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Null Poison Ch128

Recommended Stats

The next day.

Today, we’re going to start taking gold rank requests.

We were already at the guild, and made our way towards the reception counter.

……..Seriously, the guild without Greath is so peaceful and nice.

With all the chaos gone, this guild very quickly became as peaceful as the one in Realzard——and by the looks of it, most adventurers were only obeying Greath because they had no choice and didn’t think very highly of him in the first place.

Greath’s lackeys, who may have taken his place, all ran away to different towns thanks to my little intimidation, and the Vice chief took over as the Guild chief as well so for the time being, the Oxter guild should be pretty stable for the near future.

While observing the now peaceful place, I sat on my chair and waited for the Vice Chief to come, and soon enough he showed up from the inner room after a while.

He looked tired, and clearly hadn’t gotten used to his new workload yet.


“Everyone, apologies to have kept you waiting. Work just doesn’t seem to stop piling up……….”

“No, don’t worry about it. If anything, we should be apologising for taking your time when you’re this busy.”


“N-No no! of course not! Chris-san, Ralf-san, and Esta-san are the heroes of this guild! I will gladly come talk to you guys whenever you want!”

“You look more tired than happy right now though…….no seriously, are you okay?”

“Well, the job of a guild chief is a lot busier than even I imagined……..Since the previous chief resigned so suddenly, I haven’t even properly trained the new Vice chief either, so I swamped with  my own work and also helping the new vice chief on top of it.”

He made a deep sigh, and spoke of his situation.

As expected, the previous guild really was basically functioning on the shoulders of Greath and the ex-Guild Chief.

I am not gonna say that I wish they were back obviously, but regardless, them not being here anymore was bound to shift all that burden on to someone else.

And the amount of that is pretty huge by the looks of it.

Greath was a shit head, but was still a platinum rank adventurer. No doubt him and his party were completing numerous requests as well.——-Goodness me, even after being removed they were both still somehow causing problems for everyone. Quite the duo, those two were huh.

“You have my condolences. Now I can’t help you with the guild stuff but, if you need a request done, call us at any time, we’ll take it. Since you’ve been good to us, we’ll gladly accommodate, if it’s for you Vice chief, and help you whenever we can.”

“Thank you so much! Seriously, that means a lot!…….oh by the way, can you stop calling me Vice chief now? There is a new vice-chief as well now after all…….”

“Eh? But Vice-chief is always going to be vice-chief! Ain’t that right, Chris?”

Ralf, who was silently listening to our conversation from behind, suddenly spoke on hearing the Vice-chief’s request.

Certainly, even for me, the Vice-chief was now set as ‘Vice chief’ in my head now.


“Yeah, it’s as he says. You may have become the Guild chief, but the Vice-chief will always be Vice chief.”

“Eh!?……Then can you at least also use my name with it?”

“What was it? Michael?  Michael Vice-chief sounds good to you?”


“I’m not Michael, it’s Loren!! Michael was the previous chief…….ah, whatever! Just keep calling me vice-chief as always! I feel like it’ll just be more complicated to ask you lot to change it now.”

“Thanks for that. We’ll keep calling you Vice-chief as you asked then.”

“So…….What business did you have for calling me today?”

After our little chat, we finally entered the main topic.

“Oh I was wondering if you guys had like a recommended stat level for every rank or something like that and if you could show us that. You’re not gonna tell me that you guys don’t keep a record of that are you?”

“Recommended stats for every Rank? Umm……..if I recall correctly, for Rookies it is 10 all around, and from there we basically double it with every rank to use as a base value for recommendations. i.e bronze would be 20, Silver would be 40, Gold would be 80——so on and so forth.”

“I see. So Gold rank class requests would generally require your stats to be in the 80s all around?”

“More or less yes! Ah but of course, that is only one type of criteria……basically built for people who possess no skills or techniques. Even if your stats aren’t in the 80s, if you have enough experience or possess strong Skills, you will still be able to complete those requests after all.”

That was definitely a pretty easy to understand method. The higher rank you go to, the higher the wall is to surpass before you’re allowed to take those requests.

So Platinum would 160, and Mithril would be 320.

Klaus and his team are apparently already close to Diamond Rank so——their estimated stats would be around 640 huh.

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Well, there’s also a chance that they are high rank because of the powerful skills they possess and that they do not have as high physical stats but…….

I really thought I had gotten closer but it seems I still have long ways to go.

That said, if Gold rank recommended stat is around the 80s, then we should be able to finish Gold requests pretty easily.

Ralf is definitely a bit lacking but his stamina and endurance is above normal and has great skills on top so he should be fine.

Esta is far behind the recommended on most stats but the most important Magic stat is far above anything so as long she focuses on long range assault……….add her [mana regen] on top of that and she actually could pass in Platinum rank requests as well.

“hey, vice-chief! Which means that………Greath had an all around 160 stat ability then?”

While I was calculating whether we would be fine with gold rank requests, Ralf suddenly asked such a thing.

Certainly, if Greath had 160 all around then——things would make a lot more sense.


He had better skills than me as well, and while he was nervous then, I still shouldn’t have been able to overpower him as completely as I did.

“Greath was a platinum rank adventurer but he mostly did gold rank requests. He did take on Platinum rank requests twice but failed both times………so he continued doing gold rank requests and after some time he was obviously given the platinum rank but as far actual skill goes, he was still in that ‘above gold but below platinum’ category I think.”

Yeah, that made a lot more sense.


Judging from the pressure I experienced when facing him, if he had taken time to calm himself back then, he would have been able to evenly match me in a fight at least.

He really was a typical, above gold but below platinum rank adventurer till the end huh.

“Thanks, that’ll give us some good reference for the future.”

“But of course, I’ll gladly tell you this kind of stuff whenever you need………so, would that be all for your questions?”

“Yeah, that’s enough.”

“Understood. Now then, I have more work waiting so I’ll take my leave. Do call me, without hesitation if you need my help again!”

Saying that, he gave a quick bow and returned back inside the back room.

Us, who remained here, ——looked at the request board, and began deciding which gold request we should take.

“Hey, it’s nice to have heard the recommended stats huh! It’s clear I still have to improve a lot!”

“I agree, I felt the same as well. If we’re going by what he told, Klaus and his party should have stats around the 640s……….. There is also the chance that they are more dependent on their skills, so their actual stats might be lower but still.”

“What we do know is that we do not have the time to be taking it easy for one! Let’s keep working harder than before and continue to grow!”

Knowing now how much higher we have to climb still, we once again renewed our resolves together.

 To surpass Klaus, I swore to complete as many requests as I could with all of my ability.

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