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Null Poison Ch112


As blood sprayed all over, the Venom Python fell to the ground.

And seeing that——-the other Python that was about to launch a similar attack froze in its place. And I didn’t let that chance pass by me.

While stepping on the corpse of the dead Python, I rushed straight under the other Python and stabbed my steel sword straight into its abdomen.

Panicking, the Python tried to move its body and constrict me by coiling around me——but I just calmly jumped in place to avoid that and launched another thrust at it.

——This is fun. I’m having so much fun right now.

I was feeling the same sensation I felt whenever my father made me exchange blows with him until I was a step away from death.

My brain perfectly grasped every morsel of info that my eyes saw, everything around me felt like it was moving in slow motion. I was fully in the Zone.

Until now, my brain could react my body was never able to keep up but……, still just barely, but my body is able to match my brain.


After being stabbed through twice, the Venom Python’s body writhed in agony.

In an unsightly manner, it tried to bite me again but I let it come close enough to me before simply side stepping its dull attack and then stabbed right through its head from the side with my steel sword.

Pulling the sword back out quickly, I jumped backwards to create a distance——but the Venom Python simply fell to the ground in pain.

After getting stabbed in three different spots, and it had been poisoned as well.


Even if it is a big sized Venom Python, it had to be a fatal wound.

Regardless, now only 3 of the original 6 remained.

At this point, I’m not even afraid of losing anymore.

I exhaled deeply, and thought of next move.

I could call Esta and Ralf, and deal with these 3 together easily.

As I am right now, I could easily protect those 2 while fighting.

It’s a good chance to gain some experience for them as well, so that should be priority, I know, but……..

I feel bad for them but I really want to end this solo.

I flicked my sword to get rid of the blood on it and then applied another coat of Jinpi potion on it.

And then I headed directly at the Venom Pythons in front of me.

Even though they had seen 3 of their kin die in front of them, they still showed no sign of running away like that Snow Panther did, in fact all 3 of them began moving towards me together.

 Thought I could only take on 2 at a time at best but, now that I was in the zone, even 3 together seemed doable.

As the distance between us kept reducing, and I entered right within their range——One of them jumped to bite at me with the speed of a bullet.

It was the usual dull and uninspired way of attack but if its three attacking together, it was not so simple.

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I need to avoid the first lunge with minimal movement while getting ready for the attack from the next two as well.

I made sure to always dodge away from their face as I continued to match their timing, and avoid every single attack they made one after another.

I stopped their attempts at trying to constrict me with me sword but made sure not defend against their bites with my sword, and instead dodged them fully.

——This’ll be some good practice.

Having gotten used to their movements, I could kill them whenever I wanted but………

They wasted my time by trying to kill me, the least they can do is go along with my training as payback, otherwise it won’t be worth it.

And so I didn’t attack and simply continued to dodge until their movements began to get dull.

At first, I had to deflect their faces with the sword whenever they attacked from all sides together from 3 directions, but now, having gotten used to it, I wasn’t even getting a scratch.

Since I had stabbed all three of them once with my steel sword, their movements began to grow dull over time.

“——-I guess they’ve reached their limit huh?”

Their menacing hissing had disappeared, and even their bites were getting slower and slower.

…… this speed, this barely counts as training anymore so I decided to finish them off.


I matched the rhythm of their now dull attacks, and then smashed its head by driving my sword into it——-that’s one down.

Then I rushed in to the next and cut its abdomen in half, and as it dropped unable to move, I then drove my sword into its head——That’s two.

As the last finally began to retreat in fear, I slowly walked towards it………only for it to lunge at me to bite one last time as a last ditch effort trying to catch me off guard.

I casually moved to the side to avoid it—–and as I saw its neck pass by right in front of my eyes, I slashed it down from above cleanly into two pieces.

With the momentum of the lunge the head flew ahead, but the body fell right there………..


With all six of the Venom Pythons finally dead, silence enveloped the Northern Mountains.

“…………Fuuh, that was a tough fight.”

My whole body felt languid and my vision grew hazy.

I probably showed the most amount of focus in my entire life during this fight, and I feel like I overdid it by greatly surpassing the limits of my actual body.

When I had tried to attack the Venom Python trying to eat the Horndeer I was unable to cut through it cleanly in a single slash yet by the end here, I was doing it very easily.

After wiping the blood off my sword, I sheathed it back and headed towards the two who were still hiding behind [Earth Wall] to call them out.

“Esta, Ralf, It’s over. You can release the magic now.”

As I put my hand on the [EarthWall] and called out to them, the magic was released immediately and the wall crumbled instantly.

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