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Null Poison Ch162


After leaving the cemetery at the church, we went to a Inn.

Since I wasn’t in the mood to spend money unnecessarily, we just randomly picked a cheap inn and stayed in a single room together.

“Hey, I know we just rented a room but…….was there even a need to do so? We have completed what we came for so shouldn’t we be thinking of going back anyway?”

“No, there’s still stuff to do here in Norfast.”

“There is? Like what?”

“I decided this before we even left Oxter but, I think it’s time we permanently moved away from Oxter in the near future.”

“Eh!? Really??………is it because more pursuers may arrive?”

“No, that’s not much of a concern to me anymore. I am confident in beating the shit out of anybody who comes at us now.”

“Then why!?”

“to put it simply, because it’s too easy and peaceful there now. We won’t get anything above gold rank requests over there, and at this point they are not even a challenge for us anymore.”


When I said that, both of them had a complex expression which showed that deep inside they too had been considering the same thing.


“After getting cornered due to my pursuer and spending that time in the Carlisle forest, I realized something. We grow much faster when put into desperate situations.”

“B-but, then we could just seclude ourselves in the forest again…….”

“It’s not efficient enough though. Well, maybe it’s very efficient for me personally but, even then, I’m running out skills to gain there as well. The merits of staying there are decreasing fast.”

“………To be honest, I think so too. We really should move to a city like Norfast where a high number of difficult requests will constantly be available. I only took a glance at the board at the guild and I saw a bunch of diamond rank requests put up, like they were a regular occurrence here. The key to consistent growth is to keep on challenging stronger enemies after all.”

Esta seemed to agree with my suggestion and even Ralf became unable to reply anything back to that.

I get that it isn’t an easy decision to take. After all, we have been blessed with the company of great and helpful people like Shantell and Vice chief over there.

So I get wanting to spend more time there but, if it’s strength we seek then the best route is to move I think.

It was similar to when we had to move from Realzard to Oxter but, thanks to coming to Oxter, we became much, much more stronger than before.

“…………Fine. If both of you are that adamant about it, I won’t oppose it either. I mean this place is close to Oxter, so we could always return if something happens.”

“Are there any other candidates for our next destination?”

“I haven’t thought of any place else right now to be honest but, I’m also curious about Edestor, another one of the three great cities………..I mean, they have a dungeon there after all.”

To be honest, Edestor was personally my top priority.


Of course the dungeon I mention just now was a major factor but also the fact that nearby Edestor, there is a huge forest that was equal to Carlisle forest. And in that forest………lies the Fruit of Skill, hidden somewhere or so I have heard, making the city a prime candidate for us to move to.

Now you might ask what use do I even have of the Fruit of Skill at this point but, if that fruit allows me to learn Unique skills instead, then it should be obvious why I would desperately look for it.


Ongneer could only give Common skills, but there is a high chance the Fruit of Skill can grant unique skills as well.

“Yeah, the dungeon does sound exciting. It’s probably filled with strong monsters, making it a perfect place to train!”

“……..But, if I recall, wasn’t Edestor’s dungeon the place where Chris-san’s younger brother, Klaus,  last seen?”


And that’s why I had no choice but to put Norfast as the main candidate.

I mean, as I am now maybe I could go toe to toe with Klaus but, if someone like Carlo was a mere subordinate to Klaus………meant that he’s definitely much stronger than Carlo.

“That’s right. That’s why, we can’t yet go to Edestor. If Klaus leaves that place, then it would be my main priority as well.”

“………Ah, I got it! The reason you want to stay in Norfast was to gather info about Edestor right?”

“Half correct. I do want to gather info. And if Klaus is still there, then we’ll naturally turn Norfast as our new base.”

“Then, from tomorrow onwards, should we split up and gather info from around the city then!”

“Yes. Me and Ralf will ask around about Edestor, meanwhile, Esta you go and gather all the info you can on Norfast itself. Is that okay?”

“Of course! I’ll go on a thorough investigation trip alongside Snow!”

“Dependable as always.”

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To be honest, I wanted me and Esta both to gather info on Edestor ……..but that would make us splitting up meaningless.

“So then, from tomorrow we’re info hunting all day. Good luck, both of you.”

“Leave it to me! I’ll find everything there is to know!”

“I’ll do my best as well!”

And so, to find more info on our next destination, we decided to split up go about talking to people around Norfast.

We were looking for info on Edestor that was a long ways away from here.

We should probably look for a information broker in Norfast, and start from there.

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