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Null Poison Ch124

The Ongneer born from Greath

Returning to my house once again, I decided to finally eat the Ongneer tucked away inside my room.

Just in case, if I need to wash the taste away, I have already bought some honey, chilli pepper and coffee.

Sweet, Spicy, and Bitter. I had one of each to deal with another.

I brought out the fruit from inside the bag and held it up to the light to observe it.

It looked like a plump green apple.

Its smell was similar to the Goblin’s one, and it had sweetish smell that made it feel like it’d be tasty but……’s actual taste was the absolute worst.

I took a deep breath to resolve myself, and then bit into the fruit.

With a crunch, a taste similar to biting iron and something similar to when I ate the rotten meat back in Peixa forest, spread inside my mouth.

I promised myself to not think about it but unconsciously, the moment I bit it, the image of Greath’s corpse came into my head.


Suddenly this sensation, as if I was eating Greath’s body directly, rushed into my head and I almost vomit everything out——-but I sealed my mouth with my hands and forced it down into my stomach.

After somehow swallowing it, I quickly bit into the pepper I had prepared in advance, and made the strong spiciness erase the taste of the fruit, and then used the honey to kill said spiciness.


“…………..fuuh. That was really the worst I have ever tasted.”

I ended up muttering to myself, that’s how horribly bad the taste of this Ongneer was.

……, it wasn’t just the taste itself, it was the fact that the face of the corpse came into my head that made it much worse.

As long as I don’t think of Greath’s corpse, I shouldn’t at least feel like vomiting again but considering that this fruit was literally grown using his blood and flesh as its ingredients, it was nigh impossible to not imagine that.

The goblin’s fruit left a bad aftertaste at best, but this one felt like biting into months old rotting meat.

After eating just one mouthful, I felt completely fatigued.

I drank some coffee to calm myself and convinced my body that seemed to want avoid eating it again on instinct. And so, I decided to eat it all down in a single go.

If I swallow it with chewing as little as possible, I should be able to avoid the taste somewhat.

And after its down, I’ll slam some pepper into my mouth.

After simulating it in my head, I pushed the entire remaining fruit inside my mouth.

I tried to achieve mental void as much as I could, and I held down on my mouth with both hands as I desperately swallowed it down and then threw multiple peppers inside my mouth.

“…………………………..Ngh!!………..Haah, haaah.….it’s …..done.”

After surviving what felt like the longest minute of my life, I was able to fully eat the thing.

Before I knew it I was sweating all over, and my heartbeat had risen to the point I could hear it outside normally.

The peppers were spicy no doubt, but the Ongneer was far, far worse than anything I have ever eaten.

I collapsed on to the floor, and waited silently while slowly drinking both the honey and the coffee.




An hour later since then.

Finally, my body felt calm again and my brain felt like it was working normally again.

This was so bad…….that there was no way that it didn’t have some crazy effects. But I needed to find out right now or else.

Finally becoming capable of moving again, I headed back to the church for the fourth time.

I called out the Priest who was sitting down and sipping on mana potions as always, and headed to the room.

Handing over another gold coin and my card, I had him do my assessment one last time for today.

“zeehaaa….zeehaaa……i-it’s done.”


Giving a quick thanks, I took back the card.

——I felt more nervous than usual.

I took a deep breath, and slowly turned over the adventurer card to check.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 20(+85)

Strength: 18(+102)

Stamina: 16(+82)

Magic: 4(+11)

Agility: 11(+24)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability] [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] [Fortification]


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…….Wha? What the hell is this?

The increase in the amount of stats was obviously surprising, but more than that suddenly the number of skills I had had increased by three.

Rather than happiness, I was more utterly shocked if anything.

Was it even possible? To suddenly gain so many skills?


The ability and potential that Ongneer had was far beyond belief or my understanding.

While almost fearing the increase in my skills……..It also felt like Klaus’ back seemed a whole lot closer to me all of a sudden.

“…….A-are you alright? Did something bad happen?”

Because I was staring at my card in utter shock, it seems like I made the priest worry about me.

“No, it’s alright, I’m fine. Thank you once again for your work. Tomorrow I’ll come with 2 of my comrades so please handle their assessment as you always do as well.”

“Eh? Assessment of your friends………? And two of them!?”

“Ah don’t worry. I won’t be having mine done tomorrow, and they both will only have their done once each.”

“o-oh, I see. I really thought that all three of you would have it done many more times………well, that will fine then. I’ll be waiting for your arrival.”

“yeah, alright then. I’ll take my leave.”

Saying that, I left the church.

I was thinking of going back home to consume more of the usual poisonous plants but now…….things have changed.

I want to go outside and need to test my skills and see if I can properly activate them in a real battle.

Until now, I had only depended on my raw physical abilities to fight but now that I have skills I can use, the range of my tactics will also increase with it.

As I walked from the church towards the exit of the town, the fear I felt of suddenly gaining these skills slowly disappeared——and the excitement of wanting to try them out increased.

While thinking of many things, I made my way to the open plains that spread before the Indera marshlands.

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