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Null Poison Ch104

Enemy sensing ability

Last day of my plant gathering trip in the Carlisle forest.

I had already done pretty much everything I wanted to and I was well satisfied with the amount of plants I had gathered.

My prep for my home gardening was also all done, and there was quite literally nothing more left I could do more………

I gave a quick glance near my feet.

Snow sat there looking at me with shining eyes while wagging its tail.

In the end, I wasn’t able to teach Snow how to hunt.

Well at least it was having fun while playing tag with the squirrel, and it was able to release the stress of being stuck inside a house all the time…..

But I really hoped it could hunt at least one animal.

But that’s not going to happen no matter how much I wish for it, so I gave up and put Snow inside my bag.

Since my back had the giant bag with poisonous plants packed in it, Snow was in a small rucksack hanging in front of me instead.

It was right around my chest area, popping out its head to look around. It’s head would sometimes enter by vision which bothered me a bit but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

……..But it’ll be difficult during a battle and I couldn’t properly hold a sword with this bag in front of me, so I’ll have to put it down if I run into any enemies.

I couldn’t afford to get ambushed in these circumstances so I raised my vigilance and awareness to the maximum, and began walking back to Oxter.



Around when I passed the half way point between my base and the entrance of the forest,—suddenly, Snow popped out and started looking around for something.

While wondering what weird thing it was doing now, I continued walking while observing Snow when…….

It pointed towards one specific direction and began howling and barking towards it.

Nothing had been noticed inside my detection net so I was confused over what was going on.

Since I couldn’t tell the reason, I decided to continue walking while ignoring it when—–

“…….It’s a goblin. Were you barking at this because you noticed it?”


I began sensing the presence of a Goblin from the exact same direction where Snow was barking towards.

Perhaps, it had noticed this goblin before even me.

As expected of a monster, it’s sense of smell and hearing was far better than my own.

I gave a headrub to Snow for trying to warn me in advance, and then put Snow down to fight the Goblins.

Soon enough, 3 goblins showed up.

Usually you’d only run into goblins that are roaming around alone in this forest, but this time it was 3 together in rare moment.

Well, in the end its just some goblins so they won’t make much of an opponent no matter how many there are——

While thinking so, I began walking closer to them when suddenly, a white shadow jumped past me and ran towards the Goblins.

“——Snow!? Oi, Wait, STOP!!”


In panic, I shouted to try and tell it to stop but it showed no signs of doing so as it continued rushing towards the Goblins at top speed.

Realizing the danger, I chased after it as well, but damn, those small legs sure have a lot speed hidden in them!

The goblins who finally noticed Snow and myself running towards them, held up their wooden clubs to fight.

—–now that its become like this, the safest way was to kill the goblins as fast as I can before they even get a chance to do anything.

I changed my focus from Snow to the goblins, and decided to go all out in a quite some time to instantly crush them.

Making sure that I didn’t step on Snow, I first raised my voice and shouted to pull all their attention to me and then quickly closed the distance between us.

2 more steps, one more—-

Right when I entered the range and was about to release my sword slash—–Snow jumped and attacked the Goblin from the front.

It’s gonna die…..

I feared the worst but——the one to die was the goblin instead to my surprise.


My head went blank and I didn’t understand what had even happened but I can see the Goblin’s head fly in the air.

Flustered, I looked back at Snow, only to see it already jumping off the headless corpse of the first and on to the second goblin.

The goblin tried to hit it down with its club as this white ball leaped at it but, Snow simply swung its small paw and tore the club in two and the goblin itself alongside it.

Was that, wind magic? The same attack its parent used on us……?

But, it felt a whole lot stronger than that.

——-Wait, now’s not the time for that!!

Why was I calmly analysing its attacks? I need to put the last goblin down right now.

I jumped in between the two, and instantly chopped the last goblin’s head off.


Now that, almost gave me a panic attack. I swear my heartbeat right now is faster than even when that [Sage] Mielle tried to attack me.

I didn’t even take a breath throughout this as I could feel my breathing had turned ragged, and I sunk down to the ground and sat there for a while.

Snow, who had no idea what I had just gone through, came jumping back to me looking all happy.

It climbed up all the way to my face and started licking me.

I’d rather it didn’t do that while the stench of goblins is all over it to be honest——Hm?

Wait, it feels a lot colder than usual.

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“Snow, open your mouth for a second.”

I pulled Snow off my face and put it down on my lap face up and checked the insides of its mouth.

…….I knew it.

On its newly grown teeth, you could see a layer of ice covering it.

I finally get my answer as to how it instantly ripped the first goblin’s head off. It obviously ripped it off with these ice fangs.

“Snow, are you perhaps, really strong?”



It tilted its head, but this small body was strong enough to kill two goblins instantly.

It didn’t even look tired and it was clear it was far stronger than it actually looked.

Unlike me, or even Ralf or Esta, Snow might be an actual prodigy.

“I think you might have survived even if we left you in that cave and never brought you with us……..Actually, if I had tried to kill you there—–Would you have actually killed me instead?”

I felt a bit shocked at my own realization that I came to.

I had my guard completely down because it was a newborn baby and if I had gotten attacked in such a situation, perhaps my neck would have flown like those goblins as well.

Snow seems to instinctively attack all those who show hostility to it meanwhile, it seems to play around with those that don’t, from what I can tell at least.

In that situation, if I had released killing intent I probably would have gotten attacked………

“Perhaps you let me live rather than the other way around huh.”


I gave a couple headrubs as Snow happily howled, and I returned it back into the bag.

Now I know that Snow is strong, and maybe it’s strong when compared to Goblins but there’s always a chance things go wrong.

So from here on, I used its ability to detect enemies and instead made sure to completely avoid everything as we made our way out of the Carlisle forest.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch104”

  1. Uhl Avatar

    So Esta was right to think of making this guy a pet, huh?


  2. Vyda Avatar

    I wonder if maybe it has become this strong thanks to Chris’s new ability

    Breeding can mean many things. It doesn’t has to just be the creation of offsprings or growing seeds of plants

    Maybe is a passive, AoE skill that helps everyone around him grow.

    Since he got the skill from a goblin, you would think it just means he can now more easily impregnate someone, but maybe the skill evolved into something else by being attached to somone with the farmer class


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