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Null Poison Ch115

Complete Conclusion

He was faster than the Orc General, but—— slower than the Venom Pythons.

I dodged the Axe swung down on me, and stabbed my steel sword at his fat arms.

Maybe because of his skills, the sensation I got was like hitting a rock but…….

I put all my strength into striking a single point with the thin steel sword and—–succeeded in piercing through.

“UGUAAHHHHH!! M-my arm…….uguguuhh——-Wh-Why!? Even though I activated [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] and even [Fortification]!!”

“you talk too much. C’mon, hurry up and come at me.”

Since I washed my sword of all the poison before the battle, he wasn’t going to have his body go numb mid battle either.

Or so I thought but—–

After just one swing of the axe, he was already slowly retreating backwards.

……… way, did this guy actually lose all his will to fight after getting stabbed just once, did he?

“Why are going backwards? The battle only just began. C’mon, come attack me.”

“……..U,Ughh, My arm, My arm hurts so much!!!!!”

While pathetically crying, he refused to launch another attack so I gave up……..and started attacking instead.


When I feigned a thrust aimed straight at his face, he dropped his axe and defended his face with both of his hands.

Feeling disappointed from seeing his defenceless state, I switched my aim to his right thigh and pierced through with my sword.


As he screamed in pain, he fell face down into the marshy ground.

While getting covered in the mud, he writhed in agony from the pain of his wounds.

…………this is so stupid. Completely and utterly worthless.

This guy really did nothing but pick fights with people who were for sure weaker than him and was protected by strong skills, and must have gotten used to getting out of fights without taking a single wound.


That’s why he was exceptionally weak to pain, and his mind broke from just the first stab on his arm.

Let alone me, neither Ralf or Esta would lose their composure this much even after getting their arm or leg stabbed.

Perhaps because I intimidated him a bit too much before the fight, it had an effect but I still expected a much better fight from him.

On top of that, I was planning on slowly and  painfully hurting every part of his body as repayment for every time he caused problem for me but………

This guy, can’t even continue fighting at this point.

“You, are you really a bloody Platinum Rank adventurer? How did you rise to this point while being this weak?”

“Ughugigigi!—-It-It hurts, my arm, my leg!! So-someone please……h-help me please!!!”

He’s feeling so much pain he couldn’t even hear me talk anymore it seems as he rolled around the marshland. Seeing him like that, I gave a sigh and turned towards Esta and Ralf instead.

“………Chris, is it over?”

“No, not yet——-Sorry, but can you two head back to Oxter ahead of me?”

“No way! Greath’s party members are still al here, if they attack Chris-san——“

“I’ll be fine. They are just Greath’s lackeys. Seeing me absolutely dominate him, I doubt any of them would even think of attacking me…….And even if they did, I won’t lose to the likes of them.”

“But still, at least let us watch till the end. We are meant to share each other’s burdens aren’t we?”

“You’ve seen enough. What happens next, I don’t want either of you to witness it. Ralf, Esta, please understand.”

I bowed to them as I made my request.

I will kill Greath here.


——-I don’t want these two to see my dark side; it’s just my selfish wish.

“…………Fine. If you are going to go as far as to bow your head for it, we can’t refuse anymore. Just come back to us safely okay?——Also, once you’re back we’re gonna have a huge party this time for sure!!”

“Ralf, are you okay with that? If Chris-san——“

“It’s fine, Esta. Let’s go.”

Ralf left the Indera marshlands with Esta, who wasn’t fully convinced still, and headed back towards Oxter ahead of me.

After making sure that not even their backs were visible, I once again turned back to Greath who was still writhing on the ground.

………From here on, I need to make it seem like Greath died to Venom Pythons, so I need to make a perfect testimony from his Party members as well.

If the fact that I killed him spread, it’ll make it difficult for me to stay in Oxter, even though we’ve finally gotten rid of the main problem, Greath.

