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Null Poison Ch125

Skill Testing

Reaching the plains, I quickly began trying to use my skills.

Since all I had until now was my [Null Poison] and [Increased Breeding Ability] that I got from the Goblin’s Ongneer, I have never actually actively used a Skill in my life.

According to Ralf, using skills instantly generated a lot of fatigue, but that sensation was also a proof that the skill got activated properly.

Back when I got just [Null Poison] and job [Farmer] during the [Heaven’s blessing], I was sure I’d never get to experience the feeling of activating a skill in my entire life……….yet here I am on this day, about to prove myself wrong.

Giving my heartfelt gratitude to Greath, a man I hated so much I wanted to kill him, and in fact did kill; I tried activating my skill filled with excitement.

“[Skin Strengthen].”

Like I said, I’ve never used an active skill before but I have seen Ralf do it, and Greath also spoke the skill’s name out loud to use it so this should work.

By first making your own body aware that you wish to use a skill, you then speak out the name of the skill to activate it.


—–When I did that,

I got hit with a slight bit of fatigue, and then felt my skin hardening across my body.

I tried touching it to see how much it changed my skin, but since even the palm of my hand was hardened, my sense of touch was not normal either so I couldn’t really tell.

With no other choice, I drew my sword and lightly hit my skin with the edge of the blade to test it.



Unlike the feeling I got with Greath which was like hitting a solid rock, mine felt more like solid wood at best.

Was my lack of stamina the issue? Or was that feeling only created because of the other skills Greath layered on top of this one……..

Well, at least I was able to activate it safely for starters.

Now then, let’s try overlapping multiple skills at once.

“[Flesh Enhancement]”

I activated another skill on top of [Skin Strengthen].

Unlike the previous skill, [Flesh Enhancement] and its effect could be felt instantly as soon as the skill activated.

My body suddenly became lighter, and the muscles on my body seemed to have increased.

When I tried swinging the steel sword in my hand, I was able to easily swing the sword with a speed I couldn’t generate unless I was using my full strength and focus.

This—–is so much fun.

I tried jumping and dashing around, and the movement made it almost feel like this wasn’t even my body that I was using.

On the other hand, I could feel the amount of fatigue generate with every movement was also higher than normal but in spite of that, this seemed like a really useful skill.


If I can master turning this skill on and off like I’m flipping a switch whenever I want, I could even switch the pace of my attacks at will and bring further variety in my offence.

I continued rampaging about with my new skills for some time, and soon enough I started wanting to try them out against actual monster………

I suppressed my excitement, and went back to testing my skills.


This was the last one.


This was also the one I understood the least among the three, but the moment I activated it, I suddenly felt my body getting heavier.

In complete contrast to before where it felt like I had suddenly grown wings and could glide around, now my body felt like someone had put stone weights on top of me.

Unlike the other 2 skills, the fatigue generated was also much higher, and it felt like I had just been running at full speed or something like that.

Of course part of it because I was using all 3 skills on top of each other but, considering the sudden increase in weight I felt the moment I activated this, it was clear that this skill was rough on your endurance and stamina consumption.

I wanted to release the skill already but I needed to test how much tougher it made my skin and body.

Once again, I lightly hit my arm with my steel sword.

Before, it was close to the toughness of wood but——-now my skin felt closer to having the same kind of toughness as Greath’s skin.

[Skin Strengthen] increased the toughness of your skin based on your Endurance stat.

[Flesh Enhancement] increased your Strength and Agility.

[Fortification] heavily decreased Agility but in return, it massively increased your Endurance instead.

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Now that I have used them all, I could tell this was quite the balanced set of skills.

[Skin Strengthen] coupled with [Fortification] would make your skin as tough as rocks, meanwhile the Agility you lost due to [Fortify] could be compensated for by using [Flesh Enhancement].

I was now convinced as to how Greath got to Platinum rank after trying out this Skill set.

If I had to complain about something, that’d be the fact that using all 3 together cost a ridiculous amount of stamina.

I think I’ll personally avoid using all 3 together unless I was facing a really tough opponent.

For the time being, I’ll be focusing mostly on getting used to using [Flesh Enhancement] freely because it showed a lot of potential in its uses.

Also, it seems like I need to start focusing on increasing my Endurance as well, something I wasn’t focusing on that much until now.

Having fought Greath directly, I know that both [Skin Strengthen] and [Fortification] are strong skills to have.

……, I am going to look for some mid-tier monsters, while wandering these plains, to go and test my skills and get used to using them in actual battles.

After making that decision, I began testing my skills out on every goblin or kobold I could find.

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