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Null Poison Ch127

The Extent of Their Growth

“So? How does it look? Has the stats increased?”

“This is……..I wonder? I mean I do think they’ve increased but……..really, I don’t get it.”

“Mine have increased as well but…….hell, if you ask if they’ve greatly increased, I’ll say yeah they have but at the same time it also seems like it hasn’t grown much either?”

“The fuck kind of vague answer is that? Just show it to me directly.”

I took Esta’s card first and checked the stats.

I don’t remember much of what they looked like last time but, if I recall her magic stat stood out and the rest was more or less similar to my base stats.



Suitable Job: Magician


Strength: 18

Stamina: 21

Magic: 118

Agility: 24

Unique Skill : [Mana Recovery]

Common Skills: [Mana Rampage]



Yeah, she’s strong alright.

Her other stats have increased somewhat equally all around and her magic stat is in a whole different level like last time.

If I didn’t have poisonous plants to increase my abilities, she’d be strong enough that I’d never be able to beat her.

“What do you think……..?have I really gotten stronger?”

“Yes, you have, no doubt about it. From last time, your stats have increased more than double I think?”

“I see! I was thinking the same thing to be honest!”

“you have been completing requests pretty much constantly and haven’t been slacking with your magic training either. I am happy to see you clearly growing well.”

“Thank you very much! It’s all thanks to Chris-san!”

“I mean it’s not ‘all’ thanks to me but………..anyway, Ralf show me yours.”

I took the card from Ralf, who looked a bit reluctant, and checked his stats.

Almost all of his stats were better than mine last time around.

Hopefully, this time it’s the opposite but……….



Suitable Job: Holy Knight

Endurance: 61

Strength: 46

Stamina: 82

Magic: 23

Agility: 32

Unique Skill : [Divine Protection]

Common Skills: [Divine Strike] [Guardian’s Roar]




Magic aside, I’m higher in every other stat.

………that said, this guy really is strong.

I’m basically cheating with the poisonous plants yet Ralf was not that far behind me and still keeping up well.


Probably the biggest gap is in Strength where I’m at 126 while he’s only 46 but, that’s still only about three times.

Not to mention his Stamina almost matches mine………as expected of a high rank job I suppose, he’s really getting stronger and stronger.

“Ralf, you really have gotten a whole lot stronger than before. Is this the benefits of high rank job eh?”

“Wait really!?……..Am I close to yours?”

“You’re getting close but——-unfortunately, I’m just getting stronger at a faster rate.”

“mugugu……! Well of course you are! You’re the one who beat the Orc general, and the Venom Pythons and then Greath as well!”

“no it’s because of the plants I consume. If I didn’t have those, I would be much weaker than you both. Wanna take a look? At my abilities?”

I took out my card and showed it to them both.

They were obviously surprised by the numbers in the (+) column as well as the new skills but……..they were also surprised by how low my base stats were.

“Is it even possible to not increase your stats this much? You were fighting monsters much stronger than us, and beat them, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, like Ralf said before, you have certainly killed monster far stronger than anything we have.”

“Well, this is the difference between the jobs you two and I got from [Heaven’s Blessing] after all. If I didn’t have [Null Poison], and had to increase my strength normally………I wouldn’t even be able to look you two in the eyes.”

“………..I guess. To think after everything you’ve fought, to have your stats only increase by that much——- I guess unless you have a combat job, becoming an adventurer really is impossible.”

Just as Ralf said, if I had to raise my abilities ‘normally’, I wouldn’t have been able to reach Klaus even if I had infinite lives.

Maybe I could have poisoned him in his sleep or something, but really, it wasn’t realistic.

That’s how tragic and ruthless the [Heaven’s Blessing] was yet, also amazing enough to grant me [Null Poison] at the same time.

“For the time being, I’m glad to see both of you have been getting stronger steadily……..that said, don’t be satisfied with just this, and I hope you two will continue working as hard as you have until now.”

“………..Satisfied? Who would be satisfied with just this! To make sure you don’t leave me in the dust, I’m gonna work even harder than before!——So, once again, take care of me from here onwards as well!”

“Same for me as well! Seeing both of your abilities, I realize that my only strong point is Magic. But since that’s my only strength, I’m gonna use magic, again and again and again and—–I’ll keep climbing higher and higher to the very top!!”

Both of them made this declaration with glittering eyes and a smile on their faces.

………..really, I’m glad I made a party with these two.

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Even after knowing my ridiculous goal, they simply chose to aim for the top alongside me without ever complaining about it.

“That, certainly is good to hear………tomorrow, we’re going to take our first gold rank request, so you two better be ready for it.”


“HOH! Finally, a gold rank request! We never failed even a single silver rank request so lets keep that up with the gold rank requests as well.”

“I agree! Let’s give it our all so as to not dirty that record!”

I also want to talk to the vice chief and ask about the stats of other adventurers before that but, like I said tomorrow we’re going to take our first Gold Rank request.

Judging by our current abilities, these two are now finally ready for gold rank.

As for the request itself, that’ll have to wait until I actually check the request board—–

And today, we’re going to have to spend the rest of the day preparing for tomorrow.

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