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Null Poison Ch153

One Armed Carlo

I suppressed my fast beating heart, don’t know because of rage or nervousness, and made my way closer to the man dressed in black.

He didn’t seem like he noticed my presence, and continued drinking from his beer mug but the moment I stood right behind him——-he turned his neck to look straight at me.

A big scar on his forehead, and he was missing an arm. No doubt, he was Carlo.

“[Observing Eye].”

Carlo muttered, and narrowed his right eye, while widely opened his left eye and looked at me from bottom to top.

Looks like he used a skill and I could see a yellow-ish aura around his left eye.

“Oi oi! Well damn, aren’t you tough one! You might be the strongest one in this entire town even!!——So, why the fuck are standing right behind me then, eh? I’m in a good mood so if you apologize, I might let you off nicely, ya know!?”

“I am Chris.”

No explanations, nothing. I simply said that to Carlo.


When I did, he suddenly exploded in laughter and started slapping his thigh.

“AHAHHAHA!! What the hell, you came directly to me yourself!? Kukuku KAKAHAKA!! Ah, I’m really lucky today, seriously!! It was such a pain and I had no intention of seriously searching for you ever really but to think, my little prey would come walking straight to me!!?”


“………Why are you looking for me?”

“AAh? Because I was asked to that’s all! Klaus—Your shitty younger brother asked me to capture you! There’s a lot of money put on your head in the underworld of the capital you know!?”

He really must be in a good mood as he openly told me everything I asked.

………I figured that’d be the case but it’s good to have confirmation. It was all Klaus’ handiwork after all.

“I got the reason. Come outside, I need to avenge the members of [Silver Winged Lion].”

“Nice, NIiice!! I hate standing out as well! If you’re gonna take us to a quiet empty place yourself, that works for me!…….Also, who the fuck are the [Silver Winged Lion] again? Sorry mate, I kill a lot of scrubs here and there, can’t remember every fucker, can I ?”

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember who they were. You can apologize to them when I send you to the other side.”

“Ooh How cool!! I always wanted to say something like that one day as well you know!!”

Laughing loudly, he seemed to be mocking me as he stood up and began walking in front of us.

He was confident in showing his back to us but unlike greath, I knew he’d react instantly if I tried something——if anything, it feels like he was baiting us into it.


Carlo hummed a tone that lacked rhythm, and we followed him while on full guard until we reached the plains outside Oxter.

I never thought he’d bring us this far, but this was good for me.

………It cuts the time to carry him to Carlisle forest once I kill him after all.

After moving through the plains for a while, Carlo stopped humming and turned back to look at us.


He threw away the robes he wore, finally revealing his entire body for the first time.

He was already 2 meters tall, but now I could see how well built he was as well. His muscles were bulging across his body.

He must have lost his right arm in a fight as it seemed like it was bit off by something, but even with such a disability, his physique still made him look intimidating.

Furthermore, he had several other smaller scars across his body, a proof of the numerous battle that he had fought in and survived.

Unlike Greath, it was clear this man had forged himself in the heart of battle.

I was still doubtful over how the [Silver Winged Lion] had lost so easily to one guy but, now that I get a clear look at him, it all made sense. That’s how overwhelming of a presence he possessed.

“Oh! It’s been a while that someone hasn’t reeled in fear from seeing my full body! No wonder you’ve got a large bounty on your head, you’ve definitely got the grit…….But, how about now? [Presence Suppression][Stealth] deactivate.”

The moment he deactivated his two skills, his still suppressed presence exploded out in a flash.

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He was definitely the one with the strongest presence I have ever faced——but I had already sensed it with my [Life perception] so I wasn’t that surprised.

But Ralf beside me suddenly started sweating and he quickly wiped his forehead to get rid of it.

“Ohh!? Still no change in expression! Oh my……..this might actually be more fun than I thought!? Please don’t die too easily okay? C’mon, make me enjoy this before you die!!”

——-Shouting that, Carlo attacked us with the eyes of an animal.

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