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Null Poison Ch139

Familiar Registration

After leaving Esta, me and Ralf headed to the guild alongside Snow.

I was told this by Alyazi-san but apparently if we register Snow as a familiar officially at the guild, we should be able to take it around outside without needing to hide it.

Well, to register a familiar, you did need a suitable job like a Monster Tamer or a Monster Master. Or, you needed a skill that allows you to control them but……..well, if he ask the vie-chief surely he’ll make an exception for us.

Entering the guild quickly, we called the vice chief out.

“Hello, Chris-san, and Ralf-san! Oh……Esta-san is not here with you today?”

“Yeah, she’s been busy with something so it’s just the two of us for a while.”

“Is that so. So anyway, how can I help you today? Do you need help with something?”

“Something like that, we need a favour from you………Actually, we want to register a monster as our familiar, but can you do it here in this guild?”

“Of course we can. As long as you clear the conditions, we will register it for you but——–Oh is that the little one in question?”

Letting just Snow’s head outside the bag, we showed it to the vice chief.


Since we told it to be quiet and obedient, it was neither howling or trying to jump out either. Snow was as docile as they come.

“Yeah, this is the one we want to register however………’s likely, we won’t clear the conditions.”

“I see. So that’s where you need the favour. You have neither a monster taming job nor a skill that allows the same but still want to register it as your familiar!……..have I guessed it right?”

“Word for word. Yes.”


Instantly realizing our intent, he avoided any wastage of time.

It was a crazy request but, maybe if it’s the vice chief he could do something……….or at least that’s what we’re hoping for here, but let’s see.

“I’m afraid that is a very difficult request, I must say………..however as it is a request from none other than you Chris-san, I’ll make an exception and let you register it.”

“Really?……..You sure it’ll be fine?”

“I think it should be! As long as the monster you register doesn’t go wild on a rampage or something, nobody should find out. However, if it ever brought harm on an innocent person………it will become a huge problem so please, be extra careful about that.”

“Yeah, I understand. Even if something happened we’ll make sure your name doesn’t get dragged into it and we’ll take full blame so be at ease.”

“I don’t think it will work that way but……..I understand. But first, we’ll need to make all sorts of records and you’ll need to talk about its traits and characteristics etc.”

And so I explained everything I knew about Snow to the vice chief, and the vice chief wrote it all down.

After that, I was handed a smaller, adventurer card-like, card for Snow.

“This is called a familiar card, and will act as your certificate and proof of your registration. As long as you show it when entering any town, they’ll let it in without any issues I think!”

“Huh, so there was card like this as well. Really, thanks for this.”

“No no, you’re welcome. Anyway, I’ve made it seem like Chris-san has a skill that allows you to control monsters so please don’t forget that in the future.”

“Sure, I will be careful.”

And so thanks to the vice-chief’s handiwork, we were able to register Snow as a familiar.

With this we don’t really need to hide Snow inside our bag all the time but, for the time being, while we’re inside the town, we’ll still keep it inside the bag.

I don’t think it’ll happen, but in the off chance it did end up attacking a normal person, there’ll be no going back from it.

Snow, who seemed knowingly happy, got a couple more headrubs from us before we returned home.



After returning home, and taking a short rest—–I alone headed to the [Travelling Cat Store].

I feel like it has been while since I’ve gone to the store directly myself.

The Jinpi potions I ordered, would be delivered home by Shantell because she wanted to come meet Snow every once in a while anyway, so I never really needed to head to her store.


Ralf would occasionally visit because he needs to buy other potions though from what I’ve heard.

 As I pushed the door, the usual sweet ringing sound echoed inside the store.

This store really had a good atmosphere to it and the quality of the potions themselves was very high so I wondered why this place got so few customers, when………

“AH, It’s Chris-san!! Long time no see!! Why haven’t you been showing up to the store these days though!? I’ve been really lonely you know!!”

Right. She’s probably the reason.

I’m already tired and this is just her greeting me.

The only reason I came today was because I had already delayed coming here multiple times because I knew it’d be a pain, and it was only now that I finally strengthened my resolve enough to come here.

If there had been literally any other alchemy shops in Oxter, I probably would have never become her regular.

“Well, you drop potions directly at our house so I lost any reason to come here, that’s all.”

“N-no way!! Are you saying that just wanting to see me again wasn’t good enough reason for you to come!?!”

“Yeah, no I don’t really ever feel like seeing you.”

“……..mumumu, then maybe I’ll stop delivering potions to your home then! Then, you’ll have no choice but to come see me!”

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“then, we won’t let you inside the house for no reason either. You’ll only be allowed in if you take an appointment before hand and even then only when all of us are at the house.”

“Nooooo!! That’s so harsh!! I just want to meet Snow more!!”

“Then, you will continue to deliver the potions to our house as usual. If you do, we’ll let you in whenever you come. That’s frankly easier for us as well after all.”

Somehow I was able to convince her.

Seriously……..whenever I talk to Shantell, I always lose track of what I actually came for.

“Uwaah, Chris-san you’re a dummy! Idiot! A Bully!!”

“Yeah yeah, I don’t care so let’s get to the topic…… did the thing with the Venom Python poison turn out? Did you find anything?”

The reason why I came here personally was to hear the status on the Venom Python poison, which failed to raise any of my stats.

I still had two more vials left so hoping to find a good use for it, I asked Shantell to look some way to use it in a good way.

I didn’t really have much expectations but…….

I didn’t miss the change from her crocodile tears to a sly grin on Shantell’s triumphant face.

Now then——Could it be, that she actually got a good result?

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