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Null Poison Ch108

A Ball of Energy

“Man, things sure have turned into something crazy huh! To think we’d have to complete a request with that Greath of all people!”

“…….Will it be fine? It’s already a platinum rank monster herd request, you know? Can we do something like that while alongside that Greath?”

“Well I’m not sure if things will be ‘fine’ or not but we have to manage somehow. That’s just the situation we’re in. I mean that Chief went far as to threaten us with expulsion.”

“Speaking of, that Chief really pisses me off!! He’s constantly sucking up to that Greath, yet acts all bold against us!”


“Well we can’t waste time complaining anymore. Let’s think of ways to handle this.”

Just like Esta said, we need to find a way to clear this situation safely.

…….but, let alone Greath, I don’t feel like I’d lose to that herd of Venom Pythons either right now.

As long as Greath doesn’t try something too crazy, things should be fine.

It just shows how much more stronger I have gotten thanks to the poisonous plants to be this confident.

“First, let’s go back home and leave some food for Snow first. Then let’s go get some Potions from Shantell.”

“It’s the Northern mountains, I really wanted to take Snow and have it meet some other Snow Panthers as well! But now I’m too scared to take it with us.”

“I just thought of something but……….could it be that Snow’s parent, the one we killed, also came down the mountain because of these Venom Pythons as well?”

“Considering the timing, there is a good chance that that is indeed the case.”

“Then, Snow and its parent had to run from their home because of these Venom Pythons as well!? I guess this will revenge for Snow as well now!”

“…………No, Snow’s revenge would be against us. We’re the ones who actually killed its parent, don’t you forget that.”

“Oh c’mon! it’s normal to blame the main villain for everything bad in the end, right?”

Alongside Ralf who had gotten fired up for some weird reason, we returned home to prepare, told Snow to look after the house and then headed to [Travelling Cat Store].




“6 healing potions, and 10 antidote potions!? Yay!! And you made another mass production order for Jinpi potions as well, Chris-san, you really are my saviour!…….sob sob.”

After doing a great jump to show her happiness, Shantell suddenly got all emotional and started wiping her tears away.

……..Well, judging by the quick glances she keeps giving in between it all, it’s obvious she’s acting it all up.

“I don’t need your over dramatic reactions for everything. It makes the conversation last way longer than it needs to be.”

“Ehh, it’s fine! I spend all my time alone in this shop, and I get very few customers  so I get really lonely! You all are like the only customers I get who are close to my age after all!!”

“Like I care. Hurry up and go get the potions I asked………Ah, also, give me at least 2 Jinpi potions that I asked you to make last time.”

“jinpi Potion as well? Understood! I’ll bring them asap!”

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Seeing her walk off energetically, all three of us gave a deep sigh.

After the incident at the guild and now having to deal with Shantell, these ups and downs in mood might make me go crazy.

“Thanks for the wait! These are healing potions, and these are your antidotes! I have used my secret trick to reduce the bitterness of both making them much easier to drink as well!——and here’s your requested Jinpi potions!!”

“Thanks. All right, let’s go.”


Completely ignoring Shantell’s over-the-top presentation, we tried to leave the shop as quickly as possible but…….

“Oi, what now? I paid you already no? Don’t grab my arm suddenly.”

“Cold! You’re way too cold! Please talk with me at least a bit more!”

“No chance. We don’t have the time.——let go of me or I’ll stop buying potions from you.”

“Muh!? Mumumu………not fair. That’s not fair! Next time, you have to have a proper chat with me okay!!”

Leaving the clamouring Shantell behind, we finally left the [Travelling Cat Store].

Anyway, with this our preparation for fighting Venom Pythons is done.


“man, she really has unlimited amount of energy inside her huh! They say that if spend time with a bright and energetic person they’ll automatically give you some energy as well but………She gives way too much which makes you tired instead!”

“You two didn’t even talk and just stood behind me……..think what it’s like for me.”

“But she isn’t a bad person at heart, so it’s fine I believe. I quite like Shantell-san.”

“Alright, then Esta you’ll be going to the shop alone from here onwards.”

“……..Eh, eh, umm, that might be a bit too much, how do I even put this, even for me!”

“HAHAHA! So you can’t handle her after all either! I did go alone a couple times and man, she really just doesn’t let you go!”

“I’m not lying when I said I like Shantell-san, I really do. But, going alone is a bit much—-that’s all I said! Ralf, you need to shut up!”

Leaving the [Travelling Cat Store], we ended up chatting about Shantell as we headed towards the Northern Mountains.

The atmosphere was a bit heavy due to everything that happened with Greath, the chief, and the emergency request as a whole but, going to Shantell’s really did lift the mood a little.

Perhaps, we really needed that overdose of energy this time around.

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