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Null Poison Ch129

The South-western Ruins

Together with Snow, we left Oxter and began walking in the south west direction.

The gold rank request we undertook was investigation of a Golem in the south-western ruins. A Golem by the way, is an artificial monster that sleeps within these ruins apparently. And the request require us to go find and investigate it.

This is the first time we’ve taken a non-subjugation request but the reward was great and I personally wanted to witness a golem at least once in my life so, we decided to take this one.

“I wonder what kind of monster this Golem is! Doesn’t the idea of an artificial monster make you excited?”

“I’ve seen and read about them in a couple of books but…….they were apparently originally created by humans back then to fight against the Demon Lord’s army as a secret weapon.”

“Ohhh? Never knew that. There were no records of it in the legend of the hero that I read in the past.”

“Me neither! Today’s the first time I even heard of this thing!”

“I don’t think anyone’s surprised by you not knowing about it Ralf…………if I recall, the first hero’s party member, the [Wise Emperor] Melkirouhi created these monster.”

A party member of the first hero eh.


I didn’t know their name but the title [Wise Emperor[ definitely showed up in the legend I’ve read as well.

“Ehh! Then isn’t this golem a incredible monster! If a comrade of the first hero, what’s his name? Melki-whatever, created this one as well right?”


“Yes, I presume so but……apparently the golems Melkirouhi created had too many deficiencies and they couldn’t control them like normal monsters and these golems ended up rampaging on their own. Because of that, the golems themselves were sealed, and their production was stopped as well. These Golems were then sealed in secret places, like the ruins we are currently heading to.”

“Esta, you sure know a lot about this. Did you research golems beforehand?”

“No, not the golems but I was researching Melkirouhi instead. As someone who supposedly possessed the greatest magic user type job to have known to mankind, I figured I’ll get some inspiration at least.”

Man, Esta really is a studious and hardworking girl.

I definitely made the right decision to properly teacher how to read and write.

“Soooooo, why did they specifically fo out of their way to seal these golems and not just destroy them for good?”

“Well, even I don’t know that much. But, maybe they hoped they’ll figure out a way to make use of them in the future? I mean, our current request this time is also to ‘investigate’ after all.”

“I see! That’s true!”

“To collect parts of the Golem’s shell as well as check the colour of the Golem’s core, that’s what we have to do. Well, in case our lives are in danger, we do have the permission to destroy it so don’t worry too much about it.”

While chatting of such things, we finally reached the Southwest Ruins.

It looked like a normal flat plains but in a certain part, there was big hole in the ground and while simple, a staircase going down was also built.

“It’s under here right? Feels a bit odd going underground.”

“True……..! It feels like it’d be poisonous inside, and how do I say this, it’s not a place you can run away out of that easily!”

“Haha, if there really is poison inside, everyone will die except me of course.”

“Don’t laugh about it!……..hey, it’s really fine to go down right!? Can we at least leave Snow outside?”

Hearing its name being called, Snow showed its head from inside Esta’s bag.


Tilting its head, it looked at Ralf wondering why its name was called.

“No, I highly doubt there’s any poisonous gas inside. And also, leaving Snow alone out here is much scarier.”

“I guess……..that’s true as well…….”

With a nervous Ralf at the very front, we slowly went down the stairs, step by step.

After climbing all the way down, there was a massive door—–and we had been given the key to this door in advance.

“alright, I’m opening it. If it looks too dangerous, be sure to run back up top instantly.”


“Got it.”

Vigilantly, I unlocked the door, and slowly pushed the huge door open.

From inside, I don’t know whether it was dust or sand, its particles scattered about making us all cough from irritation.

………..well, looks like there’s no poison at least but by the looks of it, no one has come here for a very, very long time.

“I totally thought it’d be some ancient structure but this place looks pretty modern if I’m being honest.”

“Agreed. Perhaps this place was created to make a Golem in the first place maybe?”

“Looks like it. Well, can’t sense any monster at least but……….there’s something deeper inside.”

It was a wide empty open space.

And deep within that area, a single body was sat there, kneeling down on one knee, unmoving.

It was around 5 meters tall by my estimations, not exact because it was kneeling, and was humanoid in shape.

……..Probably the Golem in question.

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“Is that the Golem!? Isn’t that bit too big? I-it’s not gonna move suddenly, is it?”

“Doesn’t show any signs of moving right now. You’re supposed to put the core of a monster in its central area and this Golem would then use that core as a source of energy to move. It’s been here for more than a hundred years, I doubt it can move but………”

As we talked about it and made our way closer to it——


A suspicious light flashed underneath its legs, and a magic circle with the Golem at its centre suddenly appeared.

Realizing the danger, I was going to tell everyone to retreat but before I could do that……..the Golem stood up vigorously, and suddenly smashed the ground with its full strength.

In the next instant, the door behind us suddenly closed——-and we were left sealed inside this vast room alone with the Golem.

It’s body was made up some material that looked like a mix of stone and iron, and at the end of its thick arms were sharp hands made of steel.

Even with such a massive unrefined body, it’s movements didn’t seem like they were heavy at all.

“Th-this is like super bad , right!?”

“It’ll be fine. It’s a golem yes, but it’s a rank Gold Golem in the end remember? I’ll act as the tank and draw its attention, so Ralf and Esta, and also Snow attack it together in the meantime.”

“S-snow as well? Snow’s going to take part as well?”

“Yes. I’ll keep it safe so don’t worry.”

Declaring that, I decided to activate [Skin Strengthen] and [Flesh Enhancement].

I don’t know how effective it’ll be against a enemy that does mostly blunt damage, but [Skin Strengthen] doesn’t cost much stamina so I’ll activate it just in case.


As for the reason why I’m letting Snow take part in attacking as well was because it was confident in keeping it safe thanks to [Flesh Enhancement].

Also——-Snow’s just that damn strong.

Against an enemy with high defence, Snow’s elemental attacks would be pretty effective.

“[Skin Strengthen] [Flesh Enhancement]! First, let’s focus on stopping it from moving. If it becomes clear that we can’t hold back, then we’ll destroy it completely.”

Leaving one final instruction, I stepped forward right in front of the golem to face it directly.

I’ll focus on deflecting its attacks with my iron shield and then using shield bash to do damage whenever I see an opening.

And so, abruptly, a battle with a Golem began.

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