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Null Poison Ch106


Around 2 weeks had passed since I went to the forest with Snow for my plant gathering.

In the meantime, we had been taking on Silver rank quests almost everyday.

Having decided to take Snow with us as well, and thanks to the collar we bought to keep it from running, these two weeks have passed by without any major incident.

As for Snow, it’s battle sense was truly remarkable as it could now kill goblins faster and with more finesse than even myself.

Esta had been getting better and more stable at using more firepower magic, and Ralf had also learnt many more variations to add to his attack and the strength behind his every swing seemed to have gotten much stronger as well.

I’ve been thinking of getting another ability assessment for these two done before long.

——As for me, I had succeeded in successfully growing all 5 types of ability increasing plants at home.

Although all I did was install a Planter inside every room, recreate a similar environment, give enough sunlight and water them daily, that’s all really……..

But I had been able to harvest fruits and leaves pretty well.

Especially the mushrooms, all I had to do was spray the logs and the mushrooms would start growing which made things really easy.


Also, maybe because it was indoors, or maybe because they were poisonous, these plants never really got any bugs or insects on them.

I had heard that the hardest part of farming was to make sure bugs or insects don’t eat the plant leaves or fruits but, it doesn’t seem like I’ll have to worry about that.

And the thing I was most curious about was how much effect would homegrown plants have when compared to wild ones.

Would it drop? Or would my [Farmer] job make it better instead?

Well, it’s not like I raised them from when they were seeds so perhaps there’ll be no change at all…….but I still ended up hoping for some kind of effect.

I kept the homegrown plants separately from the ones I had collected from the forest directly so when I have time, I should properly check to see the difference.

…….Now, I just need to go check back on Ongneer as well.

There was so much to do, it made my head hurt but I was getting results from my work and we had been getting stronger so I can’t complain.



“Hey Chris, what are we gonna do today? Should we take one for dokudoku Dog today?”

“I’m thinking the same but, a night job just doesn’t sound fun you know? But anyway, let’s go take a look at the notice board before anything.”

“I agree as well! I was also thinking it was time we started taking some non-designated requests already.”

“As long as there is a efficient money maker like Stray Cow bird, that’d be great.”

While chatting, we entered the guild.

……….Unlike normal days, something felt off within the guild today.

Usually when we enter the guild, we get pelted by stares and glares from other adventurers but that didn’t happen today.

It seemed extremely noisy considering it was early in the day and even the guild employees seemed to be running around busily.

“What’s with all the ruckus!? Did another emergency request come in or something?”

“Like Ralf said, it might be so……..if that as the case, what do you two think we should do?”


“We should take it of course. It’s not always we get the chance to battle stronger monsters. To check our growth—–and to grow our abilities in the first place, it is the best chance!”

“I think we should take it as well! I agree with what Esta said but also……..the money you get is nice too eh! We ended up burning the last time’s reward during our moving into a new house but this time, we have to have a huge party!”

Both were correct in their own way.

It was good test as well as a great way to make money.

It was also equally dangerous but if we can ascertain how much danger it will be, there are very few chances this good.

“I agree as well, let’s talk to the vice guild chief and take it if there is actually an emergency request.”

Having made our decision, we decided to call the vice chief and ask what was happening.

As the vice chief finally appeared from the inside, he looked really haggard as he must have been running around urgently due to whatever’s happening.

“Chris-san, Esta-san, Ralf-san, it’s been a while. How can I help today?”

“No, it’s just, everyone seems to be in a rush so we got a bit curious, and thought of asking you what was happening that’s all.”

“……..Ah, I suppose it is very obvious huh. Actually…….and the info is still unclear, so an emergency quest might not be put out just yet but, apparently we got a report that in the northern mountains, a herd of Venom Pythons has appeared and they have come down from the mountain in search of food.”

“Venom Python? What kind of monster is that?”

“It’s a normally 10meter long giant poisonous snake type monster that usually only shows up in warmer regions. Subjugation rank is Platinum. It’s very good at sensing heat and can find living things from faraway distances, and then quickly rush in to attack making it a very aggressive monster.”

Well that sounds ridiculously dangerous even for a monster.

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Poison won’t work on me but if it’s 10m tall, even a normal bite would cause serious damage to me.

………We really had to think before accepting this request.

“You said ‘herd’, but how many exactly are we looking at?”

“At the very least, 10 minimum. Remember when Chris-san and your team took care of the emergency request that happened some time ago …….Well, we have reason to believe that it was this group of venom Pythons that made that herd of Orcs leave the mountain in the first place. As such, no matter how optimistic we make our estimations, at the very least it will still be a far more harder of a request than that Orc herd subjugation request.”

Recommended rank was Platinum for a single monster, and this was an entire group of them.


We really couldn’t accept this carelessly.

“So why is it exactly a Platinum rank request if I may ask? Is it because it is purely that strong physically?”

“Well……..the main reason is obviously the deadly poison that it possesses. It can splash poison on its targets from its fangs which would completely paralyze your body. And if you get bit and have it injected inside——You’re more likely to die than survive to put it simply.”

“I see. Hypothetically speaking, if it didn’t possess said poison, what rank monster would it be in that case?”

“let me think……..Around Gold I’d imagine?”

So if we can take care of the poison, it’s basically a gold rank monster eh.

It was still an extremely dangerous monster for Ralf and Esta but if I act as the tank alone, it’s not an opponent we can’t defeat.

………which also means, the reward would be pretty damn good.

“Vice guild chief. We’ll accept this request——“

“Oi oi, Chris-san! We can’t have you getting a head start on us everytime now can we! We’ll accept that request as well! EHEHE!”

Right as I told the vice chief that I’d take this request—-someone cut between our conversation and spoke.

Looking back, it was a man with a big fat ugly bulging body.

Of course—it was Greath.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch106”

  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “Poison won’t work on me but if it’s 10m tall, even a normal bite would cause serious damage to me.”
    tall –> long
    Come on, it’s a big snake. That means it slithers on its belly, so it can’t be 10m tall, unless it’s something really gigantic with its length at least three times as that.


    1. Uhl Avatar

      Some snakes, like cobra, can hold a significant part of their body upright. So 10m tall may not be a typo.


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