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Null Poison Ch102

Teaching how to Hunt

Since all sorts of new and unique smells existed in the forest, Snow looked more excited than usual.

While holding Snow back from jumping out of the bag, as well as driving any monsters that attacked us on the way, I finally reached my base.

After letting Snow loose inside the base, and I too sat down to take a breather.

Now then, what do I start with?

The thing I wanted to do the most was to go check on the Ongneer tree, but I think I’ll leave it for last.

If I found out that it didn’t work and grow as I hoped, I’ll lose my drive so it’s best I leave it for last for my own mood’s sake.

In that case, I could either start gathering the set of poisonous plants I know, or start teaching Snow how to hunt right away…….

After hesitating for a while, I wondered if I should start with teaching Snow how to hunt after all.

It looks full of energy right now so it’s better to use this timing to teach, and hope that it gets tired and sleeps at the base while I go around gathering plants.

On that note, I chose to teach Snow hunting as my first task.


Now then, as for how I’m going to teach it to hunt, Well, it quickly caught on to how to play catch ball with the toy so if I show how it how to hunt, maybe it’ll learn to imitate me as well.

When I got attacked by goblins and kobolds on the way here, it was already trying to jump out of the bag to help me so it should work.

While watching Snow who was playing around while wagging its tail, I made my decision and took snow with me to hunt some animals.

Our target will be an easy one, a wild rabbit.

Putting Snow back into the bag, I left the cave again and searched around the area for a rabbit.

——Oh, well that didn’t take long to find.

I quickly ran into a wild rabbit loitering and jumping about in front of me, unaware of any presences around it, and I quickly rushed in and grabbed it by its ears.


I tied it up and then began skinning it and draining its blood and smelling that, Snow got even more stimulated and began howling while trying to jump out of the bag.

Now, once I let it eat this rabbit meat, it should get a taste for blood and its instincts should make it want to hunt more.

Returning back to the base, I let Snow out and gave it the rabbit to eat.

I think it should be fine even raw but since Snow was still small, I did roast it a bit just in case.

“Here, try eating this.”

I put the roasted rabbit meat on a plate and presented it to Snow.

It had been consuming only milk for some time but recently, it had started eating solid stuff so it should be fine ……..


Curious of the food, Snow came running to the plate, and after sniffing it for a while finally took a small bite to taste it.

After that, it suddenly jumped as if shocked and howled once before rapidly devouring the entire rabbit.

I guess it enjoyed the taste as the plate was licked clean in no time at all.

“You liked that huh? This is what a real hunt feels like. You’ll learn how to get your own food like this as well.”


I still don’t know if it actually gets what I say but it did give a howl as a reply so I gave it a couple headrubs in return.

Now I just need to find a perfect target for Snow to actually hunt itself.

Leaving Snow in the base, I looked around the area to see if there was any small animal that would fit the criteria.

Rabbit might still be a bit too big for it so I was hoping to find something smaller than that when…….

I caught sight of a squirrel climbing a nearby tree.

Even Snow should be able to hunt that.

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I quickly closed in on the tree the squirrel was on and caught with a fast jump.

This time I didn’t kill it, and instead decided to release it near Snow inside the base.

If it really understood the act of hunting from just now, it should be ready to attack this as well.

I sealed the exit from the base and then released the squirrel and waited to see how Snow reacts.

Noticing the Squirrel, it tilted its neck a couple times, and crouched down as if taking a stance—–and then suddenly leaped at it.

Wow did it actually succeed already?


………..Or so I wondered but rather than bite it or slash it with its paws, it just started playing around with the squirrel instead.

Clearly having fun, Snow chased the squirrel around the base and the squirrel desperately ran from it.

And in the end they both got tired and just huddled together and went to sleep——making my plan a complete and utter failure.

……..Well, I didn’t think it’d be that easy but it’ll be fine as long it can hunt even one animal within this week.

Renewing my own feelings on the matter, I left the two sleeping peacefully alone, and headed out to gather some plants.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch102”

  1. Corazon Avatar

    I’m definitely starting to wonder whether Snow is truly a panther or a wolf, with the howling and playing catch, but then playing with the squirrel.. Dogs and cats are very differently behaved you know 😅


  2. Meijie Avatar

    Snow is so cute.


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