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Null Poison Ch109

Venom Python

Crossing the Indera marshlands, for what would be our third time through here, we finally reached the foot of the Northern Mountains.

And—-it has been almost 2 hours since we came here.

“Shit! That shithead Greath really knows how to piss me off.”

“Is he even gonna come? Cuz it sure doesn’t look like he will!”

“Didn’t he leave Oxter before us? This is really weird. Don’t you think?”

At first I thought that we just overtook him on the way at some point maybe, but after this much time had passed, I wondered if they had just left us and gone ahead instead.

It’s a bit worrying that they were nowhere to be found but…….since it would be a waste of time to wait here, we might as well go and finish the subjugation by ourselves.

“Let’s go. It’s better for us if they don’t show up anyway. Either way, I was planning to finish this requests with just us three anyway.”

“That’s true! We waited 2 hours already, they have no ground to complain any longer!”

Leaving behind Greath and his party who refused to show up, we decided to climb the mountain by ourselves.

If I recall correctly, the Venom Pythons are usually witnessed near the summit of the mountain but some of them had come down in search of food.

While being careful on the path to the summit as well, let’s gradually climb the northern mountains.



“Hey this is where we fought that Snow Panther and then met Snow right? It’s been less than a month since then but things have been so busy, I am already feeling nostalgic about it!”

“Since it came down across the slope, it wasn’t exactly along this path was it?”

“Yeah, the cave where we met Snow was further in and not along the usual path——-Hm? Everyone, be quiet.”

It’d been only about 30mins since we started climbing the mountain but…….

I sensed the presence of something coming down the mountain at a rapid speed.

Giving a signal to the two, I took a stance with my sword and my brand new iron shield.

The thing that came down running——no, crashing down the slope was a Snow Panther.

It had already been killed by something, as a dead Snow Panther came tumbling down from up top.


“What the hell’s that!? It just came tumbling towards us!”

“It’s a Snow panther. Let’s go closer and check on it.”

Judging by the way it was rolling down, I’m pretty sure it’s dead already but……..just in case, we kept vigilant and slowly made our way closer to it.

The corpse of the Snow Panther that had landed on the mountain path was riddled with wounds but most of them seemed like they were from its fall from the mountain top.

Then the actual cause of death was——

“There are bite marks near the neck. 2 sharp fangs, by the looks of it.”

“You’re right. Could these be from a Venom Python?”

“Most likely. Judging by the state of the body, it looks like it died instantly after getting lost of poison injected inside. No wonder every single one is ranked as a Platinum rank target.”

It killed that troublesome Snow Panther with a single attack.

We increased our caution levels, and continued walking towards the summit of the northern mountains.



The more we climbed, the more the temperature fell.

We could now see snow in front of us, and so we put on our thick coats that I had prepared beforehand just for this situation.

“It’s gotten really cold now. At least the weather’s still nice so it’s still manageable.”

“Damn it’s cold alright! Chris if you hadn’t told us to pack some coats, we were definitely failing this request!”

“I have a coat and gloves on but I’m still shivering, unfortunately.”

“Just use [Fire] then? Esta your [mana regen] will make it work somehow, no?”

“……..You’re right! Let’s get a bit more closer though, it’ll keep you and Chris-san warm as well! [Fire].”

We got a bit closer, and with Esta’s magic keeping us warm, we continued our climb to the summit area.

From here onwards, we are now in an area where we could get attacked by Venom Pythons at any point.

As we continued walking while looking at our surroundings, a shrill ultrasonic sound that gave us the chills hit our ears.

Looking in the direction of where it came from, I could see a stupidly big snake coiled up.

“There’s one. Can’t see any others but……..that’s definitely a Venom Python.”

“Where!? Give an exact location!”


“Look towards the giant tree, it’s right below it…… seems to be targeting something else though?”

“Chris-san! Should I stop using [Fire]? Wasn’t it hypersensitive to heat if I recall correctly?”

“You’re right. Don’t use it while it hasn’t noticed us, although once it does notice us, you should start using [Fire] again.”

“Eh…….? But why?”

“Since it is that hypersensitive to heat, a constant source of heat like a ball of fire will instead confuse it. Think of it like getting hit with a flash bomb for us humans.”

“I see! Understood. I’ll figure out the right timing and use [Fire] or [Fire Ball].”

Making sure to not get noticed by the Venom Python, we slowly and carefully approached closer to it.

We kept our awareness of our surroundings high still, as we continued closer until we could see the Python’s entire body.

With jet black skin, it ominously stood out against the pure white snowy background.

You could see why its skin was often considered a highly valuable item, as the jet black body had strange patterns decorating it giving it a mystical look.

This Venom Python, was looking the opposite direction from us and was sitting completely still.

Judging by its looks, it’s definitely targeting a prey right now or so I thought but…….

In the place where the Venom Python was looking, was a beast like monster with giant horns, a Horndeer specifically.

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Since it’s completely focused on that Horndeer, I should be able to get as close as possible.

And I’ll wait for the moment its goes for the Horndeer—-and then launch my own attack at it.

“The momennt Venom Python preys on that, I’ll launch my attack. And right when it notices me attacking, Esta you’ll launch a [FireBall] at it………Ralf, sorry but this time you have to focus just on defence. Forget about attacking it.”

“Understood! I’ll fire my strongest [FireBall] at it!”

“Got it! Even I know that entering close combat with a poisonous monster is asking for death. Especially when we have you Chris with [Null Poison], I’ll just stick to defence this time around!”

Explaining the plan to them both, I continued reducing the distance between us and waited for the Venom Python to make its move.

The Horndeer, the Venom Python, and us three.

All three of us, slowly crept closer to each other——the moment I heard that ear hurting ultrasonic sound again, the Horndeer froze in its place and seeing it like that, it launched its attack on the Horndeer.

Since it had no limbs, there were no clear movements per say, and the Venom Python simply launched its body at a fast speed aimed directly at its prey.

It bit straight into the Horndeer, and quickly began coiling around it to constrict it. And once that was done, it began swallowing it whole from the rear.

While watching the Python slowly swallow the entire body of the weakened Horndeer, I, who had been waiting for it to enter eating mode, jumped out to begin my assault.

I’m not afraid of the poison, but getting bit or getting constricted would still end me.


With my shield still up, I closed in rapidly while making sure it doesn’t somehow lunge at me .

It had already swallowed almost half of the Horndeer when it finally noticed me approaching.


Since it was mid swallowing, it couldn’t move so it tried to quickly push it all back out but——it was too slow.

Like we planned, the moment it noticed me, an extra large [Fire Ball] made a direct hit.

And aiming for it neck, I swung my sword at full strength.

It’s scaly skin was harder than I thought and the flesh below it was also thicker than expected so I didn’t slice through clean but, I did succeed in slicing through just enough.

Fresh red blood poured out of the sliced part, and the part that had been hit by [FireBall] gave off a charred smell.

With the Horndeer still in its mouth, the Venom Python’s body continued to twitch.

To deal the killing blow, I quickly fixed my posture——and aimed for the same place I slashed the first time, and this time severed it in two completely.

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