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Null Poison Ch103

The Heart

An uneventful Six days had passed since I entered the Carlisle forest.

In the end, Snow refused to kill the squirrel and just continued having fun playing around with it.

Well, thanks to the Squirrel running around, it made for a good playmate for Snow and in a way helped Snow get better at running and chasing things. And compared to the first day, Snow’s movements were completely different and had improved by a lot.

This Squirrel was meant to food for Snow but——I have a rule of paying back any and all favours.

As thanks for being a good playmate to Snow, I put in a lot of acorns in the place that looked like the squirrel’s nest and I carefully took the squirrel itself and released it safely back into the forest.

Now then, I should start getting ready to return.

I spent a lot of time training Snow in how to hunt but I didn’t slack off on my plant gathering either and had successfully gathered seeds of Reizen, Lizaf and Jinpi as well collected tree logs that had Genpei and Eggmash mushrooms growing on it.

With this I could perfectly grow one plant in each of the empty rooms.

Thanks to my personal notes, I had already collected enough info on every plants suitable environment, so as long as there isn’t an accident, I should be able to grow these plants at our home.

Once again, I felt glad that I took all these notes from the start.


I also collected my normal batch of plants, that were for consumption and not gardening as well, and with the Jinpi leaves as my main target this time around, I had collected about enough to last a month.

Now I just have to ask Shantell to turn these all into potions as well………but I wonder just how much that was going to cost.

The first one cost 2 gold but if I recall correctly, once a potion has been made, the cost for consecutive ones can be much cheaper, so I guess it’ll depend on how well I negotiate with her.

The process of turning Jinpi leaves into potions was vital to me so I had to make sure to maintain good relations with her.

………..And now, finally.


I was about to head to the place where Ongneer was.

I had been looking forward to this moment. Whether it really took root in the Orc General’s body or not.

I hope it went well but, I need to check it first hand before I think of anything else.

I left Snow at the base and headed to the place alone.

If my home gardening project succeeds and I can disregard having to collect plants from the forest in the future, I’d love to spend that time finding more Ongneer plants in the forest instead.

With just one alone, I can’t experiment properly enough.

With such a desire at heart, I approached closer to the Ongneer.

As usual the atmosphere around this is………..Hm?

Maybe because it has been some time since I last came here but that eerie heavy atmosphere had gotten even stronger I feel like.

As I slowly made my way closer, I noticed the plant growing out of the Goblin’s corpse.


And I also noticed that the Orc general’s corpse was still there as well.

Going even further closer—-I saw a small bud sprouting out from the place where the Orc General’s heart would be.

………But, the sprout was not green but was brow coloured instead and I knew instantly that it had withered.

I felt vexed on the disappointing result but, I calmed myself to try and better analyze what had happened.

Was it because it was already a corpse?

——–No, it did sprout after all, so it can plant itself in corpses no doubt.

Then, does that mean it lacked nutrients?

………That seems unlikely as well.

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I barely spent any time in bringing this corpse here after killing it.

If it could grow from the nutrients off of a single Goblin, a Orc General’s corpse would provide much more, even if it had been dead before I brought it here.

In that case——

At that point, I realized my one major oversight.

Ongneerwas a plant that grew by drawing its nutrients from planting itself into the “heart ” of the living being.

On the other hand, this Orc general………Was killed by me by stabbing it straight through its heart, so its heart was ‘defective’ in this case.

This is still my hypothesis but that might really be the reason why it didn’t grow.

I pulled my sword, and ripped open the Orc general’s chest.

“……..I knew it.”

There were traces of the Ongneer’s roots trying to embed itself into the Orc General’s heart but failed to properly do so.

This was all a complete waste——but this failure was not without its own usefulness.


I felt that it was a waste that was unable to get the Orc general’s skill or whatever ability improvement I would have gotten from it but, I gained knowledge in return.

Only a little, but now I have a better understanding on how this Ongneer works.

For the time being, I should remove this ORc general’s corpse from here and replace it with some random Kobold’s corpse instead.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if a mere kobold would have enough nutrients to make an Ongneer sprout but there wasn’t much else in this forest to use as feed either.

Well at least I can take another fruit that had grown from the goblin’s corpse while I’m here.

After understanding how the Ongneer took root, I had several ideas run through my head that I wanted to try but in the meantime, I looked for a Kobold to kill.

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