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Null Poison Ch117

What Happened after That Day.

A week has passed since the emergency request.

No one found out the truth about what happened to Greath, and the case was officially declared as death by being eaten by Venom Pythons.

As for Greath’s lackeys, with the leader dead, the party disbanded and they all left to different towns.

Even if they change their minds later after leaving the town and tell the truth, they’ll have no proof to go with it and will have no way of proving what had actually happened.

……….Well, I doubt they’d do that in the first place, having seen their actions for a while I know what kind of people they really are.

As for the reward for the emergency quest, since Greath was the main receiver of the request and since he had ‘died in action in servitude to the people’—–a third of the reward went to his family.

We only got a part of the total reward as well but that was still around 3 platinum coins which was still a hefty reward.

On top of that, the vice-chief definitely suspected that I had gotten rid of Greath, so he added a further 5 platinum coin reward for my ‘work’.

Greath’s lackeys, fearing me, tried to hand me their share of 3 platinum coins to me as well but I refused that.

Consider it hush money.


Also…….we had finally succeeded in finishing a platinum rank emergency request.

Since we went back to the mountains the next day to kill the remaining Venom Pythons as well, our work was acknowledged and all three of us were promoted to Gold Rank.

Even though we had just recently promoted to Silver, I kinda wanted to go about doing all sorts of silver rank jobs one by one but, there was no loss in getting promoted instantly either.


I accepted the promotion with gratitude and thus becoming gold rank adventurers together.

Also, during this week, the guild chief who was taking Greath’s side till the end, finally resigned from the seat of guild chief.

He didn’t reveal the reason, but it must be because of Greath dying.

The day he stopped being the guild chief. We just happened to run into him at the guild on his last day, I saw him finally smiling instead of having his perpetual sour look………

And the rest of the employees were seeing him off with tears in their eyes.

Just like the vice-chief had said, the fact that the rest of the guild went along with his actions even if unwillingly, showed that he was still well liked among his colleagues.

And—–as he passed by me, in a very small voice- “I’m sorry for everything.” He said that, and then left the guild.

It was an unsatisfying and selfish way to go from my perspective, but the vice-chief bowed and begged to me to forgive him, so I decided to just forget about the guild chief as a whole.

……..Well, if he ever got in my ever again, even a little, I will genuinely kill him right there and then.

And of course, as his successor, the person who took the seat of the Guild Chief was of course, our one and only Vice Chief.

He was still young and strong minded, so for a long time from here onwards, I’m sure he’ll take good care of the guild.

Perhaps that is presumptuous on my part, but I genuinely believe that to be the case.


…………And, that concludes everything that happened during this week. For one, with Greath now gone, we can finally live in peace.

And today again, I will go and complete all sorts of requests, I thought as I began my day getting up from my bed when—-

“Chris! Hurry up and come down!!”

From the ground floor, Ralf shouted, calling for me.

Going down, Ralf pulled me and made me sit on the table.

While rubbing my still sleepy eyes, I looked around the room to see Esta feeding Snow in the kitchen, while also preparing our breakfast.

“I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?”


While I was preoccupied with what Esta was cooking for breakfast, Ralf suddenly said that to me.

“I don’t care either way. Just talk.”

“Then—–let’s start with the good news! The vice-chief dropped by early morning before heading to work, and dropped the goods you had asked for!”

“Really!? Show me, quick!”

Those words alone, instantly woke me up.

Finally, it’s here.

I opened the heavily sealed box, and brought out the small bottle that was within and held it up against the light to properly observe it from all sides.

As for what was contained in this bottle?……… was the poison from the Venom Pythons that we had subjugated.

We had ended up burning the corpses of the six we had killed the day I killed Greath, but for the 4 we subjugated the next day, I left a request to the vice chief to have the poison from their bodies be extracted and given to me.

As a possessor of [Null Poison] I could have done it myself but, I wasn’t knowledgeable on how to extract their poison so I figured putting in a request was the better option…………so I’m glad to see I made the right decision.

If you were to ask what do I need this Poison for? Well, to drink and consume it of course.

I’ve been wondering whether it’s the plant or the poison itself that holds the ability increasing effect, so I’m going to test it by drinking a Venom Python’s poison.

……..My personal opinion is that the chances of that are actually very low but, there’s no point in not trying either.

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Failure was not a bad thing after all, and even if it was fail—–I could just use this Venom Poison to imbue my blades with like I did when fighting these monsters.

“……..Also, Ralf, he’s not Vice chief anymore. He is THE guild chief.”

“yeah yeah, whatever, vice chief is vice chief to me. Think of it as a nickname for the guild chief!”

“What kind of stupidly complicated nickname is that?”

When I tried to correct him, Ralf instead came up with something even sillier.

……..Well, I suppose even I end up calling him vice chief every now and then though, so maybe it really is okay to just keep calling him vice chief.

Leaving aside the nickname stuff, I asked what the bad news was then.

“So, go on, what’s the bad news you have for me?”

“This is also something I heard from the vice chief but…….it’s info on your younger brother, Klaus.”

Bad news regarding Klaus……

Just when Greath’s case finally cleared up, another slumbering problem woke up to trouble me again, did it?

It really is one thing after another for me.

I could smell more problems brewing in my future already.

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    “……..Well, if he ever got in my ever again, even a little, I will genuinely kill him right there and then.”
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    Whew, that escalated quickly. Edgelord much?


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