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Null Poison Side Story 4

Gossips: Manhunt

The clear blue sky until now was suddenly covered in dark storm clouds.

And soon enough, heavy rain began falling in the town like a waterfall.

Lightning roared in the skies, and quickly people started leaving the streets to take cover, until only the sound of rain resounded in the streets——yet, an odd eerie humming sound began resounding across the streets.

Anybody who heard wouldn’t feel good from listening that but, the person humming seemed to having fun………in fact, they seemed to be in great mood but suddenly the humming cut off with the click of tongue.

“—-Tch, fuck this! Why the hell should I of all people have to search for some shitty brat!? I don’t give a shit if you’re a Sword God or a Hero or whatever, but you can’t use me as your bloody errand boy!!”

Soon after the clicking of the tongue, harsh words came out of the person’s mouth. As if responding to it, the rain grew even stronger.

The person who angrily spoke was a suspicious looking man, almost 2 meters tall completely covered in black clothes from top to bottom.

He was missing one arm, and there was a huge scar on his brow——anyone could tell that this man belonged to the underworld.

The black clothes became heavier as they got drenched in the rain which only made the man even more irritated.

Against this clearly walking landmine of a human being, a group of young people suddenly struck shoulders with him as they passed by.


Due to the heavy rain, and because they were covering their heads with their jackets to avoid the rain, they must not have seen him walking in front of them

The group of young guys fell on their backs after hitting the man in black which soaked them completely, and they suddenly flared up to confront him without actually checking what the guy they hit looked like.

“Oi! Watch where you’re walking mate…….”

“Aah? That’s my line, dumbass.——-Ahahah! Well whatever. This is perfect! If you wanna pick a fight, then come at me.”

“Wait, You——“


The man in black grabbed the young man by the scruff of his neck, and dragged him into the dark side alley.

The guy’s friends tried to stop him desperately but………even with all 4 trying to stop him, the man in the black was able to drag them all into the alley alongside him.

The lightning was still strong and the rain heavy as ever, so there were barely any people around so no one saw the young men getting dragged into the dark alley.

The man who had his neck grabbed could barely even breath properly, as he got swung straight into the wall.

His friends who desperately tried to save him, while still shaking in their boots, tried to pick up whatever they could find nearby to use as a weapon, and stood against the man in black but——

Even while being at a clear numerical disadvantage and being against armed enemies, the man showed no signs of backing down, in fact, he walked towards them with a smile.

“St-stay right there!…….D-don’t come any closer! W-We’ll really hit you for real this time!!”

“EHEHEHE, Sure, by all means, go ahead and try.”

When one the group shouted that to threaten him, and saw the man continue walking towards them with a smile, the young lad clumsily brandished his weapon at the man.

He swung the iron pipe down with all his strength and it struck the man in black’s head with dull sound.

Considering the feel of the impact, the young man was sure he had done some serious damage but——

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Even after getting hit on the head with a pipe, the man continued grinning and his head showed no signs of being wounded.

And then, the next moment.


The head of the young man who had attacked with the pipe, blew away together with a truly strange sound.

The rest of the group that saw that began shaking and shivering in fear even harder than before, and then threw their weapons and tried to run away.

But because they were already feeling weak in the knees from the fear, all three of them stumbled in their attempt to run and crashed into the ground.


“Oioi Oioi! I wasn’t even planning to kill you yet, but you guys broke so damn quickly!…….Not a single one of you is getting away from me today!! And I need a few things answered as well, so at least try and make this enjoyable for me!!”

The man in black’s corners of his mouth rose like a demon, and he grabbed the three who tried to run and crushed their ankles, making them unable to run again and then………

Slammed them alongside the first guy by the wall of the alley in a line.

What was about to happen next?

An unimaginable fear took over as the young men began sobbing and their bodies began to shiver heavily.

“Alright then, let’s begin. First, let me give you lot a chance to live. If you give me the info I want, I’ll let you live. Sounds great right? It’s a big, big chance for you all!!”

Laughing heartily like he was truly enjoying the situation, the man said so to the shivering young lads.

After that he grabbed the head of the right most guy, ready to crush him, and began his questioning.

“Do you know of an adventurer named Chris? I’ll take any info available on that guy.”

“………I-I don’t! He-he must not be from this town! P-please let me——-“

With small popping sound…… if a tomato was smashed, the young man’s head was crushed to death.

The blood splatter mixed with the rain on the killer’s face, making his smile look even more devilish than before.

“Too bad. Even though I gave you a real chance! Now then, you, you’re next. Do you know of an adventurer named Chris?”

And so for a while, the man in black’s happy laughing voice resounded in the dark back alley.




The next day.

As the clouds cleared up, horribly mangled corpses of 5 young men were found……..

Any traces of the killer were washed away in the rain, and with no leads towards the killer, this incident got buried into the darkness.

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