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Null Poison Ch140

Surprising Effects

Judging by her expression, she definitely got something to show for.

If she didn’t, I would have just used it to imbue my blades with poison but if there was a better more useful way to use it, I would go with that.

“What’s with that face. Did you find something good after all?”

“uehehe, you wanna know? You’re curious aren’t you!? ………but since Chris-san is such a bad bully, what should I do, maybe I shouldn’t tell you what I found!?”

She kept flashing glances at me, trying to get a reaction out of me.

……..Ah shit, what a pain in the ass this woman is.

“Alright, you can keep it to yourself then but………I’ll also stop ordering Jinpi potions from you as well. So let’s end this relationship right here for good then, okay?”

“I-I-I am obviously joking!!! Please don’t threaten me like that with such a scary face!!”

“Then, hurry up and talk already.”

“Booo! You could go along with me at least once!……..So anyway, the poison you handed me—–Just like Chris-san said, it really had the effect of boosting your physical body!! No but seriously, I’ve never really worked with poison this much in my life before this but, I think I get where the phrase ‘Poison and medicine are often the same thing, given in different proportions’ comes from!”

“What do you mean? It can really enhance your body………?


Shocked by her sudden words, I grabbed her by the shoulders and questioned her again.

It’s true I told Shantell that this poison might have body enhancing effects hidden in it, but that was only a bluff to make sure she shows interest and takes up my request earnestly.


Because, in reality even after I drank it, the assessment showed no change in my status.

Then……..did the Priest fuck up the assessment back then?

No, if I am going to doubt someone, it should be Shantell first, not the priest.

“Just like I said! The poison you requested me to investigate has an effect that can boost your physical ability! Of course—–the toxic nature of the poison will first numb your body, cause lung failure, make you hallucinate and cause spasms as well on top though!”

“I don’t care about that. Tell me more, in detail, about the physical ability enhancing part!”

“W-wow, you’re a lot more enthusiastic today huh!……..I’m getting a bit excited too from that!”


“Boo! Just once, I beg, go along with it!……..Umm, anyway, you see, it can temporarily increase your muscle mass after intake! Now I have obviously not consumed it personally but I imagine its close to a usual Enhancement potion or the like!”


Enhancement potion…….

Now I haven’t seen a real one either but, I know that it’s a potion that can temporarily enhance your physical abilities as well.

Of course, it’s only ‘temporary’ and was not like Genpei mushroom or Lizaf fruits.

In contrast however, the effect of enhancement was much larger——and was often used as a last resort by the explorers of the Edestor Dungeon, yes the same one that Klaus cleared, and cost a huge amount of money.


And apparently, this Venom Poison had the same effect as that potion it seems.

If it was temporary, it also made sense why it didn’t show up in an assessment either.

Also……when I got drenched in Venom Python during the emergency request incident, I did feel like my body got stronger all of a sudden. It all made sense now.

I wasn’t able to completely slice through the first Venom Python I faced yet, I was able to cut through them  like butter once I got surrounded.

I thought it was all thanks to me being in the ‘Zone’ but this made a lot more sense.

“if what you’re saying is true, I need you to turn this into potions as well. Can you do it?”

“Of course I can!…….or rather, I already made one! Chris-san, please pay me highly for my hard work okay!!”

“I won’t pay ‘highly’. But, I will probably regularly make orders just like the Jinpi potion .”

“Tch, so you won’t pay me highly after all………”

“But no seriously, thanks for your help. As fees for your research as well as the prototype, I’ll pay you 2 gold coins.”

“T-two gold coins!? YAAAY, LET’S GOO!!!!”

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Shantell started jumping in happiness as I took the potion from her hands in return for the money.

It was completely colourless. It could easily pass for water even, but of course, it was still a poison potion.

I want to return and quickly try it but since there’s only one right now, I’ll keep it stored.

I’ll take it with me on requests, and use it if a truly dangerous situation showed up.

I don’t have a lot of raw Venom Python poison kept with me either, and since you can’t find them nearby here naturally, I need to be cautious as to when I use them.

Treasuring this enhancement poison potion, I left the [Travelling Cat Store] and went back home.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Hoho. We’ve got a story of the rabbit and the turtle here. Chris, the turtle, is building up his strength, nice and slow, with proper training. Klaus, the rabbit, starts out strong and flashy, forcing his way through without proper training, technique, or discipline.

    Just waiting until Klaus is on the ground whining when he gets beat black and blue.


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