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Null Poison Ch154

Ominous Smile

Shouting, Carlo attacked us directly from the front.

He drew his arm like bow, and rushed straight at me with rapid speed but——stopped right in front of me and turned.

And rushed towards Esta who was preparing to fire magic.

If we don’t stop him, Carlo would kill Esta with his single hit but……

“[Roar of the Guardian]!”

Ralf, who was originally right beside me,  cut the distance instantly to get in front fo Carlo and activated his skill.

I’m sure he wanted to destroy the ranged attacker first but, Carlo’s attention drew straight towards Ralf due to the skill.

Carlo didn’t try and force change his target again and continued his momentum to slam his fist directly at Ralf, only to get perfectly deflected by his steel shield.

……….it was a perfect defence.


Since he knew he couldn’t completely block it head on, he moved the shield to divert the force of the attack away from him to null Carlo’s attack.

Since it was deflected so smoothly and Carlo barely felt any resistance at the end of his fists, even though we were in the middle of a battle, he looked at his fist to check it.


Judging by how his smile disappeared, he must not have like how easily his attack got parried.

Next—-it’s my turn.

[Flesh Enhancement]

Activating it, I rushed at Carlo to slash him down while he was still looking at his own fist.

Judging by his movements, his raw physical abilities were definitely stronger than mine so simply [Flesh Enhancement] wasn’t enough so……..


The moment I entered his range, I activated [Gale], and increased my attack speed another level.

As if I had grown wings, I utilized my light body to the maximum, and dodged under the fist Carlo threw to stop me and reached straight to his abdomen area and slashed my sword.

His thick muscles were basically armour for his body but thanks to my skills, my sword dug in pretty deep.

Since I didn’t do a downward slash, I doubt it did any real damage but this was still enough.

I continued with the momentum, to go back towards Esta, and Ralf rushed past us both to once again stand in the way to block him.

Esta, with her longstaff in head, took a step back even further, and we entered our original formation.

As for Carlo……..he pressed down on his side where I had cut him and seeing the blood stain his hand——-eerily raised the corners of his mouth.

“What the hell, who are you guys!!……..Nice, this is great!! For a scrub, you did well deflecting my hit and you, even made a cut on me! Not bad, c’mon show me more!!”

The moment he spoke, with no technique or skill he rushed in at Ralf again.


If he still had his right arm, he might have even gotten past Ralf’s strong defence but, being one-armed meant his attacks were limited to half.

No matter how fast his attack was, if you know that an attack will come only from one side,——there was no attack Ralf couldn’t deflect.


I clung behind Ralf’s back, and waited for openings to deal damage to Ralf.

Every time an attack was deflected, I would enter to attack, and whenever he tried to take a step back, Esta’s magic came firing from the side.

From Carlo’s point of view, this should feel like a battle wher he was getting cornered with no chance of winning but………

Everytime he took damage, his smile only grew wider, and he was genuinely enjoying getting hit by me and Esta.

His front was riddled with wounds that I dealt, and his skin was horribly charred from Esta’s continuous magic barrage.

His movements seemed to be getting duller as well, so I thought of finishing the battle quickly but——

Carlo suddenly stopped, and completely ignored Esta’s arrow and continued take steps backwards to create a distance from us.

His body was in tatters, and he was bleeding all over but, he gave a smile, bigger than ever, and activated a ‘skill’.

……….I had been curious, all this time.

The only skills Carlo had used until now were the [Observation Eye] back in the bar, and the two skills he deactivated, [Presence Suppression] and [Stealth], that’s all.

Which meant, that we had been fighting Carlo all this time while he used not a single skill.

Since he was so strong even without them, I thought maybe he didn’t have any combat specific skill but……..

Judging by his expression, he was simply holding back until now.

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“[Self Regeneration]——-No, seriously, you lot are damn strong! Due to my work I have fought a shit ton of people, and you’d still be in the upper ranks among those!…….say, you guys wanna work under me? I’ll let you live if you say yes, what do you say? My organization, is the biggest in the entire capital, it’s not a bad offer?”

The moment he activated his skill, every damage me and Esta had dealt him slowly healed up.

I wanted to try and kill him before he fully healed but if I panic and make a move recklessly, he’ll catch me off guard and I’ll be the one to die.

And so all we could do was stand still, in this truly unpleasant atmosphere.

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