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Null Poison Ch116

It’s Finally All Over….

“I-is, G-greath-san, d-dead?”

“Yes, just now. By your hands— and mine.”

“u, u, uu……..”

The lackeys began to sob uncontrollably.

Their minds sure work conveniently huh.

“With this, you all are criminals who killed your own party leader. If I report this to the guild, your lives would be over for good.——So listen carefully, [Greath, died after getting eaten by some Venom Pythons], that’s what you’re going to say. Are we clear?”

After saying that, to hide Greath’s body, I carried it all the way to Carlisle forest.

It’d be all a waste if someone saw me on the way there, so I put his body in a bag to hide it and made the lackeys carry it while I kept an eye on our surroundings.

After safely reaching Carlisle forest without getting noticed or caught by anyone, I made them carry it around the area my base was located.

………all that’s left, is for me to bring the body to the Ongneer tree.


“Here’s good enough. You lot can now go back to Oxter. And report to the guild in detail of ‘what happened today’, alright?”

“Ye-yes, understood.”

“And also, never ever try and even interact with us ever again——-if you do so, I’ll leave you alone as well.”

“y-yes, of course. We-we’ll never come even close to your party ever again.”

After making the lackeys go back to Oxter ahead of me, I alone stayed in the forest.


………To make the Ongneer use Greath as host, I need to carry his body close to that goblin corpse after all.

My last attempt had been a failure, but now I had someone even stronger than the Orc general with a lot more skills as well.

I never thought I’d be experimenting with human bodies but, if this succeeds——-that’ll be one hell of an accomplishment for me.

With the bodybag on my back, I headed towards the place where the Ongneer grew.

“Looks like,…….the Kobold didn’t sprout after all.”

Last time I was here, I did leave a Kobold body near it as well but it didn’t seem to have grown out of the Kobold.

Was it lacking in nutrients, or did fail in planting itself in the first place?

I didn’t know what was the actual reason but it was clear that the Kobold was a failure.

……..Which meant there was a chance that Greath might end up as a failure as well but, I have no other choice but to try and hope.

Taking out the body from the bag, I lay it down alongside the goblin’s corpse from which ongneer grew.

It was a completely bloodied body in a miserable state but this time I made sure to cause no damage to the heart.

I just killed him a while ago, so there should be no issues with the amount of nutrients available either.

I realize that my actions had long passed the realm of what sane people do but, there was no difference between whether I bury him or let an Ongneer use it as host, was there?

Then, just as Greath himself proclaimed with his dying breath, letting him be of use to me after death was a better choice.

………Though I feel this was not what he originally meant.

Regardless, after leaving his corpse, I left the Carlisle forest.

A lot of things happened today and I was tired enough to not want to move anymore.

But I desperately made my heavy legs function, and first took a bath in nearby pond to get rid of the blood and changing clothes, else I’ll catch the eye of everyone; and then returned to Oxter.




By the time I reached home, it was already dark outside.

The two of them had obviously returned home safely, and I could see the lights inside the house.

Opening the door, and entering inside——

I saw Ralf and Esta both come out to welcome me back home.

I wasn’t sure why but for whatever reason, I felt a bit like crying……..

Watching Snow helplessly trying to get out of Esta’s embrace and jump out, changed my mood and I was able to hold those tears back.

“I’m back——It’s done.”

“…….So it’s all over?”

“Yeah, its finally over……….Sorry, for making you two go along with this stuff.”


“I told you, don’t apologize! We may have been against killing Greath but it’s a fact that he would have tried to kill us again if we had let him go. It’s us that are still too soft and naïve, Chris, you made the right choice, I know that.”

“I agree——So please, Chris-san, don’t apologize.”


Seeing those two, and sensing the mood, Snow gave a small howl as well.

Snow seemed to be trying to cheer us up which made all of us break into smiles.

“Greath tried to get us killed but………the emergency quest was also half-completed , let’s go and party! You promised we’ll have a big one! Didn’t you?”

“……..Sorry, but I’m really not in the mood today. I’m extremely tired, and just want to sleep so we can go have fun tomorrow, okay?”

I haven’t been this tired in a long, long time.

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My feet felt heavy, and after finally coming back home I don’t have the energy to go and have a party.

But, completely ignoring me feelings—–

“Eh? But I already called even Shantell-san to celebrate?”

Tilting her head, Esta innocently made a ridiculous declaration.

I tried to object against it instantly but right at that moment——-

“pardon the intrusion!! Shantell-san has come to play!!!”

The door of our house slammed open, and Shantell showed up with incredible timing.

Shantell who had no idea about our situation, was energetic as always—–no, because she was invited to ‘party’, she seemed even more energetic than usual.

“……….I can’t believe you actually called her.”

“Well! With Shantell-san here, the mood will become brighter no matter what happens!”

“Alright! Now you can’t run away Chris! Everyone, it’s party time!!!!”


“Party! Party! ——I even brought all sorts of party goods, so let’s have fun till we drop tonight!!”

With Shantell involved as well, the three + one animal began frolicking energetically.

Seeing such a view, you really can’t stay gloomy even if you try, it’s true.

…………guess I have no choice.

I stopped thinking about all the dark stuff, and decided to enjoy myself as well.

So I gave myself up and thoroughly enjoyed the big party hosted by Ralf late into the night.


(End of Volume 2)

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch116”

  1. levaien Avatar

    I wonder if he brought at least one of the snakes back to take a skill, since it would likely give a poison-related skill. Or do they have to be sort of like humanoids for some reason?


    1. Uhl Avatar

      The snakes are too big to carry back and we’re burned.


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