“Oi, you guys are prepared for what comes next as well, right?”

I ignored Greath again, and spoke up to his lackeys who were frozen while still bowing with their heads in the ground.

Having watched Greath completely outdone in a second, these 4 continued apologizing while shivering.

“I will now……..The reason why I let my party members go ahead, was because I plan to kill all of you as well. You can try to run if you want—–Let’s see, you’re gonna be the first one.”

“Hii,hiiiiii! I’m sorry!!! W-we had no choice but to obey Greath!! P-please let us live……I beg of you, let us live!!!”

“W-we’ll do anything!! We’ll apologize for everything we’ve done……, so please, FORGIVE US!!”


All these fine adults were crying like babies and begging for their lives to me.

Their selfishness made me want to puke.

I really, really wanted to kill them all as well but…….

“—–Alright, I’ll let you live on only one condition.”

“R-really!? P-please, we’ll do anything! Anything you say!!”

“ju-just don’t kill us please!”

“W-what is your condition, please tell us!?”

A single thread dangled at the verge of sure death.


All 4 of them jumped at that thin thread as fast as they could.

And the condition I put up for them was—-

“………You all will Greath who’s rolling in pain over there. Not just one of you, all 4 of you must take part——if you do that, I’ll let you go.”

I ordered them to kill Greath.

By making them bear the sin of murder as well, I can completely cover up Greath’s murder with this plan.

To make sure that none of them ever talk about this, this was the best way.

“W-we’ll have to kill G-Greath-san……?”

“That’s right. If you really don’t want to that’s okay too. I’ll have to send you all to the other side to cover it all up though.”

“W-we’ll do it! No, please let us do it!!”

“I see……..then you can live. Focus on attacking only the limbs—-Now get to it.”

Seeing them enter a frenzy, I ordered them to act upon their words right now.

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They all picked up their weapons, and began walking towards Greath who was still rolling in pain, and while saying words of apology, began stabbing him with their swords.

“y-y-you BASTARDS!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOOIINNGG!!!!!—–St-STOP…….ugh, pl-Please, STOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!”

His skills must have run out as well, as the swords began stabbing easily into his body.

And as Greath grew weaker and weaker perhaps their pent up guilt began flaring up so……..


Their mutterings changed from words of apology to words of resentment for making them do all sorts of things they didn’t want to and hate for what all he did to them, and by the end they were slashing at his limbs with the face of madmen.

Bloodied all over, his body stopped moving and the lackeys fell to the ground and began crying with rough breathing.

To check whether Greath was already dead, I began approaching——–and against all odds, this guy was somehow still alive.


With a feeble voice, he still managed to beg for his life.

——–but this was his last wish. Who was I to deny his last wish?

“Oh yeah, don’t you worry. You most certainly will be of use to me.”

I gave a curt bow in front of Greath—–and then stabbed my sword right through his head.

A part of Indera marshlands got stained in red, and Greath’s corpse lay dead centre of it all.

…………I have finally ended up killing a human.

Yet, I felt no guilt, all I had in my head was the idea to steal all of his skills.

It seems, I have inherited my Father’s blood after all, and was certainly the blood brother of that Klaus.

——-but, once again I swore to myself to never hurt anyone who doesn’t try to hurt me.

Kindness to those who offer kindness. Violence to those who offer the same. Payback what you get. Eye for an eye. And—–Kill if they try to kill you.

These were my beliefs, my ideals, and until I completed my revenge on Klaus…….I will continue to struggle in this dog-eat-dog world, where the weak die and only the strong reach the top. Until the day I die. I swore.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    To the poison apple tree?


  2. kusuma1995 Avatar

    Earlier in chapter it said “taste like iron, just like iron in blood.” Does it means that he’s gonna Cannibalize him.

    Dang, imagine eating a fruit from a human corpse, the texture when eating “the Apple”, the taste. That’s One hell of messed up fruit.


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