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Null Poison Ch130

Vs Golem

The one to make the first move was the Golem.

Marking me as its enemy, the Golem raise its leg and brought it down with force to try and crush me underneath it’s weight.

Now I could deflect this attack as well to be honest but………there’s no point to it, so I’ll continue dodging such attacks.

Rolling on the ground to get out of the way, and then I used my shield to block the right hand straight that the golem launched at me soon after the stomp.

I could feel the weight behind it as I blocked but——thanks to my skills, I took no damage at all.

Thanks to the [Skin Strengthen] I used just in case, even shock based damage was nullified.

……..I see.

If you end up getting such skills right at the [Heaven’s Blessing], no wonder Greath had zero resistance to pain.

If you’re this protected by skills your entire life, there’d be very little times you’d take any kind of damage.


Even against a rank Gold Golem, I barely felt any damage.

I’m pretty sure until he fought me, Greath had never taken any genuine damage in his life.

He was able to get that strong thanks to these skills, but at the same time that also created his biggest weakness.

It was just a little observation, but I felt like I got an idea of what kind of weaknesses people who were granted strong jobs and skills from the start would have.


——well, this is not the time to be thinking about that stuff.

I ended up going into deep thought, and although only for a second, my focus went away from the battle.

I regained my concentration, and began deflecting the Golems attacks again.

Reading the incoming full swinging punch from the Golem, I dodged and deflected its barrage of attacks.

It’s attacks had weight and the pattern had a lot of variety but, since it was only punches and kicks, I was able to deal with them in the end.

“Ralf! Esta! You can start attacking now!”

Having come to the conclusion that I could deal with its attacks, I ordered them both to start attacking and decided that we should be aggressive against this enemy.

Snow jumped out of Esta’s bag as well, and soo the onslaught of attacks from these two + one animal began in earnest.

Making sure than no attacks reached these three, I continued using my shield bash to attack it as well to make sure it’s target remained focused on me.

I didn’t originally enjoy playing the Tank but now that I’m getting more used to it, I have started having more fun with it.

Irritating the enemy, and watching the enemy look helpless as I blocked all of their attacks really tickled my inner sadist.

After I deflected its arm once more with a shield bash, Ralf rushed in and drove his sword in to attack, and when the Golem tried to launch a barrage of punches to hit him, Esta’s [icicle arrows] sealed its movements.

And snow as well, with its wild movements, continued attacking whenever it saw an opening.

The golem must have been weak to Ice element specifically as I could clearly see its movements become more and more dull whenever it got hit by Esta or Snow’s ice attacks.


Esta seemed to have realized that as well as she started aiming directly at the Golem’s core with more ice magic, and when it tried to defend its core with its arms, she used that opportunity to blast ice magic at its joints to further seal its movements completely.

Golem wasn’t a joke though as it didn’t just stand there taking our attacks—–as the damage accumulated, a crest appeared on the Golem’s body, seemingly stretching out of its core, and as the light of that crest grew brighter its attack speed also began increasing.

By the end, it was basically moving around as agile as a human would……..

But unfortunately for it, even with a normal human’s speed, it was still far below myself who was using [Flesh Enhancement] on top.


In the end, it failed to land even a single clean hit on me and Esta’s [icicle arrows] completely froze its upper body, and once Ralf shaved off its legs, the Golem finally stopped moving completely.

Now we could start our investigations with ease, or so I thought but———

“Aurf !! Awooo!!”

Snow lunged on the stopped Golem, and without any hesitation ripped out the Core from inside.

With its Core lost, the Golem lost all functions, and turned into nothing more than a humanoid shaped piece of scrap iron.

Unaware of why we just looked at it dumbfounded, Snow came to me, wagging its tail happily, with the core in its mouth.

…………Well, I guess it’s my fault for not giving proper orders to Snow I suppose.

I gave it a couple headrubs before taking the core from it, and then began the retrieval process for what was once a Golem.

Well, it did close the doors and seal us here so I can just say that our lives were in danger and we had no choice.

It’ll probably decrease the reward but, since Snow recovered the source of its power, the core, cleanly without damage, I don’t think we have to worry too much.

“Snow made a bit of a mess of things, but overall I’d say that’s a job well done. Both of you, good job on the attack.”

“Really? I swear, Snow was doing more damage than me!”

“That’s because the Golem’s weakness just happened to be ice. In this case, you did a good job sealing its movements by aiming for its legs. Speaking of, Esta you noticed the weakness mid battle as well didn’t you?

“Of course. It seemed to be getting really irritate by Snow’s ice attacks so I figured that would be the case. It took a lot of hard work, but I’m glad I made the effort to learn complex compound magic as well.”

“Ah shiit! I’m so jealous of Esta. I can’t learn new skills, but you can learn all sorts of new magic after all.”

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I thought he did pretty well, but Ralf probably couldn’t feel how much he contributed it seems.

Well, since Esta keeps learning new magics, and I have found a way to get new skills, he must be feeling a bit panicky I suppose.

“Ralf, there are still skills you have that you haven’t mastered yet though, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I can’t seem to activate either of them. I’m been trying to activate them the same as I do with [Roar of the Guardian] but they just don’t work.”

“[Divine Protection] and [Divine Strike]. They sound pretty string at least, but since the word “Divine” is attached, I wonder if there are more conditions to make them work. Well, since you have stuff that you can still learn, don’t get depressed about other things alright?”

“I’m not depressed! I just, feel like I should be able to do so much more, and its frustrating that’s all! I don’t plan on getting beat by you, Esta, or even Snow for that matter alright!”

“If you say so, good. ……Now then, let’s leave these dusty ruins already, shall we?”

Having collected the remains of the Golem, we reopened the doors and left the ruins.

We ended up destroying the golem, but technically we did complete the request so it’s fine.

I was also able to test my skills against a strong opponent as well, and I got a better feel of the usefulness of [Flesh Enhancement] as well.

Now I just need to get good at using [Fortification] but I have a feeling that will take some more time.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch130”

  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “Of course. It seemed to be getting really irritate by Snow’s ice attacks so I gifured that would be the case. It took a lot of hard work, but I’m glad I made the effort to learn complex compound magic as well.”
    Gifured? What does that mean?


    1. Uh Avatar

      The translator loves his typos. “Gifured” probably means “figured.”


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