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Null Poison Ch107


“Then, you guys can take this one, we’ll pass. Ralf, Esta, C’mon let’s go.”

He hadn’t come picking a fight with us for some time now but now he suddenly showed up again.

There’s no way I’m ever taking a request alongside these lot, so we quickly tried to leave the place.

“Oi!! Wait a minute! If you guys don’t accept this request then we won’t either!…….ehehehe, what will happen to this town in that case I wonder eh?!”

“Like I give a shit about this town.”


“Oi oi oi oi. Mr vice chief, did you hear this man?! Even though its their fault this town might get attacked, they don’t give a damn! Can you allow such arrogant and audacious behaviour??”

Turning away from me, Greath targeted the vice chief next.

‘Look who’s talking!’ is what anyone would want to say but no one here had the gall to say that to him.

“ch-chris and his party would take this request, if you guys don’t so——“

“LIKE I SAID!! You can’t allow others to have such an advantage like this! Or can you not understand simple words anymore YOU GODDAMN IDIOT!!”

Smashing the desk, Greath put pressure on the vice chief.


This problem showed no signs of solving itself, and I felt bad for the vice chief but I don’t want to be involved and will be returning.

Just as I was about to leave the guild…….

“Chris-kun? Please wait a minute.”

The one who stopped us from leaving was the guild chief himself.

“Ooh! Well if it isn’t Guild Chief Michael! I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at right!!?”

“Chris-kun, please accept the request with Greath-san. If you were to refuse—-I will see that as an act of abandoning your duties and will have no choice excommunicate you from the Guild.”


Hearing unmistakably inexcusable words, this I walked closer to the guild chief.

The desk separated us but I stood straight in front of him and glared at him.


“You can glare at me as much as you want. As long as it’s a emergency request that puts the town in danger, and on top you have received an obligatory ‘request for support’ from a Platinum rank adventurer. And the guild acknowledges this request as well.”

“Guild chief! This hasn’t been officially declared as a emergency quest just yet! Not to mention the recommended rank is Platinum! You can’t force a Silver rank to—–“

“I personally officially confirmed it as an emergency quest just now. And as this is only to help the Platinum rank, the normal rules of ranks are not applied……..Loren, you shall keep quiet now.”

“Then, let us take this request on our own, just not with Greath. I’ll happily clear it for you in that case is what I’m saying.”

“I will repeat this again, the actual rank is Platinum. It is not a request we can or will give to a Silver Rank party alone.”

“EHEHEHEHE! Now ain’t this just the best! What will you do now? Will you get excommunicated or will you take the request with us?——-You only have two options, Oh dear Chris-san!!”

I was hit with a impulse to go berserk and just rip Greath to shreds right here and now but……..if he really wants to do a request with me that much, fine let’s do it.

——I’ll be sure to make him regret everything.


“………very well. I suppose I must help this helpless adventurer that can’t finish request without the help of mere Silver rank adventurers. That said——Don’t complain if you end up dead because of it.”

I turned back towards Greath, and declared full of killing intent.

But even after hearing that, Greath continued to smirk with a disgusting expression on his face.

Looks like he has zero intentions of changing his attitude.

“That should be my line, you bastard! I’ll be waiting at the foot of the Northern mountains, and don’t try and run away!”

Saying that, he left the guild alongside his lackeys.

The guild chief also returned back to the inner room while glaring at me.

“——Chris-san, I’m really, really sorry!”

“……..It’s not like it’s your fault. I could see you still tried your best to help me.”

“b-but……..taking a request alongside that Greath…….he’s almost certainly planning to do something!”

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Oh I’m sure of that as well.

I don’t know exactly what he’s planning but, if he had stayed low until now, he was probably waiting for a moment like this emergency quest to arrive.

“Say, can I really not avoid being expelled if refuse?”

“Well, …….that is the case I’m afraid. It will come under ‘just cause’ since you have already been suspended once due to acts of violence. The Guild Chief is too desperate to do anything to maintain this Guild’s existence and will probably go to any length to get back at you………..Once again, I’m sorry for not being much help.”

“So it really is like that huh. Also like I said, it’s not your fault. But once we succeed in this request, I’m really gonna make that Guild Chief properly apologize to me……..Also, I’ll take care of Greath myself——-so be sure to pay me extra accordingly for that okay?”

Saying that, we left the guild and headed towards the Northern Mountains.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Oh Grease. Prepare to die of poison, you thug.


    1. Vyda Avatar

      Yep. All he needs to do is take one of the snakes and make it bite this platinum guy. It would look like he got too careless when dealing with the snakes


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