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Null Poison Ch114

One on One Fight

Climbing down the Northern mountains, and now in the middle of the Indera marshlands.

Right in front of us, I caught sight of 5 people talking and laughing with a stupidly loud voice.

The one with a exceptionally huge frame was most certainly Greath.

Judging by how unhesitatingly they jumped off that cliff and the fact that there were no bodies at the foot of the mountain, I already knew——but I guess they really did all survive that jump off that cliff.

“Hey that one in front of is……….it’s g-greath right?”

“pretty sure, yeah. Looks like we caught up.”

“So it’s finally about to begin……….Chris-san, what should the two of us do?”

“To be frank, neither of you need to do anything specific but if any of his lackeys move, I need you two to hold them down. You don’t need to kill those extras……..Well, not like people like them would make much of a difference even if they tried to.”

Muttering that, I began approaching closer to them.


Were they that dull, or they simply weren’t being cautious at all——neither Greath or his party members seem to notice me coming closer to them.

Now then, what should I do?

I could just stealthily approach from the back and stab him with my steel sword and it’ll be all over but……..that’ll cause problems later.

I don’t want to really involve Ralf and Esta too much in this, but I actually need his lackeys to get involved

Then first…….alright, I think I’ll go and instigate and intimidate them straight upfront.

“oi, look this way, Greath.”

After coming close enough, I spoke that………which made all of them jump in place and they turned around like machines to see where the voice came from.

They seemed to chatting merrily but——seeing my face alone, completely changed their expression.


“Y-y-you……..HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!! How did…….how the hell did you escape from that situation!?!?”

“Escape? Why would I have to escape?”


As Greath asked that with a cramped up face, I simply threw the bag with the tongues of the Venom Pythons in it in front of him.

As the bag landed on the marshlands grounds, its contents spilled to be shown to all.

His Party stared at the contents and realizing that they were indeed Venom Pythons’ tongues……..suddenly began shaking in their place.

——these guys had no idea of what my skill was.

As long as I have [Null Poison], venom Python is basically a gold rank request.

But to these who had no idea about that, it looked like I had just killed 6 platinum rank monsters together——that too, without spending much time.

“I just properly subjugated them. Including the ones you lot brought——Say, Greath. Did you really a think a mere normal Silver Rank would ever pick a fight against you for no reason? I did it because I know I’m stronger than you.”

“Y-You’re lying!! H-H-HOW!? H-H-HOW DID YOU!!? That many Venom Pythons……..!!!”

“You sure talked a lot of shit to me until now, didn’t you? You know, I really wanted let it all go and forget about it but…………Today’s ‘Train’ incident, you clearly tried to kill me today didn’t you? Which means——you were prepared to get killed in return as well, right??”

When proclaimed as such, the 4 party members shivering threw their weapons into the ground and slammed their head into the marshland to bow in apology.

And began, begging for me to let them live.

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……..As expected, those who easily bend to power will do it against anyone.

They never even fought me, neither did they see me fight yet their minds broke so quickly. Too quickly, honestly.

Well, this just shows that they didn’t have that much real trust in Greath in the first place.

“Y-You bastards, are you joking!! It’s a bluff! He’s obviously bluffing!! Get up, get up and attack him!!!”

“if you think it’s a bluff, why the hell are you not attacking first then……….GREATH! I AM PRETTY DAMN PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.”

True, there was little chance I would die to those Venom Pythons.

……….But that wasn’t the case for Ralf and Esta.


Those two didn’t possess any resistance to poison, and if anything had gone wrong, there was a strong chance they would have lost their lives.

I resisted from instantly lashing out and ripping his neck off, and continued provoking Greath.

Under these circumstances, from the fact that I was asking for a 1v1, I think even Greath realized that this was not a bluff……..

But his petty pride must be getting in the way, as he slowly, step by step walked towards me while his body twitched and shook.

“Calm down. The two behind me won’t attack either. This is a 1v1, just me and you. I just took down 6 Venom Pythons on my own, and you surely could take on 4, the number you felt comfortable in leading to us.——-I feel like the battle’s already decided though, to be honest.”

“SH-SHUT UPP!! Ha, You’re just bluffing! There’s no way its not a bluff! Lying bastards like you…….I-I’ll definitely K-KILL YOU!!”

He raised the axe he had been carrying, and aimed it at me.

……….Facing me him like this, I could tell, Greath was no doubt a genuinely strong adventurer.

He seemed to possess many skills, and if he fought in perfect mental condition, this would have been a much closer fight.

——But, getting completely fooled by my bluff, and getting scared before the fight even began, his chances of winning were zero from the start.

Allow me, to repay all of my debts to you right here, right now.

“[Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement][Fortification]!!”

Activating all his enhancement skills, Greath faced me.

—–and thus, the battle to end this all began.

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