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Null Poison Ch99


“We’ll buy some furniture when we’ve saved up some more money. So for the time being, we’ll just have to sleep in our sleeping bags.”

“There’s a table at least in the living room but yeah, it sure is pretty empty in here! The house being as big it is only makes it worse.”

“Can’t be helped. We have only lived in Inns up till now, never bought any furniture. And we don’t exactly have the leeway with funds to be spending on furniture right now anyway, so let’s go all in completing requests and make some money alright?”

“Then, should we go and get one today as well?”

“Let’s see, well, it’s still not even noon yet, so yeah we should go and a some requests done.”

With Snow, and Esta’s handmade chew toy in its mouth, seeing us off, we left our new home.

This are going to get a whole busier from now on.

While making money, we need to buy a whole lot of furniture for the house, then I have to also build basic place to grow my plants, and then go and gather more plants from the forest as well.

I also need to figure out the full effects of Ongneer as well——really, I’m not going to have even a day’s worth of rest for a while.

With more and more things to do, my workload kept increasing yet, I felt happy for being able to live such a fulfilling life every day.

Now if only Greath didn’t exist, it would be truly perfect.

Feeling a bit dejected from suddenly recalling that man’s existence, we headed to the guild to complete requests.



This time, the request we took was for Forest Doll.

It was one of the three we had planned to take from the very beginning, a monster that lives in the Carlisle forest that could mimic trees.

Depending on the request details, woodcutters had been getting attacked by these monsters, and thus this request came to deal with the problem.

If a woodcutter got attacked, it’s probably close to the entrance of the forest but……..I never noticed a single one.

“Hey Chris, what kind of forest is the Carlisle forest?”

“From a normal person’s perspective, it’s just the usual forest with goblins and kobolds I guess. It’s basically paradise for me though.”

“Now that’s a statement alright. Is gathering plants that much fun to you?”

“Rather than the gathering part, it’s seeing your own ability increase is what’s really fun—–is what I meant. The excitement you feel when you find a poisonous plant you had been looking for, I don’t think Ralf will ever understand that.”

“I suppose it’s nice to have a way to get stronger outside of just training and fighting, right?”


While making such small talk, we reached Carlisle forest.

Just as always, you could see a bunch of low rank adventurers and woodcutters around the area.

If we could get some info from these adventurers we could probably find out the Forest Doll’s location quickly but, having openly opposed Greath means they are very unlikely to do so.

While keeping a sidelong eye at the adventurers whispering and gossiping about us, we entered the Carlisle forest.

——-no matter how many time I come, I can’t help but get excited.

Not that I came here today for gathering plants anyway but still, my eyes just unconsciously strayed towards any plant I saw.

“Chris-san, sure looks like he’s having fun.”

“I know right! This is the first time I’ve seen him so excited.”

“Really? I was pretty excited when looking around our new home as well you know?”

“………That aside, are we ever going to find this thing like this? Even if you say that it’s mimicking a tree, you really can’t tell shit when surrounded by so many trees. I don’t think I’d be able to tell even if it was right in front of me.”

Just like Ralf said, even I who took pride in his enemy presence locating ability, had yet to find one.

I don’t know how good it even is at mimicking a tree but, if we have to just walk around while searching, it’s highly unlikely we’ll find one in a day or even two.

“And that’s where this flute comes into play! We should be thankful to the Vice-guild chief for lending this to us.”

What Esta held was a flute that could supposedly remove a Forest Doll’s disguise.

When we accepted the quest, the vice-chief who just happened to be passing by lent this to us.

Just as he declared that day, he really was helping us in his own way.

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“After we proceed a little further, let’s start playing the flute as we walk. And once a Forest Doll shows itself, Esta, it’ll be your turn.”

“Yes. Since it’s weakness is Fire, I’ll be the main force of attack right?”

“Exactly, and that’s why Ralf, you’ll be the one playing the flute. Since I’ll be the tank and hold the Forest Doll down in place.”

“Yeah, got it!………Sorry once again, for making you do what should be my job again.”

“No need to apologize, just focus on getting better at attacking as quickly as you can.——that said, you did pretty well against the Snow Panther. The opponent was just a level above you.”

“But that won’t do though. I need to get good enough to not let even those kinds of enemies get an upper hand on me.”

It doesn’t look like Ralf was too discouraged from his previous failures.

If he’s like this, he’ll be eager to try more things this time around as well and get even better.

The problem was……Esta.

“Speaking of, last time things went all crazy one after another and I forgot to properly ask but, Esta, why did you decrease the power output of your magic in the end that day?”

Since I was busy with the baby snow panther, and then the house etc, I couldn’t find the timing to ask until now.

“That’s because…… was moment I couldn’t afford to miss my shot, that’s why.”

“You wanted to be certain you won’t miss, eh? What do you think would have happened if your fire arrow had missed?”

“Ralf, who was retreating, would get attacked……….no, actually Chris would have been the one that got rushed down and would have become the focus of its attacks I think.”


“Well, that sounds about right. The Snow Panther was waiting for one us to move to launch its pursuit, and if I had tried to back off, it would have gone for Ralf instead, and in this case all of its focus would have been on me……..But, let’s say I did get rushed down and attacked by the Snow Panther. Esta, do you really think that I would have died to it?”

“No I don’t think so. You never got hit even once from any of its attacks after all.”

“Then, shouldn’t you have stuck with the higher power magic after all? Your timidity in that situation was not a good thing. And I felt that while I was still fighting, no less.”

Gathering all info, I once again explained from the top what exactly she did wrong.

Even though the Snow Panther was in fully serious mode with its body covered in Ice, I still think I would have been able to take on its flurry of attacks.

Esta is the type that can calmly analyze the situation and make the most optimal decision even in the heat of battle, but that’s exactly why she went for the high accuracy shot instead……..

If that’s the kind of fighting style she wants to focus on, that’s fine but in that case she should only focus on further improving that aspect wholeheartedly.

……..However, if Esta wants to be magician that can change the course of battle with a single spell, if she wants to focus on raw power, she’ll have to change her mindset.

Because one day a situation will arise, where she’ll have to surely hit her target with a powerful magic no less.


“………that’s true. I, unconsciously, ran back to my usual safer methods in the name of efficiency. Missing that first shot really got to me, I will not lie about that.”

“Well, this is the path you chose yourself. If you want to become capable of turning the tide of battle on your own, you should continue on this path.”

“Yes! Outside truly critical situations, I’ll try and take even more risks! I will most certainly cause problems to you both, but please take care of me nonetheless!”

“Causing problems for others is part of being in a party, right Ralf?”

“Damn right! It’s not like I’m any better in that regard but, if we get stronger in return, then that’s the reward for all of us after all!”

“That’s a good way of putting it……..It happens very rarely, but sometimes I do get jealous of how simple your brain is Ralf.”

“The hell is that supposed to mean! You’re the stupid one, Esta!!”

It somehow turned into another bickering scene but I’m glad I was able to get my point across properly.

I look forward to just how much Esta will change and grow in response to this.

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