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Null Poison Ch126


The next day.

Since I kept spamming my skills over and over to get used to them as quickly as possible, I was completely exhausted by the end, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

I wanted to tell Ralf and Esta about my gains yesterday but I ended up falling asleep instantly and so I had yet to tell them anything.

I left my room while yawning, and headed to the living room where they both probably were.

Not missing the sound of me leaving the room, Snow was already waiting at the bottom of the stairs to ambush me while wagging its tail.

………Snow has grown a lot bigger since then, but it still shows no signs of being hostile against humans.

Can even a monster become a gentle pet if raised by humans from birth?

Picking up Snow in my arms, I continued pondering over this idea as I walked into the living room.

“Chris, good morning! You sure went straight to sleep yesterday, were you not feeling too well?”

“No, I was just really tired, that’s all.”

“Tired…….? Wasn’t yesterday a rest day for you. I thought you were just going to be doing ability assessment throughout?”

“Yeah, but things happened. Once Esta’s here, I’ll explain in full.”


While I was playing with Snow, Esta finished making our breakfast and brought it to the table.

As always, her breakfast looks delicious.

Originally we planned to rotate cooking duties, but both me and Ralf were so bad at it, that in the end we had to just leave it all to Esta.

Well, she seems to genuinely enjoy cooking so it’s fine——or so she said but, I should probably give her something as thanks for her work someday.

“Now then, let’s eat shall we? Thanks for the food!”

“”Thanks for the food.””


With the pre meal greetings done, we enjoyed the breakfast made by Esta.

Today’s menu was, Rice, miso soup, and grilled fish.

There was also pickled seaweed (nori) which might seem like a bitter choice but…… was more of an acquired taste in my opinion.

“So Chris, why were you so tired yesterday? You said you’ll talk once Esta was here.”

“Oh right. After getting my final ability assessment done, I found out that I had received new skills.”

“SKILL!? You did talk about that fruit that could give new skills last time didn’t you? Was it that one?”

“Amazing………you really did find a way to learn new skills.”

“Right. And unlike last time, these are useful ones. So I went out to try them out and ended up exhausting myself because of overusing them.”

When I said that, both looked at me with rounded eyes from shock.

Well I suppose learning skills like this was basically close to cheating…………not to mention, getting three of them at once.

“Okay, so what kind of Skill is it?”

“[Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement], and [Fortification], these three skills.”

“……….Wait what? You got three of them at once?!? “

“That’s right. Three at once, indeed.”

“So finally the day has come when Chris-san’s abilities have surpassed the realm of reality……..even though all you had was [Null poison] when we first met, and [Farmer] as your job. To think you would get to this point, I could have never imagined.”

“Well, not even I myself could have ever imagined that either back then.”

“——–No no no, this is way too crazy!! Aren’t your abilities crazier than even the Hero!? I still can’t fully believe that you actually have three new skills out of nowhere!”


Ralf began shouting from being agitated, so I decided to activate one to show them as proof.

“[Skin Strengthen], Here, touch and see for yourself.”

“……..Uwaah, it’s really become so much tougher!”

“I told you. I’m going to continue raising both my stats and my skills to become more and more stronger………so you two better find some way of keeping up with me okay?”

“Damn, my confidence took a hit if I’m being honest but it’s not like we have a choice either eh! I won’t lose to you even if you keep growing like a crazy person!”

“Me too, I won’t lose either!……. I really need to start mastering intermediate level and higher tier magic, don’t I!?”

While eating breakfast, I once again lit a fire inside these two.

If I was the only one getting stronger, sooner or later, our party would fall apart.

So I need these two to get stronger no matter how.




After breakfast was done, we headed to the church to have Ralf and Esta’s ability assessment done.

I wonder what their stats have become.

I was very curious to find it our as well.

“I was looking forward to it until now, but man, I’m starting to feel a bit nervous now. What will I do if I haven’t gotten stronger at all……..”

“You’ll be fine. You are still a [Holy Knight].”

“Well, what if it’s a ‘there’s no increase even though you’re a [Holy Knight]’ case? This is all because you put this crazy pressure on us Chris!!’

“I don’t recall doing that. I simply stated a fact, that I need both of you to get stronger with me that’s all.”

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I smiled and instigated Ralf.

He really seemed like he wanted to not go, but I pushed his back into the church with me—— the Priest greeted us right at the entrance.

“Welcome everyone! Please, come inside, over here in this room.”

“Yeah, I’ll be counting on you today as well.”

Following the priest, who seemed full of energy, all three of us entered the room.

Esta was going first it seems, and after handing over a gold coin and her card, she sat down in front of the crystal.

“then allow me to begin. ——-Fuh! Haaaaaah!…….It’s done. Here’s your card back.”

“……Thank you very much.”

Esta jumped a bit, startled by the Priest’s sudden shout, before taking her card back with a word of thanks.

Next up, Ralf sat down to take her place but……..

“O-oh? A-are we really doing two co-consecutively?”

“Is that perhaps too much for you?”

“………N-no! I’ll do it. Please let me do it!”

I did wonder if doing two consecutively was a bit tough for the Priest, but then again, I probably shouldn’t have forgotten to tell him that.

Well, if he says he can, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

“Well, then here it goes.—–Fuh! UUriyaaaahhh! Unuuuunnurahahaaa!! Haa..haa………i-it’s d-done. Please check.”

He shouted the loudest I’ve seen him, and it seemed like he sucked out every drop of mana inside him to finish the ability assessment.

Blood drained out of his face and his lips looked blue but, looks like he succeeded in the end.

“thank you very much.”

“n-no need. I-I’ll l-look forward to your next visit.”

We gave a bow to the priest who was breathing roughly, and left the assessment room.

Now then how did their stats look like…….can’t wait to find out.

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