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Null Poison Ch151

Number of Skills

Reaching the entrance of the forest, an energetic woman greeted us while waving her hand.

………Of course, it was none other than Shantell who brought us potions and daily necessities every week.

She even brought info that I hadn’t even requested after collaborating with the Vice Chief, and had been in general, a great help these last three months.

“Waah! Ralf-san, Esta-san, it’s been a while!!…….And Snow as well!! I’m glad to see you’re doing well!”

“Shantell-san, it’s been a while indeed. Thank you for your help, every week, I mean it.”

“And sorry for not being able to thank you directly until now! Thanks to Shantell, we were able to comfortable live even inside a forest!”

“Well I’m glad I was of such use to you all! When I heard that you all will be hiding in the forest for three months, I though all of you had gone crazy but……..I suppose adventurers are really amazing after all!! To be able to live in a monster infested forest.”

“Shantell. All that aside, do you have any info on Carlo?”

These three got all fired up after reuniting after 3 months, and sensing that the conversation was going to drag, I quickly brought us back to the topic at hand.

Considering how much of a help she has been, I did consider going along with her chatter but I want to settle things by tonight so we can’t waste any time unfortunately.


“……..Ahh, the way you completely disregard our chat to cut in, how nostalgic!! Umm let’s see, according to the Guild chief, he had been bar-hopping till dawn yesterday as well! The Inn he’s staying in is the one in the centre of the Commercial street, called [Kurenai]! It’s the most expensive high class inn in all of Oxter!!”

“Staying in commercial district, and bar hopping till dawn; we should be clear in the afternoon I think.”


“I think so too! Well, there’s always a chance that something might happen and he wakes up early but……..I think it should be okay.”

Looks like he’s been doing the same old stuff as always.

That means, there’s no fear of being caught during the day, so we can go around Oxter and gather any equipment or items we might need.

Also,…….I can go to the church and get an assessment done.

I am confident I can beat him but still, I want to get a good grasp on my current ability.

Also, if I can find any other skill that could be useful other than the ones I know about, that’d be great so I need to check my skills as well.

You never know what might come in handy when facing a strong enemy.

I know almost nothing about how this Carlo fights so all I can do is instead focus on my own abilities and make sure I understand them well.

“Shantell, thank you for everything these last 3 months. As well as the information, today.”

“Wh-what happened, so suddenly?! I’m not gonna give anything just because you complimented me okay?!?”

“I didn’t thank you because I wanted something back. Just showing my gratitude.”

“Chris-san, was showing his gratitude!?!?…….I wonder if we’ll get heavy rain today as well??”

“fufu…….it might, you never know.”



After thanking Shantell, we left Carlisle forest and returned back to Oxter after 3 months absence.

Since we were surrounded by only nature for these 3 months, seeing a crowd again made me feel a bit nostalgic.

We left Snow with Shantell, and returned home, took a shower and then went out to finish our tasks.


Ralf wanted to buy a new shield with his remaining money, and I also need to go and get my assessment done before heading out shopping as well.

Since our money is limited, I’m gonna skip buying a new weapon but I do need new armor.

I’ve been using this leather set forever, and facing the guy that killed even the [Silver Winged Lion], I’ll definitely feel safer in something a bit better.

While pondering of such things, I headed to the church after long absence.

Even though I was going to murder someone tonight, going to this quiet church made me question my own mental state but, I recalled Alyazi-san’s face as he died and renewed my vigour.

“Oh! It has been a while! I thought you had left this town or something! But I’m glad to see you come back.”

“Same here, I’m glad to see the church is still standing.”

“Hey now, ……….thanks to you Chris-san, I think we can keep going for another 10 years at least!”

With a wide smile, the priest spoke.

Well I have been splashing money at them, but 10 years sounds a bit much though.

“Sorry to rush you but can I have an assessment done, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course! How many times are we looking at today?”

“No, just once for today don’t worry…… I’ll be in your care.”

Saying that, we headed to the usual inner room.

Sitting down in front of the crystal, I handed him a gold coin and my card and waited for him to finish.

“Fuh, fuuh. It’s done. Here’s your card back.”

“Thanks, as always.”

Giving my thanks, I took the card.

Three months worth of effort should be printed on the back of this card.

I took a deep breath , and then slowly turned the card over.

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Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 22(+305)

Strength: 20(+372)

Stamina: 19(+242)

Magic: 4(+131)

Agility: 12(+198)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability] [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] [Fortification][War Dance] [Hearing Enhancement] [Cold Resistance] [Intimidating Presence] [Encouragement] [Pain Inhibitor] [Gale] [Strong Arm] Life Perception] [Perception Enhancement] [Perception Range Enhancement] [Stealth] [Mad Warrior] [Iron Wall] [Colour Change] [Mental Attack Resistance] [Sticky String Operation] [Mana Sense] [Silent Steps]


(T/N: If you’re interested, check chapter 124 for the last look we had on his stats and see how much he’s grown)


“……..Kuh, HAHAHA!”

“……..Eh? What happened?”

“——Ah, sorry, it’s nothing.”

Seeing the stats, I ended up laughing out loud.

Recalling what they were when I first had my assessment, this grown was unimaginable to say the least.


If anything, I was a bit surprised that the number of skills was less than I thought but…….these are still more than enough for now.

Also, probably because I ate a lot of Ongneer of different monsters, the increase in my stats was a lot more than I had originally expected.

It’s not yet Diamond rank who are supposedly meant to be around 640s, but this was still more than enough.

Compared to the six skills I had back then, now I had 24 of them.

It’s not like I’ll be able to use all them perfectly yet but, the 6 I had and the 8 more I got from Alyazi-san, —–I was confident in being able to use those 14 perfectly.

With my stamina and endurance increased to this level, I could activate multiple skills simultaneously and I could get strong enough to kill Carlo on my own.

But Carlo could be even above Diamond Rank——the famed rank that the receptionist once told me about, Orichalcum, the highest rank. There is always a chance of that being the case.

So I must not get overconfident or conceited of my own strength, and should use everything anything possible to make sure I kill Carlo for sure. I reminded myself that.

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