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Null Poison Ch105

Snow’s Future

By the time I left the Carisle forest and reached back home, it was already evening.

If they had been completing requests in my absence, the two shouldn’t be back home yet but……….

“Snow!! Were you okay? Alright, alright. Looks like it’s healthy, I’m glad nothing happened!”

“Ralf, let me pet it too! Don’t keep it to yourself.”

They knew I’d be back today so they finished their requests early and had been waiting for us apparently.

Behind them, I could see a dish with Milk and Snow’s favourite muskmelon already prepared.

A single muskmelon cost a whole 3 silver you know…….Well, Snow must be tired as well, I’ll let them splurge a bit just for today.

“If you wanna touch it that much, do it after giving it a bath first. It’s smell has been getting worse.”

“Hm?………Sniff sniff—–Ah, you’re right, that’s pretty bad!”

“Then I’ll take it into the bath with me. I’ll make it sparkling clean again.”

Esta basically snatched Snow from Ralf’s hands, and headed into the bath together.

Realizing he had no choice but to wait till they were out of the bath before he’d get to play with Snow again, he turned towards me to talk instead.


“So Chris, how was your week?”

“Yeah, went pretty much as perfectly as it could go. Probably one of my best trips ever if I’m being honest.”

It would have quite literally been ‘perfect’ if the Ongneer had grown successfully from the Orc General’s corpse I suppose…….But it can’t be helped.

“Looks like things are moving forward pretty well for you Chris. Did you get whatever you needed for your gardening and stuff as well?”

“My bag is full with the soil that has the necessary buds already planted in it, and as for the logs that had the mushroom growing on them, I have left them in the garden for now but I’ll bring them in later as well.”


“……..Damn, you really did get everything huh! —– don’t know how to put this in words but, even I’m super excited!”

“Pfft, you really need to work on your vocabulary huh.”

Flailing his arms around, even Ralf seemed super excited as if this was all for him or something.

Well, I too am very excited, but this is just the start still. Long ways to go yet.

We can’t be satisfied even with our current status and need to keep growing, furthermore I don’t even know if these plants would even grow properly inside a house as of yet.

“Alright enough about you, so how was Snow throughout the trip? Did you actually teach it how to hunt?”

“uhh……..Not exactly but Snow did kill two goblins all by itself.”

“Go-goblins!? You let it fight goblins already!?”

“I didn’t intend to, no. It just jumped out of the bag and went for it all on its own. Before I could even try and stop it, it already killed 2 goblins instantly.”

“Killing 2 goblins instantly………? Eh? It’s so small though, yet it’s that strong!?”

“Yeah, I think it really might be a genius when it comes to battles. It was already using wind and ice type attack magic and even its movements got a lot better after constantly playing tag with a squirrel.”

Even Ralf was shocked as expected.

Even though it was improving its movement ability, I didn’t think it’d get that better so quickly.


“Wait, elemental attacks? Playing tag with a squirrel? That’s too much info, I can’t keep up anymore!!”

“Let Esta return as well, then I’ll explain from the top in detail. We need to plan for what comes next as well.”

“Uugh, I want to hear all the details now though!”

Ralf started flailing his arms around again, frustrated.

“So how were things for you two? Anything worth reporting?”

“Hm? Nah not much……Ah, actually, we did decide to simply not have anyone act as a tank when its just us two taking requests.”

“So you’re both completely focusing on honing your attacking skills huh.”

“Yeah, Esta has stopped hesitating and overthinking things and has been rapidly getting stronger again. I need to work hard to keep up. I don’t wanna get left behind again after all.”

“Yeah you do…….else even Snow might surpass you at this rate.”

“Snow!? Is it actually THAT strong!?”

I ignored Ralf who once again started asking more questions about Snow and once Esta came back, I explained everything that happened in detail.


“Snow, really has become that strong!”

“Or perhaps, it was always that strong I think. Nobody taught it how to use wind or ice magic did they?”

“It’s not just cute but also strong…….Snow, you’re amazing!”

Having become all fluffy and clean, Ralf gave it lots of headrubs.

Happily, Snow too nuzzled against Ralf’s body.

“on that note, we need to figure out what to do with Snow next.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll be direct, should we start taking it with us on requests? I want to let Snow hunt the easy monster on the way and further help in its growth.”

“ooh, sounds good! Being able to adventure alongside Snow sounds so fun!”

“Hmm, I’m against it I must say. It’s still too small, isn’t it a bit too early for this? If we’re talking eventually at a later time, I’d agree but for now…….”

I had a feeling the opinion would be split here.

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If I were to calmly analyze Snow’s actual strength, I don’t think there should be any problem with taking it with us.

But if, like today, it jumped out ahead on its and challenged a much stronger monster, just thinking about it is a scary thought.

“Ehh…….I think it’s precisely why we should take it though! By your logic, if we wait until it’s ‘safe’ wouldn’t that just mean that you’ll never take it out? There’s always danger outside or is Snow going to be the strongest being there is one day automatically?”

“Well, I won’t go that far but we can at least find a balance between——“

“Also, at least right now we can keep it inside our bags! It’s because its still small and controllable, we should try this out while we still have time, in my opinion anyway!”

In a rare occasion, Ralf made a sensible point.

I’m sure he just wants to go on an adventure together and isn’t thinking too deeply about it but he did make a great point that it is easier right now because it’s still small.


“I must say I do agree with Ralf’s point there. While we can still keep it inside a bag, we need to let it experience all sorts of things.”

“Even Chris-san is taking that side huh……..I’m sorry but just thinking about the worst case scenario makes me deathly afraid.”

“Then, why don’t we put Snow in your bag specifically Esta? Since you are usually distance away from the monsters anyway, and since you use magic, it won’t get in your way too much while fighting either, right?”

“Maybe we could put a safety belt to make sure it can’t jump out of the bag as well! Right, Snow?”


Seeing Snow’s energetic response as well, Esta reluctantly agreed with it in the end.

We’ll let Snow hunt small fries like goblins and kobolds and outside of that, it’ll stay safe inside Esta’s bag.

………it seems for the time being we’ll be a 3+1 party.

I’m still scared of when Snow might become more of a normal monster that attacks humans but—–

Now that I have made the decision to take care of it, until that day comes, I will do my best to raise it as well as possible and make it as strong as possible.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “If you wanna touch it that much, do it after giving it a bath first. It’s smell has been getting worse.”
    It’s smell –> Its smell
    The other way than your/you’re before. Google “its vs it’s” if you suspect me of being wrong.


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