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Null Poison Ch138

The Results of Training

The hole that led to the ruins was as it was in the middle of the flat plains.

Going down the stairs, I suddenly heard a loud bang from inside the ruins.

Even though the gate was closed, the sound of exploding magic could still be heard outside.

I don’t know much about magic but even I understood that something incredible was happening inside.

With my expectations rising, I slowly pushed open the heavily shut door and—–

A blinding ball of light rushed straight towards my face.                        

[Flesh Enhancement][Fortification]

I activated my skills with no chanting.

I instantly held up my iron shield, and flicked off the ball of light—-the fireball.


“Wha, what was that!? Was that a [Fireball]!??”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Since I didn’t have my guard up, that was actually pretty dangerous.

If I hadn’t trained under Alyazi-san, I really might have gotten myself gravely injured.


Exhaling in relief, I looked inside the ruins to see Esta deep inside the place and the old man even further inside beyond her.

Having realized of our presence in the direction where she launched the [Fireball], Esta came running towards us in a panic.

“Ralf, Chris-san!! Are you two okay!? Y-you’re not hurt, are you……..?”

“We’re fine. I was able to deflect it in the last second.”

“I see……..Thank god it didn’t hit directly.”

After confirming we were both safe, she put her hand on her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

She wasn’t overreacting either. That’s how dangerously powerful the magic she had launched was.

“All that said, looks like your magic practice has been going pretty well huh. Your [Fireball] right now was in a completely different level from the ones in the past.”

“Yes! Thanks to Phillip-san’s training, I’ve gotten much stronger I think…….Also, that wasn’t a [Fireball] but [FlameBall], an intermediate class magic.!”

“Intermediate class!? Esta, you’ve finally grown beyond beginner magic already??”

“I have been training till I could drop dead for the past 2 weeks continuously after all! Maybe I have increased the gap between us again Ralf.”

Puffing her chest, she boasted.

Ralf’s mouth got stuck open from shock, and he seemed to be panicking a bit.

“I see, that explains the power alright………You’ve definitely gotten a whole lot stronger.”

“Yes! Phillip-san is going to be in Oxter for only a couple more days so I’m thinking of continuing my training with him until the very last moment, but will that be okay?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. We haven’t really talked for the last 2 weeks so we decided to go check on you that’s all.”

“I see. I’m sorry for making you worry………..So, how did it go for you guys? Have you been alright doing requests?”

“Sorry to tell you but you’re highly mistaken if you think you’re the only one that had been getting special training! The [Silver Winged Lion] came to visit and both me and Chris took lessons from them as well! They’ve already gone back though!”


Puffing his chest, this time it was Ralf’s turn to brag.

And this time it was Esta who’s mouth dropped from shock and seemed to be panicking.

“Wh- why did you not tell me!? I would have like to at least greet them once!!”


“How though!? You came back only after we both had already slept, and left before we woke up!!”

“uuugh………..I wanted to meet Janet-san again…….”

“It’s fine. Janet wanted to see you again as well.”

“Chris-san……..that does not make it ‘fine’ at all though.”

She must’ve really wanted to meet her again as her shoulder drooped and showed she was very clearly disappointed.

……….Well, they are all good people so we could just visit them whenever we went to Norfast.

“Esta. C’mon let us quickly continue!!”

“……..Sorry, I’m being called back. So I’ll return to my training. Thank you for coming to check up on me all the way though! I will definitely become more and more stronger so please let me focus on my training for just a little while longer.”

“Yeah, and keep up the good work. We’ll also keep at it and get stronger in the meantime as well.”

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Leaving Esta, we left the ruins again.

It looks like Esta has finally moved on to intermediate magic thanks to her training.

I was feeling good having learnt a lot and after having getting stronger from my training with Alyazi-san but I really can’t be slacking now.

A lot of time has passed while we were absorbed in our training so……..I should go and check up on the Monster bird’s corpse tomorrow. The plant should have surely grown by now after all.

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