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Null Poison Ch113

Weird Face

And so the Earth Wall that Esta had created crumbled into dust.

And the two that appeared from within it——had a horrible expression due to, for whatever reason, crying too much.

“fu…….fufu,ahahhaha!………..C’mon now I’m already very tired. Don’t make me laugh on top with those weird faces.”

“Be’re nod drying to mage you laugh!!! Both me and Esda were borried sick for you!! Yet you—-Gris, you’re really amazing!!!” (T/n: in case its not obvious, they’re not typos just slurring because they’re crying)

“…………Really, I’m really glad you’re alright…”

Bothe of their noses were dripping from crying too much, and seeing them like that made me burst out in laughter but………I guess they really were worried sick.

Ralf wiped his face with his sleeved, and Esta—–

After muttering that, she ran and jumped straight at me.


I was surprised from her sudden actions which made me freeze for a second but, I somehow dodged her jump by rolling on the ground.

——Well that was dangerous. Thanks to my training against Venom Pythons and their lunges, I was able to react in time.

Having dodged that, Esta couldn’t stop her momentum and face planted straight into the snow.

“Puuah!……Wh-why did you aboid me!!?—–How cruel!”

“No, I’m completely drenched in venom Python’s poison right now, you know. And even Jinpi potion is sticking all over my hands, so it’s genuinely dangerous to touch me right now.”

“………….Oh, is that so.”


Hearing my calm and reasonable response, Esta turned red from embarrassment.

Anyway, since I’m technically a dangerous person right now after being covered in all sorts of poison, I maintained a distance with both of them while we talked.

“First of all, I have killed all 6 venom pythons. Since they said, there were at least 10of them here, I do want to kill 3 more but——-before that, I’m gonna go and cut of the tongues from the 6 here for proof so you two stop your crying in the meantime.”

“God id.”


And so I moved to cut off the tongues from the Venom Pythons

Their jet black snake skin also looks like it’d sell for a high price but, it’s impossible for us to carry it all back this time around.

Since their fangs could still have poison on them, I did the tongue cutting work all by myself.


In the meantime, having finally settled their tears, the two finally returned back to normal, though their  eyes were still red.

“Alright, I’m done here………You two, are you done crying now?”

“Yeah, sorry for showing a shameful sight!”

“Me too……Apologies for my actions earlier!”

Ralf apologized with a refreshing smile while Esta bowed her head while blushing still.

Well, with their apologies out of the way, I wanted to talk about our next course of action.

“I don’t need your apologies. We need to plan for what comes next.”

“What comes next………? Are we not returning to Oxter? We need to report on what Greath had done!”

“no, the vice chief said that there were 10 so we need to kill 3 more otherwise the request won’t be considered complete.”

“Are you serious……….You almost died you know?”

“Like I said, that’s just you lot being overdramatic. I said this before the fight, but to me who has [Null Poison] they are just slightly oversized snakes. Of course, it was dangerous I won’t deny, but never did I think that I was going to get killed here.”

“The difference between your personal feelings on the matter and what we were going through is incredible………..Inside the [Earth Wall], both me and Ralf were huddled together desperately praying for your safety you know.”

“Didn’t ask for it did I?——-And as you can see, not a single wound on my body, is there?”

“Well, you’re right………okay then, I suppose us three will now go and kill the remaining Venom Pythons then?”

Right, that would be the normal thing to do but……..

——-We need to also think about to what to do with Greath.

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“No just that, I’m asking what o do we do about Greath…… the way, I have already decided to kill him.”

“k-kill……you will commit murder?”

“Greath led those Venom Pythons to us with intent to kill us after all…….Eye for an eye. Payback what you get. Those who try to kill me will get the same in return. And well, he did try to kill me—–So I will kill.”

With murderous intent filled within, I told so to them both.


Both of them shuddered for a moment, and straightened their backs.

“If it’s known that we killed him, we won’t get away so easily, and quite frankly I’m against committing murder………But, it’s fact that Greath tried to kill us all, and I can’t let that go either.”

“C-could we not find some kind of middle ground……..?”

“No. I’ve turned a blind eye to his actions one too many times already, and now he’s done something unforgivable. Even if you two don’t want to be a part of it, I’ll go kill him myself.”

Realizing that my resolve was set, both slowly nodded and raised their heads.

“……..Got it. If you aren’t going to change your mind then we’ll help as well. We promised to share each other’s burdens after all.”

“Agreed. I will go along with Chris-san, always.”

“Sorry, for making you two go along with my selfishness……..Don’t worry I won’t make either of you bear the burden of murder though.”

“No, if we choose to go along with you, we’ll go all the way! If we let Greath get away, he’ll somehow manipulate things to make us look like the bad guys again. I’m not that naïve.”

And thus, rather than the remaining venom Pythons, we decided to go after Greath and his party who had jumped off the cliff.

If we let them get back all the way to Oxter, killing him would become a whole lot harder.

They must already be going back thinking that we’re dead so——if we run at full speed we should be able to catch up to him.

After burning away all the Venom Python corpses, we began rushing down the mountain path to catch up to them.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Shame they didn’t collect a pair of Venom Python fangs. They could have used them to mark the corpses so it looks like the vipers got em instead.


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