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Null Poison Ch118

Bad News

We were talking about this so called bad news that Ralf had received from the Vice Chief about Klaus.

I had a bad premonition, but it’s not like I can ignore it or choose not hear it either.

“So what info do you have on Klaus? If you said its bad news, wait, did he find where I am——and is coming for me here?”

“Wait wait! It’s not that bad of a news! Apparently Klaus cleared the floor 50 of the Edestor Dungeon in the fastest time recorded in history!”



If I recall correctly, it’s one of the three great cities, as huge as Norfast or the Capital, and the dungeon city mentioned here shows up even in the tales of the first hero.

And in that Edestor dungeon, he had cleared the floor 50 in the fast time ever recorded?

While we were squabbling with Greath here in Oxter——Klaus had cleared a dungeon.

While it made me envious and a bit anxious, this is not something to panic about.

“Does this even count as bad news……..?

“of course it does! In the first place, the amount of adventurers that can clear floor 50 are a rare sight! From what I’ve heard—–every adventurer that has cleared floor 50 were at least Diamond Rank!”

Diamond, huh………

We just promoted to Gold rank a couple days ago, yet Klaus and his group were already Diamond.

Gold, Platinum, then Mithril, and then came Diamond.

When you think about it that way, it’s just a difference of 3 ranks. His back suddenly seemed a whole lot closer, if anything.

When I ran away from home, I was a failed vagrant and he was a Hero candidate——-the difference was quite literally similar to the heaven and the earth.


“………Why are you grinning after hearing that!?”

“Sure, there’s still a big gap between us but if anything, aren’t we closing the gap on him? I mean, this party…… was originally made of a failed vagrant, and 2 kids who could barely make a living in the slums, remember?”

“………………I-I guess! We’ve been living so good these days I kinda forgot where we were just a little while ago. When you put it that way……..I guess we are closing in huh!?”


Letting our positivity rule our thinking, both Ralf and myself became happier.

And it’s true. While on rent, we have a mansion to live in, and from here on, I have a precise path for quickly increasing my abilities as well now.

——I don’t need to panic. Not just yet.

“Exactly!…….well, all that said, it’s fact that there’s still a pretty wide gap between us and Klaus’ abilities. So let’s work even hard and keep at it.”

“Hell yeah!! I was feeling a bit depressed but now, I’m all motivated again!………Ah, right! Also, there’s someone looking for you in Norfast as well. The vice chief told me to warn you to be careful.”


Right when the conversation was ending at a nice point, Ralf suddenly dropped a real bombshell.

………Why the hell would you not tell me that first you dumbass!!?

“Hey, That’s the actual bad news! Why the hell did you think Klaus clearing some dungeon was worse than this!?”

“……..Eh? But it’s in Norfast right? Why would it affect us here?”

“Haaah, whatever. Just explain, properly, what did he say?”

“That it’s just one guy constantly looking for you. A middle aged man apparently. The vice chief didn’t know the exact details either so that’s all he told me.”

Just one middle-aged man eh.

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I had no idea who it could be but it’s more than likely a man sent by Klaus.

………damn, they’ve even started searching for me in other big cities already?

Even though he’s been clearing dungeons as well, he sure is a spiteful guy.

“If it’s a pursuer sent by Klaus, if we’re careless they’ll find us soon enough. I’ll start looking into this as well.”


“I feel like you’re worrying too much though! Well, that’s your forte so I’ll let you handle this stuff I guess.”

Right as our conversation ended, Esta brought in our breakfast.

Bread, eggs sunny side up, sausages and yogurt.

 Putting the stuff about the pursuer in the back of my mind, I do plan to keep a lookout for this——–

But first, let me enjoy this gloriously delicious looking breakfast alright.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    I wonder if he is gonna have to leave the kingdom entirely.
    The more he ranks up as an adventurer, the more his public reputation will increase. And also more and more people will noticed he looks a lot like the hero candidate. Leaving the kingdom entirely is the easiest solution.


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