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Null Poison Ch150

Time Passes…..

Approximately three months have passed since we hid inside the Carlisle forest.

I continued consuming as many poisonous plants as I could and barring breakfast, all I ate was poisonous plants all the time every single day.


Also, I guess growing plants inside a house was definitely not as suitable as the plants I sowed grew incomparably better here in the wild, and my gardening helped me harvest most of the plants that I consumed.

I didn’t know how much increase they had on my abilities though, so I made sure to eat wild and my self-grown plants half each very day.

Which also meant that half of what I ate everyday, was grown by myself.

Since I can’t have an assessment done here, I am not sure as to how much I had grown unfortunately but…….

My stamina, that would run out only after a couple hours of skill usage practice would now not run out even after I kept training the whole day. That’s how much it had increased. And I could also feel my strength increasing drastically since then.

Of course, there was also the possibility that it was not my stamina and endurance that had increased but, I had simply gotten better at skill usage but—–my strength was not a lie.

As for my ability overall, I was confident that I had gotten a whole lot stronger than how I was three months ago.


And lastly,… for Ongneer.

Everyday, Ralf and Esta would hunt one monster from somewhere and bring it to the base.

Since these were not requested from the guild, the strength of these monsters was unknown to me but, from the ones they did bring, about a third of them, which was around 26 monsters, successfully became hosts for the Ongneer.

And of course I ate all of their Ongneer fruits, as well as the Red Kong’s,——–and also Alyazi-san’s.


Again, since I have no way to perform assessment, I don’t even know what skills I had gained but…….

The skills I got from Alyazi-san, I know them all for sure.

Of the 18 he possessed, I was able to inherit 8 of those.

[Pain Inhibitor] [Gale] [Strong Arm] Life Perception] [Perception Enhancement] [Perception Range Enhancement] [Stealth] [Mad Warrior].

Since I had already heard about all of his skills from him directly, I tried activating all of them, but was only able to activate these 8.

Just like Ralf’s [Divine Strike] or [Divine Protection], maybe I simply don’t know the conditions to activate the others but……..I do think that these 8 are the only skills I inherited.

Ever since I was unable to get Greath’s [Body Expansion], I had a feeling that would be the case but now I was certain.

You could only gain Common Skills from Ongneer, not the Unique Skills.

Now I don’t know if it’s because Unique skill are simply that effective or some other reason, but regardless, the only ones I was able to learn were common skills.

Considering I know that I only got Alyazi-san’s common skills, my theory seems more likely to be correct.

From what I’ve heard, there were also skills Alyazi-san himself couldn’t use because of his lacking stamina so I was hoping I’d get to try them out but……..I suppose it can’t be helped.

Regardless, every skill I received from him were very useful, so I’ll make full use of them and live up to Alyazi-san’s hopes——and kill the one armed man, Carlo.

“Chris, are you really returning to Oxter?”

“Yeah, I’ll go back, and—–kill Carlo.”

“I see……..This time, I’ll come with you. I need to avenge Leon-san as well.”

“……..Looks like your beliefs have ended up twisted as well. Very well, I’ll be counting on you for support.”

“I’ll accompany you as well. I owe the members of [Silver Winged Lion] this much for all they did for me.”

Even after three months, both of them had yet to lose their rage.


Ralf, just to beat Carlo, cast away his attacking training and focused solely on polishing his defensive skills to the maximum for the entire three months time.

I tried to stop him but, to get stronger in such a short amount of time—–he was determined, that this was the right way.

……..And it seems he was correct as Ralf had gotten more stronger than I could have ever imagined.


He was now capable of even defending against my attacks and had even learnt to defend against Esta’s intermediate magic as well.

Of course, Esta as well, for the past three months, had to take down monsters herself since Ralf would only focus on defending, which had made her usage of magic incredibly better when it came to actual battles.

With helping me grow more Ongneers as the main focus, these two had somehow grown beyond belief themselves in the process.

To be honest, I wanted to train like this for another three months but we had begun to run out of money so it couldn’t be helped.

Our money was almost gone, but the growth we had made in the meantime was definitely worth it.

“So, is this Carlo in Oxter now?”

“Yeah, when I meet Shantell every week at the entrance of the forest, she told me about him some time ago.”

According to Shantell, Carlo had shown up in Oxter a month ago.

Which means, it was about two months after we hid inside the forest.

Considering he knew I was in Oxter, it seemed unusually slow but I guess, that’s just the kind of personality this Carlo has.

Even during this one month he’s been in Oxter, it doesn’t seem like he’s been focused on searching for me and has been mostly going from bar to bar and occasionally asking about me, that’s all.

I guess he’s not exactly loyal to his employer, Klaus, and took this job unwillingly.

But he was still as cruel and brutal as they come, as whoever picked a fight with him just happened to disappear after some time.

No proof could ever be found, and considering his strength, not many can challenge him directly for this.

A heinous man, with strength equivalent to a diamond class adventurer.

A villain far worse than Greath in every way possible.

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“Are we going to pick a fight as soon as we enter Oxter?”

“No, we’ll do that at night. We’ll prepare during the day, and then show ourselves at the bars Carlo tends to hang around. Considering he always made sure to kill whoever picked a fight with him afterwards when they are alone, he seems to avoid drawing attention to himself. I’m sure he’s bound to call us to some dark and empty place.”

“Alright, that seems like a plan. Then, let’s leave shall we?”

“Agreed. It’s been a while, I’m feeling a bit nervous going back to Oxter again.”

“Don’t wanna run into Carlo while the sun’s up after all. I’ll use all my skills at full force to keep an eye out anyway so both of you just make sure to not leave my side.”

“Got it.”


After deciding our plans for the what’s to come, we finally headed back to Oxter after three months, and left the Carlisle Forest.

By the way, most of the Ongneer that I had grown had been cleanly taken care off.

As for Alyazi-san’s Ongneer, I took only one fruit before I got rid of the plant, and built a grave for him near the base, even if it was only a simple one.

Swearing to myself to come back to report to him after killing Carlo, we continued walking towards Oxter.

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