a couple days worth of Lizaf fruits everytime so overall, it was a hugely profitable request.

The only problem was, that because of our merciless hunting, forest dolls were mostly gone from the area and now there were no more requests for its subjugation.

Unfortunately, unlike Stray Cowbirds, because these Forest Dolls didn’t provide some use to people, there was no constant demand for it.


“C’mon! Snow, fetch!”

“Looks it’s finally gotten used to running around like normal eh.”

While sitting on the table in the living room, I watched as they both played and ran around with Snow.

Snow had finally started growing some teeth so it had become capable of playing Catch with the toy homemade toy Esta made for it.

It should be monster close to a Panther-cat but it looked more like a Dog right now.

Not just its movements, but even its personality was like that of a dog.

Also, it learnt to respond to simple things like “Show hand” and ‘Sit”, so I wondered if Snow was a pretty smart one.

“You two, I think it’s almost time.”

“What, already!?……..Alright Snow, be sure to live a happy and healthy life on that side as well.”

“Please don’t forget about us, okay?!”

While Snow sat there swinging its tail and meowing happily, these two began giving some super emotional words to it.

……..Goodness me, how over dramatic.


“It’ll only be for a week that it’ll live away from you two. And besides, if things look bad, I’ll bring it back to you two alright.”

“But still………I’ll be lonely! Damn it, Chris it’s not fair!”

“uuuu…….I want to go together too….”

What the hell are these two talking about……..

Starting today, I plan on heading to Carlisle forest for a week for my usual plant gathering trip.

And since we decided that I’ll take snow with me for that time, this has been the reaction non-stop.

“And what use would Esta have from coming with us? I’ll take care of it so don’t worry so much.”

“I think it should still remain inside the house to be honest. I mean, it’s still basically a baby, it’s too early for it to be hunting………”

“I’m pretty sure we’ve had this talk in full over the week many times. If you coddle it too much, it will never learn how to survive on its own, so this is all for Snow’s own sake. That’s why I’m taking it with me so that I can teach it how to hunt.”

“No, I understand that but still…….”

“Alright enough of this, C’mon let’s go. You’ll meet it in like a week again anyway.”

I forcibly made the two, who were still grumbling, to go out, as I picked up Snow, who didn’t know what was happening really, and left for the Carlisle forest.

Since I had already finished my prep yesterday, all I had to do was just pick up my things and leave.

As for my objectives for this trip, it’s to gather seeds to start my home gardening as well as gather all five types of ability increasing plants that I have found.

My main focus this time would be to gather as many Jinpi leaves as possible and I’ll avoid gathering any new types of poisonous plants this time around.

Also, I plan to teach Snow how to hunt………and check on the Orc general’s corpse as well.

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If everything goes as planned, there should be an Ongneer tree growing out of the Orc general’s corpse as well——–oh man, I was excited to find out.

Since a mere goblin’s fruit gave me (+2) in agility, just what kind of bonus would fruit born from an Orc general’s body would give me I wonder?

And on top of that………maybe I’ll get a new skill as well.

I’m still not exactly sure what it was that granted me the [Increased Breeding Ability] skill; but if it was the Goblin’s body, then I should hypothetically get one from the Orc General’s body as well.

That red aura it showed when facing me was most definitely a skill and from what I could tell as I fought, it was most probably a skill that raised your physical attributes .


While yearning for this unknown skill, I slapped my cheeks to reenergize myself.

And with Snow in my bag, who was peeking out of it looking amused, I departed for the Carlisle forest.

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