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Null Poison Ch110

Desperate Situation

Its body and head had been completely severed yet its body still moved as it was still trying to jump at me.

It was eerie seeing its unusually strong vitality.

“Chris-san! You did it!”

“Your [fireball] helped too. Let’s get the next one the same way.”

“man, though that sure was anti climactic huh! Since it was a platinum rank, I really thought it’d be stronger!”

“It’s platinum rank mostly comes from its deadly poison. Against a holder of [Null Poison], the result is bound to end this way as long as it’s 1v1 that is. Not to mention, I got it while it was preying on another monster. I caught it completely off guard.”

After pulling out the dead Horndeer by its horn from inside the Python’s mouth, I cut off its split tongue as proof of subjugation.

If we could continue hunting Venom Pythons at this rate that’d be great but, now that I’ve actually killed one, I know that fighting more than one at the same time will be a whole lot more difficult than this.

I want to try and separate them and kill them one by one………but it never goes that smoothly, does it?

After incinerating the corpse with Esta’s [fireball], we once again began climbing up the path to the summit area while searching for more.

……..maybe because of the influence of these Venom Pythons, there’s barely any other monsters or animals in view.


Still we maintained our focus and continued walking up the silent mountain when I finally caught sight of 2 Venom Pythons in front of us.

This time there was signs of them preying on something else either, and they seemed to be examining their surroundings while hissing and flicking their tongues in and out.

If possible, I wanted to only hunt isolated pythons but considering there are at least 10 minimum here, fighting 2 together was still within permissible range.

“2 Venom Pythons in front of us. That’s more than we originally planned for but we’re gonna fight them anyway.”

“What about our plan? Same as before?”


“I think that’ll work still. Oh, and Ralf, lend me your sword.”

“My sword…..? what, you’re gonna dual wield now?”

“If I’m unable to slice through with one, I’m gonna need it. I’ve raised my strength enough to be able to use both I think. And, well, I’ve always wanted to try dual-wielding at least once since I was kid.”

“Is that so? Sure then, go for it. Just take care of the sword!”

“Yeah. In return,…….. I’ll give you my iron shield.”

I handed the shield to Ralf, and held his sword instead in my other hand.

Now, I’m fully attack specialized while Ralf is all on defence.

I’ll have Ralf defend Esta with his life on the line, and in the meantime, I’ll kill the Venom Pythons as soon as I can.

I took a quick breath, and then began moving closer to the 2 Pythons.

And the moment they noticed me—–I began running at them at full speed to decrease the distance.

With a sword in both hands, I repeated every move in my head that I needed to make to win.

I focused entirely on every single movement of the Pythons, and when one of them fully noticed me——

Right at that moment, I heard a group of something running towards us from behind.

I knew I should keep my focus at the enemy in front, yet I subconsciously turned back to check what was coming towards us.

The one running at the front was——Greath??


And behind him were his party members………who were all grinning and smirking evilly.

I got a bad premonition of what was about to happen and I looked further behind them to see a bunch of Venom Pythons chasing after them

Greath’s party who were all smirking and a group of Venom Pythons behind them.

—–and two more Venom Pythons behind me now.

Realizing what was happening here, I tried to order an escape instantly but—–there was a wall to the left of us which meant we’d have to jump off the cliff on the right if we wanted to escape.

But we were close to the summit area, if we tried jumping off that cliff…….that was basically death.

In this extremely desperate situation, we were left with no moves——

But then, Greath who was running in the front, with no hesitation, ran straight towards said cliff and jumped.


For a second, I thought he was committing suicide or something but, suddenly, Greath’s body swelled and expanded massively.

And, behind him all of his party members jumped straight on to his hugely inflated body.

“[Body Expansion][Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement][Fortification]!——Chirsss!! I leave the rest to you lot!! EHEHEHEHE!! I DID SAY YOU’D BE THE ONE TO DIE!!!”

After activating multiple skills, he spoke to me while laughing, and slowly descended alongside his party.

——-Shit!! We’ve been completely fooled!!

They dragged every monster with them and led them all to us…….An act often referred to as bringing a ‘Train’.

It’s considered taboo but to I never thought he’d do it with Venom Pythons no less.

The venom Pythons that he led here gave up on Greath after seeing him jump off and turned their attention towards us who were right in front of them.

And the two I was about to attack were also slithering towards me as well.

“A-are we gonna die……..? SHITT!! G-Greath YOU BASTARD!!”

“Ralf, calm down. We can still save ourselves. You two stick to the wall side and use Esta’s [Earth Wall] to create cover on all sides and hide yourselves.”

“Just us…….? Like hell we’d do that!! You’re coming with us then!”

“Then all it’d do is slightly delay our inevitable deaths. The moment Esta’s mana runs out that is………I’ll be brutally honest, you two who don’t possess [Null Poison] are basically dead weight to me in this situation.”

“D-dead weight……..s-surely w-we could give you some kind of help Chris-san!?”

“This is not the situation where you have to be of use to me. If you two die here that’s far worse for me. Just trust me——Don’t worry. This is not the place I die.”

“………..Understood. I will believe in Chris-san!”

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Saying that to them, I took a step forward.

The total number of venom Pythons was, 2 that were already here plus 4 that Greath and his group led here; a total of 6 at the same time.

From an outsiders perspective, this was a despair inducing situation, yet, I still didn’t feel like I was going to lose.

“Chris!! You sure about this!?”

“Yeah. When I call, only then should you release your magic, okay?”

“——yes…….Ralf, come over here. [Earth Wall].”

Making sure that they were covered and hidden with Earth Wall, I poured a vial of Jinpi potion over my swords.

I brought it specifically for Greath, but I never thought it’d be of use in such a way.

Just because they have poison themselves doesn’t mean they are resistant to all kinds of poison so this Jinpi’s poison should work.

Their bodies are big so it’ll take some time before the poison spreads but even a small cut could become a fatal wound with this.

“C’mon then, let’s have a fun fight, shall we?”

Taking a stance with my two poison imbued swords, I proclaimed as such towards the group of Pythons encircling me.

As if reacting to my words, one of the Venom Pythons lunged towards me to attack——

And thus my battle began.

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    What a despicable coward. How did he get to platinum rank again?


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