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Null Poison Ch152

Preparations Complete

After finishing the assessment, I went back to the Commercial street and entered the armour shop.

My main goal was to buy a new set of armour for myself.

I had been using leather armour until now because it was the easiest to move around in but for the fight we’re heading into, simple leather armor just won’t cut I anymore.

I need to prepare equipment that can reduce as much damage as possible from Carlo.

Looking around the store, I tried finding something that was durable but still easy to move around in but…….

But the only set that matched my requirements was Wyvern Scale armor set.

It looked pretty strong but was still light in weight, and on top it possessed both heat and cold resistant properties, and was even strong against magic but alas, it cost a whopping 10 platinum coins.

And that was for just the chest piece. The helm and leggings together raised that cost to 20 platinum coins.

If money was no issue I would have loved to get that but I have nowhere near close to that amount right now.


Even without our 3 months spent hiding in the forest, that price would have still been out of reach for me.

This couldn’t be helped unfortunately, so I decided to look at whatever had the best effect among the sets I could purchase right now.

It took me a whole hour to make my pick—–It was the Phoros Cobra Full Set.


It was an armor set made from the scales of a snake like monster of the same name, it was quite similar to a Venom Python from what I’ve heard. And while it was obviously inferior to the wyvern set, it was still pretty durable all things considered.

The price of the full set was 6 gold coins.

With this I’m completely out of money, but this was no time to be stingy and I didn’t regret my purchase.

I’m sure Ralf and Esta have also probably completely used their share of money as well, and now we really are penniless in the literal sense.

Seriously, all my plans went sideways thanks to a single pursuer sent by Klaus.

Even the members of the [Silver Winged Lion] who I hoped to maintain good relations with and hoped to learn from, got killed. I became unable to simply work normally as an adventurer as well, and even had to liv away from the house I rented.

Perhaps as a stroke of good fortune, it did give me an opportunity to focus completely on making myself more powerful but, the things I lost in return were far too many.

I know I live in a world where survival of the fittest is the law, and you could simply blame us for being too weak to be in this situation in the first place but……..

Now that I am strong, I will return my pain back in full.

And I will begin with that man, the one armed man who killed Alyazi-san and the rest, Carlo.

I bottled my rage within, and only vengeance was in my mind—–in a few more hours, our battle with Carlo will begin, so I headed back home to regroup with the other two.



After returning home, I tried out the new skills I found out during my ability assessment.

 I don’t intend to try them during my fight with Carlo but, just in case I need to at least know how these skills work.

Making sure that I don’t exhaust myself while testing these out, I continued trying them out and around when I was done……….it was now time to go as well.

Putting on my new armour set, I attached the sword to my waist.


Lastly, I wore the Alyazi-san’s necklace that I kept as a memento, and was now fully ready.

Coming down the stairs into the living room, I saw Ralf and Esta already there waiting for me.

The seemed more focused that ever before——or rather, I could feel the flames of anger burning inside both of them.

Even Ralf, who usually is the light-hearted one of the group barely made any jokes this entire 3 months, and was fully focused on improving himself as much as he could, even at the cost of his own beliefs and ideals.

Even Esta, who was usually the calm and collected one, was burning inside, I could tell from a glance.

“You two ready?”

“Yeah, three long months I have been preparing for today! Today, we return the favour.”

“Yes……I certainly hated Greath enough to want him dead but this time, I truly and definitely have felt like I want to kill someone for the first time. Carlo dies tonight.”

“Good. Your rage is a good thing, but don’t let it cloud your judgement. He’ll try and instigate you, provoke you but ignore it and focus on simply one thing. Killing Carlo.”

“Yeah. Honestly, I’m so angry my body starts shaking sometimes but……..I’m not gone lose sight of myself and our goal!”

“Same for me. We will keep our cool and corner Carlo with my magic.”

“If you understand that, good.——Then, let’s go.”

The two silently nodded, we left our house…….and headed to a bar that Carlo regularly visits.

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The sun had already, and it was already night.

But, there were still people walking around the town, and the commercial district was actually more busier than during the day.

We moved through that crowd and stopped in front of one of the bars.

[Dinerpop], a moderate sized bar in the back alley.

From inside, I could hear the jolly sounds of people enjoying themselves, and I’m sure Carlo is one of these……I wanted to burst through the gate with anger but I held myself back and calmly opened the door.

The inside looked busy from all the merrymaking and the bartender was moving around restlessly and it didn’t seem like anyone noticed us entering.

I instantly activated [Life perception] [hearing enhancement] skills—–and checked every single person in the bar.

……….Found you. He was suppressing his presence but, I could still detect a single person who had a much bigger presence than everyone else in the bar.

A heavy guy, almost 2 meters tall, sitting on the counter drinking out of a big beer mug.

Since I was seeing him from behind and he was covered in black robes, I couldn’t check if he had one arm or not, and neither could I see the scar on his face but……..

Judging by the strength of his presence, it has to be him. The guy that murdered the [Silver Winged Lion], Carlo.

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