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Null Poison Ch111

One vs Many

The first Venom Python that attacked used the same instant lunging bite that the previous Python used to kill the Horndeer.

My eyes could just barely keep up with its speed but I deflected its bite with my iron sword and then stabbed at its neck area with my steel sword.

The stab’s main motive was not to deal damage but to inject poison inside its body—–it’ll basically feel like an needle injection to it I’m sure.

If it can dull its attacks, that’d be great but even after getting stabbed it showed no signs of slowing down and it continued attacking at me.

I need to be careful otherwise it’s large body might coil around me and suffocate me.

Just like the Horndeer, even I’d become completely unable to move and be swallowed before I could do anything.

And, once I was swallowed, the force of it alone would stop my heart and kill me instantly.

I continued running away while dodging its attacks as much I could to avoid that, but I also need to find gaps in its attacks to deal my own attacks as well.

All 6 of them had gleaming eyes, desperate to devour me as food, which sent chills down my spine but——

This feeling of intense tension just felt so incredible.


Reliving a situation as dangerous as the time I ran into that bear-like monster, I entered a level of focus I had never reached before.

The first venom Python from the right as well as the 2 from the centre were all launching attacks at me one after another.

The first one slithered towards me while the 2 behind it had their heads raised and attacking from above.

So this is how smart these monsters are. If I focused on the two from above, the one slithering below will try and attack, and vice versa.

And in such a situation……..most living things would focus on the two from above more but I focused solely on the one slithering below.


It was much easier to deflect attacks from above at a moment’s notice but if you lost your footing from a low attack, it was all over right there and then.

No matter how high the attack from above comes from, its target was in the end ‘Me’, who was on the ground after all.

I maintained my stance and continued deflecting their attacks——meanwhile I focused on stabbing my steel sword to inject poison whenever I could.

The one to make the next move were the venom pythons from above.

They released a spray of poison to completely shower me in it, but of course, I simply ignored it and let it cover all over me.

And right as they sprayed their poison, the Python from below, who I had stabbed before, launched an attack.

It was an action based on the prediction that my movements would be sealed due to getting drenched in their poison but………Sorry, poison doesn’t work on me.

Obviously unaware of that fact, it quickly slithered towards me and tried to bite my legs.


But just when it was close enough, I stabbed my sword down at it from above and pierced right through its neck.

It got conceited seeing me drenched in poison, and launched a dull easy to read attack so I matched its attack, that’s all, nothing too complicated.

Having its neck pierced from above, I further sliced its head that had stopped moving with my steel sword and then, I kicked its face with full strength. It’s body flew in the air, doing a couple air rolls before it crashed into the ground.


I’m pretty sure that one’s not gonna move again.

I should have dealt a further finishing blow knowing how strong its vitality is but unfortunately, this is not the situation to be focusing on that.

I pointed my sword to the two in the centre, and then smoothly moved towards the right side area that had now become empty.

5 Pythons remain.

Thanks to the one on the right now gone, I was able to get out of their encirclement as well. Now I just need to be patient and careful and deal with the rest.

Seeing 1 of the six getting killed right in front of them, the remaining Venom Pythons began hissing and slithering menacingly trying to intimidate me.


But in front of such a scene, my head was in its own world where I was simulating attack patterns one after the other to decide my best route of attack.

It’s only been a while since the battle started but I have more or less grasped all the attack patterns these Venom pythons have.

Their main attack was that instant biting lunge that had no prior movements, and their strongest attack was when they pulled back like bow before launching to bite.

I suppose the poison spray will also count as their ‘main attack’ technically but it was meaningless to me so I didn’t bother putting it into consideration.

Outside of that, they also try to encircle their prey before coiling around and constricting them completely, and then they sometimes also tried to trip you by going for your feet as well; and that’s about it as far as their attack patterns are concerned.

Maybe because they had no limbs, I really felt that their attacks were pretty monotonous and dull.

On the contrary, unlike other monsters, they had much better coordination with other Venom Pythons but………..

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If it’s around 2, I was now confident that I could deal with it pretty easily.

I took a short breath, and decided that it was my turn to go on the offence.

I wanted to not stay in one spot and while moving around the 5 Pythons constantly, I need to create a situation where no more than 2 of them could attack me at the same time.

Making that my focus, I ended up smiling to myself as I began approaching closer.

The two in the centre who had been attacking me from above until now, pulled their bodies backwards like a bow and were planning to lunge at me as soon I came close enough.

The Goblin Archers in the Carlisle forest were the same but, if I know that I can react to their attack speed then—–

There is nothing more easier than dodging something that comes at you in a straight line.

It lunged at me at a high speed with its mouth wide open ready to bite me but, I shifted my upper body to dodge it and drove my iron sword straight into its face.

It’s Ralf’s sword not mine, and I swung it in attempt to repel the attack but……..

The sensation in my hands was perfect and perhaps because of the strength the Python’s own lunge adding to it, the sword just went straight through its head and split its head in two.


Blood sprayed all over the place as the Venom Python with its head torn up fell to the ground unmoving.

.………somehow I had succeeded in killing a venom python with a single attack.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Watch Greath try to steal the accomplishment and claim Chris fled, not the other way around.


    1. iljimae520 Avatar

      i wonder how he will explain why he has no snake tongues while Mc has them? honestly i expect him to just go to town claim that Mc did something bad and ended up dyeing and not claim that the snakes are dead just for Mc to walk in with the proof of beating them all


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