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Null Poison Ch15


As I threw myself on to the clinking and clattering old bed, I pulled out the book I had received from [Shichifukuya].

I know I should be planning for tomorrow but, after walking all day and dealing with all the things that happened, my stress and fatigue was at peak and my body refused to even think about anything complicated.

But, I didnt want to just lie there doing nothing, so I picked up the book to read.

Since I was kid, I always loved reading books and immersing myself into the life and adventures of the book’s protagonist.

What was impossible for me in reality became possible and I could become whoever and whatever I wanted as I overlapped myself with the protagonist.

This book also told the tales from the point of view of its protagonist Otto so I could mindlessly read and immerse myself into its world.

With the lamp lighting the pages, I turned them one by one as I became one with Otto himself.

This book was a bit different from the records and tales I had read until now. Instead of a journey about defeating a dragon or a demon lord, it was a journey about finding new and unique plants with different uses.

It might seem boring at first glance, but after my experiences in the forest, it was coincidentally a very timely and relatable topic for me personally.

The places and locations talked about weren’t some vague products from imagination and were well recorded and being a botanist, it was chock full of detailed info about the vegetation and the explanation was simple, and easy to understand making it entertaining to read.


A plant he talked about as a ‘new finding’ had now, in my time, became a well know thing that even I had heard of; making it all feel like taking a glimpse at a specific moment in history which increased my excitement.

Among those, one thing that really caught my attention was information about a new type of plant that even the botanist Otto himself couldn’t seem to explain. While wandering and looking for new plants, he talked about a species of plant he found that he had no info about.

Even those that he could not explain in full still had its peculiar characteristics or affects written down. And most of them were dangerous poisonous plants.

Plants that contained deadly toxins.

Otto was of the belief that these poisonous plants possessed a high potential and the book was filled with regrets over how he couldn’t research them properly because of how dangerous they were to the human body.

At that revelation, I paused on my enjoyment as a simple reader and returned back to reality to think.


There are various plants out there with no explanation about them or their effects, because of the toxins they possessed, that even Otto couldn’t clarify.

These poisonous plants that possessed great potential that Otto talked about, if they were a real thing…….

Perhaps with my skill I could find a way to use these plants and strike back against Klaus, a [sword god].

A use of my skill, that I could have never thought of, was in front of me shining in gold.

Unable to stop my excitement, I read the big old book straight to the end with no pauses and took a deep breath to release the heat generated inside my body.


Before I realized, the sun was shining through the window and in my fervour I had read the book all the way till the next day.

With no regard to everything that happened yesterday, the hope that had appeared in front of me had blown my sleep and fatigue away.

But, I did need to sleep a bit or I really will faint, so I tried to calm my rapidly beating heart, and fell into a short nap.

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